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Supernatural - 8.15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits - Podcast

Hey there all you wayward sons and daughters welcome to the latest episode of the Team Winchester Podcast. Lilith and Dahne will be breaking down episode 8.15: Man's Best Friend With Benefits. The girls had to laugh to keep from crying with outrage at how terrible this episode was. There was not a lot to love but tons to nitpick so come on in and join the discussion.

Reminder: After February 27th there will be no new episodes of Supernatural until March 20th so brace yourselves for the spring purgatorus. There will however be at least two new episodes of TWP, one them being the Castiel tribute, it's not too late to submit voicemail and audio submissions about why you love Castiel, get them in by March 8th and I will edited them in.

And of course my favorite special editions: Listener Feedback. Be sure to keep sending in your comments, suggestions, concerns and of course burning questions, you can direct message or tweet us @winchesterpod or leave something on the facebook page,

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 3:00
Contact Info - 11:40
Discussion Points - 13:05
Nitpicks - 15:15
WTH - 23:40
Favorite Things - 31:15
Least Favorite - 37:40
Music / Trivia - 47:15
Grade and Review - 48:50
Spoilers - 56:40

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Supernatural - 8.15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits - Quotes

Sorry this is late. Life intruded. Sorry there aren't very many quotes. I can't magic up good quotes in a poorly written episode. :-P Of course use the comments to add your favorite quotes below, especially if you liked this episode.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Dean: "She can stay the night."
7. James: "Dean, a witch can go to a place without having to go to a place." Dean: "What? Like phone sex."
6. Dean: "Well here's the thing. Uh, witches…not real fans."
5. Witch Snitch: "Look Detroit, I pride myself on reliable sourcing. There is however a lot of chatter about our James." Portia: "What kind of chatter?" Witch Snitch: "That he's gone Ripper." Dean: "As in Jack the.."
4. Portia: "James are you sure you're still even able to do this?" Dean: "Oh well that's a confidence builder. Anything else I should know before I become some disembodied thing completely at his mercy."
3. Dean: "Of course, he's got the booga booga on his side."
2. Dean: "I'm sorry. Is this you trying to talk us out of ganking James or…"
1. Dean: "Curly was a freaking genius." Sam: "I always found Curly's work a bit obvious." Dean: "It's supposed to be obvious man. They're Stooges."

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

10. Dean: "Man you know that we've never actually seen this witch-killing spell of Bobby's work right. I mean this is not a sure thing." Sam: "Is anything we ever do a sure thing?" Dean: "Well no but I would just like to have the odds in our favor as much as possible." Sam: "Right."
9. James: "What's happening to me?" Dean: "Well how about this. You p** off another witch and he or she hexed you and forced you to uh…" James: "It's possible I suppose but I never heard of it."
8. Portia: "I'm a familiar." Dean: "A what?" Sam: "Companion to a witch. Some witches split their time between human and animal form."
7. James: "I don't know what's happening to me. These dreams….they're like um, like torture." Spencer: "You didn't mention dreams." James: "Dark, bloody. Spencer they uh…they scare the hell out of me. They're so real. Just night after night."
6. Dean: "So these dreams James is having, he thinks that they are real. He thinks that he is actually killing people."
5. Dean: "Cause you know we could find another devil dog. You could tag out. I could snuff the SOB..." Sam: "Dean, Kevin doesn't even know what the next trial is yet so whatever it is you're worried about, stop. I'll be ready."
4. Spencer: "Oh she's way more than familiar isn't she? When she picked you as master, I endured it, but when you two went all Bella and Edward, broke the code, put your passions before the community rules….well the arrogance, the entitlement was too much. Your total ruination seemed appropriate."
3. Dean: "Witchcraft James? Really? What the hell are you thinking?"
2. Portia: "He can't go to the police and he doesn't trust other witches." Dean: "But he trusts us? I mean you do know who we are right? We're the last people that somebody like James needs to be telling his troubles to."
1. WS: "They're going to give James two choices: leave or the full Harey Carey." Dean: "Suicide?" WS: "Witches appreciate the grand gesture."

Emotional quotes:

4. Dean: "You sure." Sam: "Yeah." Dean: "Because you did just gank a hellhound, which is no slice of pie and uh, there is a minefield of who knows what cr** ahead. I just want to make sure that you are okay." Sam: "I'm good."
3. Dean: "You know, once I get this put together, we can't hesitate. If we've got to use it, we use it." Sam: "You mean if we find the witch that's doing this to James." Dean: "Or if there is no other witch." Sam: "Or it wouldn't be the first free pass we've given Dean." Dean: "Look I like James as much as the next guy but people are getting ganked here. Besides Benny, Kate, they were forced to be what they are. James chose this."
2. Dean: "Look we get too far down the road with this, we can’t go back and it will be too late for me to jump in." Sam: "And who says that you're going to have to? You know maybe I'll actually pull this one off." Dean: "I'm just saying…" Sam: "I know what you're saying Dean. You've said it. You know I've been going over this and over this, asking myself why doesn't he trust me and it occurred to me finally. It's not that you don't trust me. It's that you can only trust you." Dean: "You done." Sam: "Yeah I'm done if you're done."
1. Dean: "Back there when Spencer had us, he screwed with my head. I saw mom…when she died and some other cr**." Sam: "Yeah me too." Dean: "You know when I look back at what our family's been through, what everybody's been through and seeing all that pain, I realize that the only way we've made it through it all was by hanging together. I trust you Sammy. With this deal, locking those SOB's up in the furnace once and for all, it's too important not to. So if you say you're good, then that's it. I'm with you a 100%."

