Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Character Cup - Clean-Up Polls

As you probably know, the Character Cup officially starts on Sunday but before we get to the official polls we need to clear up a few nominations and ranks. There were 2 instances when the top vote getters for a show ended up in a tie so you need to choose which character will represent the show. Please do not vote in nomination polls if you do NOT watch the show. The ranking polls are so that no one can be mad at me when the brackets come out. These would be characters that got the exact same number of nominations. Normally I would just do that alphabetically but since rankings do determine what characters are matched up for the first round, I decided that you should make that determination, not me. Polls will be open until noon Friday CST. You can only vote for one character per poll. I will post the completed brackets either tomorrow after the vote or Saturday. Don't forget to sound off about your picks in the comments section. Happy voting!

PS - Just because a show is not in these polls does NOT mean that they are out of the contest. The top 12 votes and a handful of others had unique numbers of nominations and therefore are already ranked.

Nomination Polls:

Ranking Polls:

Contest begins this Sunday evening.

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