Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Teen Wolf - 4.04 - The Benefactor - Best Scene Poll

Bingo Card Update: Congratulations to Merry Merino, who once again won at Teen Wolf Bingo last night. In fact, I think she won multiple times. Kudos! I've added the following to our official Teen Wolf Bingo list. If you have others, please let me know so I can add them. There are 5 new Bingo cards to choose from. As always you can generate your own Bingo card by following the directions in the link provided above. New selections: A party breaks out, someone mentions money woes, someone plays lacrosse, awkward talk in the locker room.

Teen Wolf Bingo
A scene is so dark you can barely seeSomeone mentions money woes (s4 only)Stiles says "What??"Someone plays lacrosseDeaton is no help at all
Stiles makes a funny faceKira brings out a swordScott is thrown against a wallWerewolf powers go wonkySomeone lies
Recurring character bleedsEither Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okayKira acts awkward or stuttersFandom confused in last 3 minutesDerek frowns
Someone mentions GreenbergSomeone growlsBig plot twistA teen skips schoolThe vehicle Stiles drives breaks down or crashes
A parent shows up (Bonus if it's Lydia's)Someone's eyes glowA party breaks outAwkward talk in locker roomA lesson is explained

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