Eye-rollingly bad dialogue:

3. Dean: "How did James find you anyway?" Portia: "Not the way it works. The familiar finds the master and they become inseparable." Dean: "I guess a lot of people feel that way about their pets. What?" Portia: "I'm not James' pet." Dean: "Well not all the time." Portia: "Not ever. The master and the familiar, there's an unbreakable bond like a melding of souls. We would die for each other."
2. Portia: "Tonight James and I were close. Without psychological walls. Intimate: Dean: "I…I don't…" Sam: "They had sex." Dean: "Wow. I uh…I didn't expect that." Portia: "We have an unusual relationship. Familiars aren't supposed to be sexually involved with their witches." Dean: "Understandable you know considering that you're uh…well and that he's…That's….heh, a little help here. No?"
1. Spencer: "He was always spineless. Now literally."

Special Quote Awards:

Not Quite Product Placement Award - Phillippe: "So you don't think it's too late for me to wear braces?" Guy: "You won't even notice them. We'll put in transparents."

Say What? Since When? Award - Dean: "You sure you don't want to stay and fight this?" Sam: "Look we can help you."

So Much for Maturity Award - Sam: "I'm good."

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Supernatural - 5.06 - I Believe the Children are Our Future - Quotes

We are getting ready for a big quotes contest over summer hellatus so in anticipation, I am working on quotes for each episode. Please join in by nominating your favorites. Below my picks is a nomination form for this episode. You can also find nominations for other seasons in the links below. Thanks for participating and I hope to hear from you this summer for the actual contest.

Season 1 Quote Nominations Form
Season 2 Quote Nominations Form
Season 3 Quote Nominations Form
Season 4 Quote Nominations Form

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Dean: "What's up with Toothless? Cavity creeps get a hold of him?"
7. Dean: "So we've got a blast zone of weird and inside fantasy becomes reality." Sam: "Looks like."
6. Coroner: "You didn't read the autopsy report that I e-mailed out this morning." Sam: "Wuh…we had server issues."
5. Dean: "You ready?" Sam: "Hit it Mr. Wizard."
4. Sam: "Yeah something tells me this guy is…is not a powerful witch." Dean: "Sorry. Sorry."
3. Sam: "Dude, what the hell?" Dean: "I had a hunch. I went with it." Sam: "You risked my a** on a hunch." Dean: "You're fine besides now we know who's turning this town into Willy Wonka's worst nightmare."
2. Dean: "Well if Jesse is a demonic Howitzer, then what the hell's he doing in Nebraska?"
1. Coroner: "Pick your acronym. OCD. PCP. It all spells crazy. "

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

10. Cas: "Demons lost him. They can't find him, but they're looking." Dean: "And they lost him because…" Cas: "Because of the child's power. It hides him from both angels and demons for now." Dean: "So he's got like a force field around him. Well that's great. Problem solved."
9. Sam: "There's uh kind of a…a war between angels and demons and you're a part of it." Jesse: "I'm just a kid." Sam: "You can go with her if you want. I can't stop you. No one can, but if you do, millions of people will die."
8. Demon: "They're lying to you. Stay right there dreamboat. I can't hurt you, orders. You on the other hand…hurting you is encouraged."
7. Dad: "I'll just slip this tooth under your pillow and while you're asleep, the Tooth Fairy will float down and swap it out for a quarter." Girl: "So some freak is going to come in my room while I'm sleeping and take my tooth. Sounds scary. No thank you."
6. Dean: "The point is maybe that's the connection. The Tooth Fairy, the Pop Rocks and Coke, the joy buzzer that shocks you…they're all lies that kids believe." Sam: "And now they're coming true. Okay so whatever's doing this is…is…reshaping reality. It has the powers of a god. Or…or a Trickster." Dean: "Yeah with the sense of humor of a 9 year old." Sam: "Or you."
5. Jesse: "Get out of her." Dean: "How did you do that?" Jesse: "I just did." Dean: "Kid, you're awesome."
4. Dean: "Kid said he put this on the babysitter's hairbrush." Sam: "Dean there's no way itching powder made that girl scratch her brains out. It's just ground up maple seeds." Dean: "If you have any other theories I'm open to them."
3. Cas: "This child is half demon and half human, but it's far more powerful than either. Other cultures call this hybrid cambion or katako. You know him as the antichrist."
2. Dean: "Well I will see your crazy and raise you some. There's a couple of kids upstairs with stomach ulcers. Say they got it from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. Another guy….his face froze that way. He uh held it too long and it…it stuck. They're flying down a plastic surgeon." Sam: "So I mean if you add all that up……..I got nothing."
1. Cas: "It's lucky you found the boy." Dean: "Oh yeah, real lucky. What do we do with him?" Cas: "Kill him."

