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Teen Wolf- 4.02 - 117 - Best Scene and Best Quote Polls

UPDATED: The first Teen Wolf Bingo Card is up and ready for next week. Enjoy and holler at me on Twitter when you get a Bingo. @dahne1

In honor of the holidays (and because I'm procrastinating), I decided to add a bonus quote poll today and thought we'd create the official Teen Wolf Bingo game. Vote and hit the comments below to add your thoughts as well as your suggestions for the Bingo Game. Discussion makes the week go by faster.

Bingo Squares So Far:

1. Either Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okay
2. Deaton is no help at all
3. Malia says something wildly inappropriate
4. Kira acts awkward or stutters
5. Werewolf powers go wonky
6. Big plot twist
7. A parent shows up and makes the scene better
8. Someone dies in the school, woods, or hospital
9. Peter snarks
10. Lydia finds something horrible
11. Scott gives a stirring teamwork speech
12. Someone lies
13. Lydia stares blankly into space (Toni)
14. Stiles says "What??" (Toni)
15. Derek frowns (Toni)
16. Malia looks both confused and badass at the same time (Toni)
17. Something happens that leaves the fandom hopelessly confused in the last 3 minutes of the episode
18. Derek gets beat up or tortured
19. Someone appears shirtless
20. At least one of the teens skips school
21. A scene is so dark you can barely see the characters' faces
22. Kira brings out a sword
23. Someone's eyes glow
24. A lesson is explained (Freda)
25. Scott is thrown against a wall (Cor Malum)
26. The vehicle Stiles is driving breaks down or he crashes it (Cor Malum)
27. Someone growls (prpleight)
28. Someone mentions someone returning from the dead (Cor Malum)
29. Stiles makes a funny face
30. Someone mentions Greenberg
31. Someone kisses
32. A recurring character bleeds

Next week's Bingo card, courtesy of Bingo Baker:

Teen Wolf Bingo
A scene is so dark you can barely seeKira brings out a swordPeter snarksSomeone liesLydia stares blankly into space
Stiles says "What??"At least one teen skips schoolScott is thrown against a wallLydia finds something horribleEither Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okay
Someone dies in school, woods, or hospitalDeaton is no help at allSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)Someone's eyes glowWerewolf powers go wonky
Fandom confused in last 3 minutesMalia looks confused and badassSomeone growlsDerek gets beat up or torturedA lesson is explained
Derek frownsBig plot twistKira acts awkward or stuttersMalia makes inappropriate commentScott gives a stirring teamwork speech

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