Sunday, July 20, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 1H

Welcome to the last section of round 1! After today we will be halway through the contest. Thanks so much to everyone for making it so much fun so far. Congratulations to Kate Beckett, Norma Bates, Barney Stinson, and Harold Finch for making it to the next round. Most of the polls were marked by few votes so many characters will head to round 2 with fewer votes than some characters who were defeated got, especially Norma who at 249 votes got fewer than 13 of the characters already out. Of course they were not in a poll on a weekend and to paraphrase Frost, and that makes all the difference. With the exception of 1 charcter which I do not know, today is hard because I like all the characters. It's going to be the most painful section of all round 1. I hope your last round 1 choices go well. Until then, happy voting!

Previous contest results

Polls end - Monday around 5 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Rob F, It Depends on What Fails, Janna, and Famous 4 It all predicted yesterday's polls correctly.  Congrats to all and of course to Janna who is still winning with just 1 miss.  Impressive!

TV Talk Topic - Since yesteray's topic was new characters, today we visit recurring characters.  What recurring characters of long running shows have kept your attention the longest?  What keeps a long running character great/interesting?  What is the most contrived plot a show has ever put a recurring character into?  Are there any characters that should have left a long time ago even though the show should have stayed?  Any characters you wish had lived on in another show once their original show got canceled?  Have any of your favorite recurring characters made the jump to another show?  How did it work if yes?

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