Emotional quotes:

8. Sam: "Jesse, you're powerful. More powerful than pretty much anything we've ever seen. That makes you…" Jesse: "A freak." Sam: "To some people maybe, but not to us. See we're kind of freaks ourselves."
7. Dean: "You know we destroyed that kid's life by telling him the truth." Sam: "We didn't have a choice Dean."
6. Sam: "There's nothing more important than family. We get that and if you really want to take them with you, we'll back your play, but you've got to understand it's going to be dangerous for them too."
5. Cas: "A year ago you would have done whatever it took to win this war." Sam: "Things change."
4. Jesse: "What? Didn't your dad tell you about the tooth fairy?" Dean: "My dad…no, my dad told me different stories." Jesse: "Well the tooth fairy isn't a story."
3. Sam: "So we tell him the truth. You say Jesse's destined to go dark side, fine. But he hasn't yet, so if we lay it all out for him - uh what he is, the Apocalypse, everything - he might make the right choice." Cas: "You didn't and I can't take that chance."
2. Dean: "Yeah. You know I'm starting to get why parents lie to their kids. You know you want them to believe that the worst thing out there is mixing Pop Rocks and Coke. Protect them from the real evil. You want them going to bed feeling safe. If that means lying to them, so be it. The more I think about it, the more I wish dad had lied to us." Sam: "Yeah, me too."
1. Jesse: "She said I was half demon. Is that true?" Sam: "Yes, but you're half human too. You can do the right thing. You've got choices Jesse, but if you make the wrong ones it will haunt you for the rest of your life." Jesse: "Why are you telling me this?" Sam: "Because I have to believe someone can make the right choice even if I couldn't."

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Garth: A Creation Story (As told by Dan Loflin via Twitter)

Updated:  DJ Qualls added his own Twitter story.  See it below the original.

Recently (as in today) Dan Loflin took to Twitter to tell the tale of Garth, hapless hunter and hugger extraordinaire. Now I am no fan of Garth or the infamous Mr. Fizzles, but I am a huge fan of back story and behind the scenes news. So if you missed it on Twitter, here's the tale. Apparently you can put the accolades or blame squarely at Sera Gamble's feet, depending on where you come down on Garth. Oh and Robbie Thompson, I love you as a writer but I'm not sure I can forgive you for "Garthed!" You can follow Dan Loflin on Twitter - @danloflin. May there be many more Twitter stories in the future!

Garth: A Twitter Story

Dan Loflin ‏@danloflin
Dear #Supernatural Fans, pour yerself that glass of rotgut whiskey, cause it's time for the untold story of Garth’s creation! #garthorigin

Firstly, this is an experiment: the story is 20-plus tweets long-- coming at 2 or 3 min intervals. #patience #garthorigin #supernatural

Secondly, I apologize in advance to my non-supernatural followers who are about to get spammed :) #dontdropme #garthorigin

And thirdly? Let us pray (to @mishacollins) that this doesn’t go horribly wrong! Okay, here we go. #garthorigin #supernatural

It all started way back in s6 when news hit that Jensen would be directing the first episode of the season. #garthorigin #supernatural

Since it was Jensen’s first time directing, we thought it best to craft a Dean-light story, so he could focus... #garthorigin #supernatural

...focus on the enormous task before him. And by “enormous” I’m referring to the directing of Jared Padalecki. #garthorigin

You see, Jared (@jarpad) easily tops out at 7’ 10” while standing. And that’s no lie. #sasquatch #wookie #moose #garthorigin

So, we called on superstar Jim Beaver (@jumblejim) to anchor the Bobby-centric "Weekend at Bobby’s” with Jared. #garthorigin

And into the draft went the following scene: #garthorigin #supernatural

That was the first appearance of Garth. And though it was merely an off-screen mention-- #garthorigin #supernatural

--the lovely Ms. Gamble (our fearless showrunner) took a liking to the hapless (and faceless) new hunter. #garthorigin #supernatural

All HELLATUS long, I worried that Ms. Gamble would forget about dear Garth. #garthorigin #supernatural

But when s7 rolled around, once again Jensen was called-on to direct and once again-- #garthorigin #supernatural

--I worked a mention of Garth's off-screen adventures into the first draft. This one resulting in his DEATH. #garthorigin #supernatural

Hunters have been dying left and right to the new Leviathan threat. Well, Garth was originally one of the DEAD. #garthorigin

My thought was that it might strike Sera as tragic to lose beloved Garth-- even as minor as he was at the time. #garthorigin

And I was right! Sera cut his off-screen death from the draft with a big "NOOO!" written into the margin. #garthorigin #supernatural

And Garth’s off-screen life was spared. #whew #garthorigin

And like the fabled Phoenix, Garth rose from the ashes of near-death and made his ONSCREEN DEBUT-- #garthorigin #supernatural

--as Dean’s “temp” partner in the “Wedding” episode. All thanks to the love of Sera Gamble. #garthorigin #supernatural

So, in a sense, Garth’s BIRTH came from his DEATH-- keeping with the Supernatural tradition of resurrection. #garthorigin #supernatural

DJ @theonlydjqualls was my first choice for the part. Big fan since ROAD TRIP. Luckily, he said yes! #garthorigin #supernatural

