Saturday, July 26, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 3B

Congratulations to Patrick Jane, Temperance Brennan, Felicity Smoak, and Dean Winchester for making it to round 4. Today ends round 3 and since the winner in this contest will also be in tomorrow's contest, there might be a slight time delay before round 4 is posted. It will depend on if any of the polls are really close or not. Similarly, the rankings for round 3 will be slightly delayed. Thanks to everyone who continues to vote and comment. You are making my hellatus. Until tomorrow, happy voting!

Previous contest results - Final rankings for all characters out in the second round now up. Final rankings have been moved to the top. Inital rankings below.

Polls end - Sunday around 5:00 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Again no one had a perfect bracket yesterday with the majority missing the second poll before it even came up. Currently Famous 4 It is leading the competition with 9 misses with Janna right behind with 10. Congrats!

TV Talk Topic - Today we're talking character arcs. What have been the best character arcs for the shows you watch? What have been some of the worst or which have made your favorites out of character (OOC)? Are there any characters you feel have no arc at all? Are there any character arc themes you feel have been overplayed? Have there been characters you hated at first but then came to love? Have their been characters you loved but grew to hate? What kind of character arc would you like to see for your favorite characters in the future? Are there any planned arcs you are excited about?

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