Ups to Andrew Dabb who made him a hugger! #garthorigin

More ups to Adam Glass who created Mr. Fizzles and has written Garth so beautifully. #garthorigin #supernatural @AdamGlass44

Even more ups to Robbie Thompson who coined the phrase “You got Garthed!” #garthorigin #supernatural @rthompson1138

And if she ever comes out of twitter seclusion-- show Sera the love for making Garth a reality. #garthorigin #supernatural@serathegamble

Props to Jeremy Carver who gave the “okay” to this twitter story. He’s a good man :) #garthorigin #supernatural

As you can see, Garth’s (and #Supernatural’s) success has been a team effort. With you guys included! #garthorigin #supernatural

So, let’s gather ‘round for a big ol’ GROUP GARTH-HUG! #huggers#garthorigin #supernatural

Now, please stay tuned for the story of Garth’s on-screen DEMISE!#untimely #sorryDJ #garthorigin #supernatural

KIDDING! #garthorigin #supernatural

And that, dear Supernatural fans, is the behind-the-scenes story of our lovable and huggable Hunter’s creation. #garthorigin

Thank you all for tuning in-- it’s been an absolute BLAST!#garthorigin #supernatural

DJ Qualls' Take on Garth

DJ Qualls ‏@TheOnlyDJQualls
So here is how I came to play Garth. #garthorigin

I was living in Nola shooting a TNT show called Memphis Beat. I knew it was going to get the ax and I was pretty sad about it #garthorigin

I called my manager and told him to look for a job so I would have something to take my mind off the death of my show. #garthorigin

TV's a mean business, breaks ur heart a lot. A few days later, I get a call about this character Garth on a show called #SPN #garthorigin

The call went like this: you're probably not going to want to do this, but you've been offered a guest spot on #spn #garthorigin

I told him I'd never seen it but to send over the scrip and a few episodes (I'd never seen the show). #SPN #garthorigin

Read the #SPN script any loved it. Watched an episode where@jarpad fell down a hole and went to hell and I was confused.#garthorigin

Couldnt figure out the show. Called my mgr and asked if these guys were models who chase monsters. And if so, what so they want w/me?

So I was initially on the fence about playing Garth at all. Decided that Id talk it out with Sera. She called and explained. #garthorigin

I thought, ok, Ill do it once. Sounds fun. I get there and @jarpad and Jensen treated me like Id been there always (they were mean to me)

Apparently they are mean to everyone they like including each other. After a couple of days I knew I wanted to come back. #garthorigin

Then the ep aired and I got to see hints of who Garth was from an outside prospective and fell in love with him. #garthorigin He's CUTE!

Fast forward a year and Id done 3, been overseas to a convention, picked up 30k twitter followers. Garth changed my life #garthorigin

In public, people run up to me calling me Garth, I hug people while they cry, I get which shoe he ties 1st. It initially scared me.

I'd been decently well known for 12 years at that point, but I'd never known cult fame. Whole different ball game. #garthorigin #SPN

Playing Garth has been much more wonderful than I could have ever expected. All the love (and some hate) has been overwhelming

When Bobby died, I got a lot of crap. It was being teased that I was replacing him. I had no idea and I don't write the show. #garthorigin

I wanted to quit the show for a minute. I talked to @jarpad about it and he was like Welcome to #spn. We all get both extremes.

Im now used to it and really appreciate the #SPNFamily interactions and know that Im a part of something ppl love #garthorigin

I look forward to returning to the show as soon as I fit into a storyline. Until then, I get to watch Garth be further developed thru calls

Garth's safe boathouse made me laugh out loud. #fizzlesfolly#garthorigin

And that's my perspective on how Garth and I found each other. It was love at almost first sight. #garthorigin

Lastly, now that I have everyone's attention. Im on a little show called@LEGITonFX. It's they funniest thing on TV. Give it a shot. Need u

New show doesn't prevent me from playing Garth and Im really proud of @LEGITonFX Best work and reviews of my career so far. Hope u like it.

We gotta get @danloflin to a con and we can do this on a panel and include more details. I only scratched the surface. #garthorigin

Supernatural - 8.14 - Trial and Error - Quotes

This episode of Supernatural had a lot to love as far as emotional quotes go. The brother speeches were phenomenal and quite frankly it was harder to rank today's quotes than usual. Hard to believe Andrew Dabb had such greater brother stuff in him. Kudos! Have fun choosing your own two quotes to nominate for the best quote contest. Speaking of, I added another nomination form because we stopped in the middle of season 5 this summer. In order to not spend the whole summer nominating, we need to continue on starting with I Believe the Children are Our Future. With any luck we will get season 5 done before summer hellatus begins. Any questions? Please ask below in the comments or tweet me @Dahne1.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

12. Dean: "Yeah. Hey if this means icing all demons, I've got no problem gutting some devil dog and letting Calgon take me away."
11. Dean: " Work on step #2 and uh if you come across anything about hellhounds drop a dime okay because between the…the claws and the teeth and the whole invisibility thing, those b** can be real b**. I got you a present. The uh blue ones are for the headaches and the green ones are for pep. Don't OD."
10. Cindy: "Really? Keep it coming Ken Doll."
9. Dean: "Okay well, big time mojo means big time freak. So anybody have a horseshoe shoved up his a**?" Sam: "That's one way of putting it."
8. Noah: " You sing like cr** so explain the music career." Cindy: "Hello, AutoTune."
7. Dean: "I think we've still got some Jesus juice left in the trunk. Alright, I'll take care of the uh…the x-ray specs. You stay here. Do not let JR and the gang out of your sight alright?"
6. Dean: "I miss my room."
5. Cindy: "You sold your soul. Admit it." Noah: "Why the hell would you think that?" Cindy: "Because you're a walking corpse and you're married to a centerfold. I did the math." Noah: "She likes money and I'm rich. Do it again."
4. Dean (to horse): I hate you."
3. Dean: "Yeah, you had me at weird. Alright, we thinking deal?" Sam: "Best lead we've got." Dean: "Well let's go visit the Beverly Hillbillies."
2. Ellie: "Alice Cassity is a piece of something alright, but what are we going to do? She's the boss." Dean: "Drink."
1. Cindy: "Oh look. Daddy's drunk and armed. Must be Christmas."

Story-moving quotes:

12. Dean: "Crowley?" Sam: "That's what they said. Apparently he swung through town 10 years ago to the day." Dean: "So wait. Do you think Tea and Crumpets made these deals and now he's collecting?"
11. Ellie: "This wasn't a wolf. I've got to make some phone calls. The whole family's flying in for this." Sheriff: "All the Cassity's under one roof, good luck."
10. Kevin: "Basically God built a series of tests and when you've done all three you can slide the gates."
9. Noah: "What does that…how long?" Dean: "Long enough for me to stab it in its throat." Noah: "No way. No way. You can't do this. You can't…" Dean: "Yes I can. You want to know why. Because it's what I do and buddy I'm the best. See I gut Old Yeller out there and maybe just maybe you walk away. I don't? You're meat. So sit down. Shut up. And put these on."
8. Dean: "Okay listen. Okay whatever happens, whatever you hear, you need to stay in here with that door locked. Sit tight okay. This is going to sound crazy but there is something evil out there." Ellie: "I know." Dean: "You know?" Ellie: "It's coming for me."
7. Kevin: "It's a spell." Dean: "And?" Kevin: "And it's just a few words of Enochian but…" Dean: "Oh here we go." Kevin: "The spell has to be spoken after you finish each of the three trials."
6. Sam: "I want to kill a hellhound and not die. How about you?"
5. Dean: "Plan A bombed so welcome to plan B. We get some red-eyed b** in a trap and we hold the knife on her until she calls us in a pouch. Special delivery." Sam: "Yeah except when Crowley finds out that we're dialing up hell, he won't send one hellhound. He'll send a hundred. That's not a plan Dean. That's suicide."
4. Noah: "What was that thing?" Dean: "It was a hellhound. See when you sell your soul to a demon, they're the ones who come and rip it out of you."
3. Ellie: "Alice is his oldest and that's Cindy, the middle girl. She had a single on the country chart a few years ago. Then she started hitting the bottle and well, her last album was a bunch of holiday songs for dogs. My favorites were Jingle Bark Rock and Don't Pee on This Tree. Happy Arbor Day." Dean: "So she's the devil." Ellie: "Pretty much."
2. Dean: "Well hellhounds like to collect on crossroads deals so all we've got to do is track down some loser who signed over his special sauce 10 years ago. Get between him and Clifford the Big Dead Dog. Easy."
1. Kevin: "I know and I've been getting bad headaches and nose bleeds and I think made I had a small stroke but it was worth it." Sam: "What was worth it?" Kevin: "I…I figured out how to close the gates of hell."

Emotional quotes:

8. Dean: "I'm nesting okay. Eat." (Sam eats the burger.) Dean: "Huh? Yeah." Sam: "Wow!" Dean: "You're welcome."
7. Sam: "Wow. Not bad." Dean: "Not bad? I haven't had my own room…ever. I am making this awesome. I've got my kick a** vinyl. I've got this killer mattress. Memory Foam. It remembers me. And it's clean too. There's no funky smell. There's no creepy motel stains."
6. Kevin: "You think I want to. Alright I hate it here. I can't leave because every demon on the planet wants to peel my face off. I can't talk to anyone except you guys or Garth when he swings by or my mom. Right. And when she calls, all she does is cry. I just….I need this to be over." Sam: "I know. I do, but trust me on this, this whole saving the word thing…it's a marathon not a sprint. You've got to take better care of yourself."
5. Sam: "Closing the gates, it's a suicide mission for you." Dean: "Sam…" Sam: "I want to slam hell shut too okay, but I want to survive it. I want to live and so should you. You have friends up here, family. Hell you even got your own room now. You were right okay. I see light at the end of this tunnel and I'm sorry you don't. I am, but it's there and if you come with me, I can take you to it."
4. Dean: "While you camp here, figure out who whored their soul, I'm going to go scout the grounds. See if I can't gank Huckleberry Hound before he makes his next move." Sam: "Wait. You're not going alone, Dean. I'm going to come with you." Dean: "Wrong." Sam: "Uh, they're on lockdown and you need backup." Dean: "No I don't." Sam: "Yes you do." Dean: "No I need you to be safe Sam okay? That's what I need."
3. Dean: "Hey mom."
2. Dean: "I'm a grunt Sam. You're not. You've always been the brains of this operation." Sam: "Dean…" Dean: "And you told me yourself that you see a way out. You see a light at the end of this ugly a** tunnel. I don't. But I'll tell you what I do know is that I'm going to die with a gun in my hand. Look that's what I have waiting for me. That's all I have waiting for me. I want you to get out. I want you to have a life. Become a Men of Letters, whatever. You with a wife and kids and…and…and grandkids, living until you're fat and bald and chugging Viagra. That is my perfect ending and it's the only on that I'm going to get. So I'm going to do these trials. I'm going to do them alone. End of story. You're staying here. I'm going out there. If land shark comes knocking, you call me. If you try to follow me, I am going to put a bullet in your damn leg."
1. Sam: "I am smart and so are you. You're not a grunt Dean. You're a genius. When it comes to lore, to…you're the best damn hunter I have ever seen. Better than me. Better than dad. I believe in you Dean. So please, please believe in me too."

Eye-rollingly bad dialogue:

5. Sam: "So what? God wants us to take the SATs."
4. Ellie: "Hey, so I think you're really hot. You want to go to my room and have sex." Dean: "What?" Ellie: "Uh sorry. I don’t usually do this. I guess I'm feeling my oats."
3. Cindy: "Oh is it, four eyes? Is it enough?"
2. Sam: "Tri…trials like…uh like Law and Order?"
1. Dean: "Impressed?" Ellie: "I do like a man who can handle his meat."

-For a show that has been (wrongly) focusing on telling us that Sam is the brains and Dean is the brawn (instead of rightly saying they are both brains and brawn), what was up with making Sam purposely dense in the beginning? Why would anyone think actual judge and jury trials when Kevin was talking? Sam is way smarter than that houseboat scene made him seem.

-Ellie was like some bad teen porn fantasy. No woman talks this way even if they are laser focused on getting laid, even if it's their last night on earth and they don't have much time left. It took me completely out of the story every time and made me wonder about Dabb's relationships with women. Also Cindy using 4 eyes? What? She can be an alcoholic, self-serving idiot and still come up with an insult that doesn't remind me of elementary school. Such a waste.

Special Quote Awards:

Gamechanger Award:

Sam: "Dean, even if she can dodge Crowley, as soon as Ellie dies, her soul is earmarked for hell." Dean: "Not if we shut it down first."

-Another case of Supernatural dropping a bombshell as if it were just casual information. If this is true that souls will not be able to pass into hell after the gates are closed, what is going to happen? If they close off both heaven and hell, and they better do both if they do any, then just exactly where do they think souls will go after death? I was leaning toward the membrane theory where souls could pass into heaven or hell but nothing could get out. This quote seems to refute that theory. If this is true, where does that leave reapers and will Death be ticked off that they are once again messing with the natural order? Two simple sentences but they open up a tangled mess of mytharc.

Grrrr! Award:

Sam: "We're here to help." Noah: "Like you helped Margie?"

-Shut up you cradle-robbing pervert. I didn't see you doing anything that would help Margie. Ungrateful old geezers have to go.

Proof Your Family isn't THAT Bad Award (aka the "Supernatural Isn't a Nighttime Soap? You're Kidding" Award):

3. Cindy: "Oh I'm so sorry Margie. I didn't see you there. You're too far up on your high horse. Oh yes, but you are right. We should all take a minute and say a few words about Carl. You first. Was he a good lay?" Alice: "What?" Cindy: "Oh you didn't know? Yeah Daddy caught them going at it in the barn." Margot: "Al, it was before you two got together."
2. Cindy: "Maybe Alice should marry a child. Take after her father." Noah: "Ivaga's not a child." Cindy: "Yeah right, she's a prostitute who looks like a child."
1. Cindy: "Get cancer and die old man." Noah: "You first sweetie."

-Talk about the family from hell. This is the reason why people avoid holiday dinners. At least you can take comfort that unless you are related to the devil himself or angels, your family can't be this bad.


This episode shined most in its moments instead of the overall. The brother speeches are the highlight of season 8 for me. We finally had them back on the same page and even when they disagreed we knew they had each other's backs. My biggest shock was that Andrew Dabb, who has never liked in character brothers, could write the very best brother episode of the season. It's hard to think anyone else will top it. Overall though the story was onion-thin transparent and the case of the week was lame. The family and Ellie felt ripped straight from the original Dallas and you knew who had sold their souls and which brother was going to kill the hellhound pretty much from the beginning. No surprises in this one. It was also exposition heavy and some of the dialogue was just cheesy (but not Arrow cheesy). The visual effects of Zombie Dean in particular were awesome and they moved the mytharc forward by leaps and bounds.

The biggest problem I have with the episode though is actually a show runner and producer problem because I knew before the show started that I was not going to like the ending. Setting it up so that only one brother was able to do the trials instead of them sharing them or even better working together on them all was a HUGE mistake. I can't help thinking it was designed to create fandom wars and dissatisfaction. They had to know a huge chunk of the fandom was going to be unhappy and most importantly, this time both sides would have cause for their dissatisfaction. In all honesty most times brother wars are trite and silly and immature. In this case both sides could make a compelling case for why their side was getting shafted. Why purposely write to encourage brother wars when there were so many ways to avoid them this season? I am getting tired of feeling bullied and manipulated by Supernatural's production staff. Sadly how I feel about this episode is majorally colored by Jeremy Carver's decision to once again choose to tie only one brother directly into the mytharc when he could have easily tied them both in. This episode, on the strength of the brother moments alone, would have gotten a much higher grade from me if he had done so.

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Supernatural - 8.13 - Everybody Hates Hitler - Podcast

Welcome back all you wayward sons and daughters to another edition of the Team Winchester Podcast. Up for discussion is episode 8.13: Everybody Hates Hitler. Again, there was a lot to love and a lot to nitpick - Lilith more on the love side and Dahne more on the nitpick. It was a pretty mellow and laid back chat, so why don't you come on in and check it out.

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 3:00
Contact Info - 9:40
Discussion Points - 11:15
Nitpicks - 16:20
WTH - 21:00
Favorite Things - 24:55
Least Favorite - 38:25
Music and Trivia - 45:30
Grade and Review - 49:00
Shameless Plugs - 56:15
Spoilers - 59:30

Podcast Links:

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Lilith Links:


Supernatural - 8.13 - Everybody Hates Hitler - Quotes

Sorry guys, not as many quotes today as normal. There didn't seem to be as many to chose from to me but of course please add your favorites, especially any I missed that you love, to the comments below. Also added is the quotes nomination form so don't forget to nominate your 2 favorite quotes from this episode for our big quotes contest this summer.

Words to Live By:

Dean: "It's okay. We are the good guys."     

Yes, they are. They are also the heroes of this story. It would be lovely if the writers would remember that and stop with the whiny brother rifts and secondary characters saving the day. Let's get back to the brothers being the main characters. Let's let the Winchesters get the win, and not just occasionally. Let's move onto the mytharc and re-establish the heart of the story, brothers saving people and hunting things.  They are the good guys.  Let's show it.

Commandant: "Knowledge is power, isn't it."

I have a feeling this is the theme from here on out. With the new Factory of Answers and Kevin actually being able to translate the tablets, it is all going to come down to who knows what and how they use that knowledge. So far this season's quest has come down to a race for information more than anything action-based.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

12. Dean: "Oh my spleen."
11. Aaron: "Hey, hey. We're renting here. Renting."
10. Commander: "Fools! You can kill me but you will never kill all the Thule." (Brothers tandem head shot.) Dean: "That's a start."
9. Aaron: "Everybody loves bacon."
8. Aaron: "Yeah that's right. Keep walking you Chia pet."
7. Sam: "Wow, how about just the stuff he was looking at you know the day he uh…caught fire." Librarian: "Does shorten the list a bit."
6. Nazi: "Long live the Thule." (Golem snaps his neck.) Dean: "Or not."
5. Sam: "Are you going to take off the dead guy robe?"
4. Aaron: "Oh my God. These guys are psychopaths."
3. Sam: "We do know that he took on an entire camp full of heavily armed German soldiers and Thule necromancers and won." Dean: "One bada** Humboldt figurine." Sam: "That we have no idea how to put back in the box."
2. Dean: "Well now we know. Paper beats golem, fire beats undead Nazi zombie freaks."
1. Aaron: "What, do you two just break in wherever you go?" Dean: "Yeah well our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on just in case this hunter thing didn't pan out."

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

10. Dean: "Listen little brother, let's not go all geek on this stuff okay?" Sam: "Geek?"
9. Sam: "So that's a golem." Aaron: "Yes. Shaped from clay and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of….I don't know, general cr**."
8. Dean: "Hey big guy, they're both going to die unless we get whoever cast the spell."
7. Aaron: "He always said I'd know what to do, which is cr** because when I opened the box, this big, naked, potato faced lunatic wakes up and goes crazy." Golem: "I didn't go crazy." Aaron: "You trashed my entertainment center, my water bed."
6. Aaron: "Look I grew up in Short Hills. I cheated my way through Hebrew school. I never really listened to my grandfather, what he was saying." Dean: "So what? He just sends you this…this golem and expects you to work it out?"
5. Girl1: "He was obsessed with Nazis." Girl2: "But he said they were special Nazis. You know, necromancers." Dean: "Necromancers." Girl2: "Yeah like from that World of Whatever Craft that my little brother's always playing." Dean: "Nazi necromancers."
4. Aaron: "When I was bar mitzvahed, my…my grandfather gave me this little old book. It was in Hebrew. It was like an owner's manual for a golem." Dean: "Okay great. Get that then." Aaron: "I…I can't exactly. When I went to high school I sort of drifted, started getting off the academic track and uh, kind of….I kind of smoked it." Golem: "The boy smoked the pages." Aaron: "They were these thin vellumy pages that…I mean it was perfect for rolling."
3. Dean: "Sammy, I think we found a Bat Cave."
2. Sam: "What the hell is that?" Aaron Bass: "He's a golem. Well he's my golem."
1. Sam: "Dean look, I think we might have something here. Something that could help us help humanity. Henry certainly thought so. I mean you know damn well we could use a break. What if we finally got one?"

Emotional quotes:

3. Aaron: "Looks like I'm the Judah Initiative now."
2. Aaron: "What makes you think you have any right to make that decision." Dean: "Believe me. If we need the right we will take it." Aaron: "Look he may be a pain in the a**, but he's my responsibility." Sam; "Look the golem was built to go to war. You're not trained for that. How are you going to take that on?" Aaron: "I don't know."
1. Dean: "So uh what? Aaron's a JI and you're a Man of Letters now, is that it?" Dean pours them both a drink. Dean: "Good."

Quote Awards:

Best Non-Answer Award: Dean: "The uh water pressure in the Letters' shower room is marvelous." Sam: "Yeah I still can't figure out how we even have water or electricity." Dean: "Yeah well, I am putting that under the ain't broke column."

Stuck in the Past Award: Sam: "I'm making a uh, card entry for our uh copy from the Thule's red ledger for our collection."


This episode was completely meh for me, basically forgettable. There wasn't a whole lot that made me really excited, except the new home base, and there wasn't much that made my roll my eyes so hard it gave me a headache, except for the gay moment scene. I really loved that the brothers acted like a team and I don't take that for granted since season 8, but comparing this episode to all other SPN episodes, it falls in the middle. That being said for season 8, it is one of the better ones. I enjoyed Aaron and I hope he comes back again, with or without the golem. Grade = C

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Supernatural - 8.12 - As Time Goes By - Podcast

Welcome back to the Team Winchester Podcast. Up for discussion this week is episode 8.12: As Time Goes By.
Listener beware Lilith had a case of the Negative Nellies but it was only a mild case. Dahne was more positive thanks to no brother fighting. This episode had a lot to love, a lot to nitpick and a lot to wait and see how everything shakes out. Check out what Dahne and Lilith thought of this game changing episode.

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 3:35
Contact Info -
Discussion Points - 8:50
Nitpicks - 14:45
WTH - 27:50
Favorite Things - 37:35
Least Favorite - 49:20
Trivia - 55:55
Grade and Review - 59:10
Miscellaneous - 67:20
Wrap-Up / Contact Info - 68:30
Spoilers - 70:30

Podcast Links:

Voice mail - 502-233-1351

Lilith Links:


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Supernatural - 8.12 - As Time Goes By - Quotes

As Time Goes By was a weird episode for me. I adored having the brothers working together, on the same page and not fighting again. From the opening credits until the end it felt like classic Supernatural. In fact, Sam was in character the entire episode. Yippee! It only took 12 episodes to get there. I've missed the small things like the silent conversations the brothers have and how they know instinctively what the other is feeling. I missed family and all the little ways the brothers showed that they care for each other. In this episode I finally got that back. Unfortunately I also got a lot of canon-breaking, unanswered questions, and Henry too. For me, this episode will hinge on what happens because of it so it's really too soon to tell overall. In the end I was glad Henry was dead, the brothers were still human, and I rekindled my love of Supernatural a bit.

The quotes below are of course my opinion and nothing else. Your mileage can and most likely will vary, especially in the eye-rolling quote section where I despised the most popular quote of the night. Also last week I completely forget to add the quote nomination forms so here's three weeks worth to catch up. We'll do the big quotes contest over summer hellatus so get your nominations in and as always feel free to share them in the comments section.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

10. Dean: "Sorry about that." Henry: "No you're not. You've wanted to do that since we met."
9. Dean: "So you're like Yodas to our Jedis….Never mind. You'll get there."
8. Dean: "Well this has been touching. Why don't we figure out how to clean up your mess, huh?"
7. Dean: "Okay. Enough with the decoder talk."
6. Henry: "Hand me your walkie talkie." Sam: "You mean my phone?" Henry: "Even better. Operator, I need Delta 457." Dean: "Who are you NOT calling?"
5. Henry: "2013. My God. I guess the Mayans were wrong."
4. Dean: "Yeah well now that you are done blowing chunks, you want to tell us who the hell Betty Crocker was?"
3. Henry: "That's the problem with you hunters. You're all shortsighted." Dean: "Yeah well at least we're not extinct."
2. Dean: "What level?" Henry: "Level of knowledge. You're men of letters correct?" Dean: "Um, I'm a little rusty on my boy bands. Men of what?"
1. Sam: "I'll tell you what. When one of us falls out of your closet, then you can ask the questions."

Story-moving quotes:

13. Dean: "What are the chances that place is still standing?"
12. Abaddon: "Good boy. Now listen up. I want to make a good old-fashioned horse trade. Henry and the key for you brother or he dies. Am I clear?" Dean: "Crystal."
11. Henry: "You're more than that actually. My father and his father before him were both Men of Letters, as John and you two should have been. We're preceptors, beholders, chroniclers of all that which man does not understand. We share our findings with a few trusted hunters. The very elite. They do the rest."
10. Dean: "Nice taste in wheels." Henry: "Yours I presume."
9. Dean: "That demon trap in your noggin is going to keep you from smoking out. We're going to cut you into little steaks and bury each strip under cement. You might not be dead but you'll wish you were."
8. Dean: "Yeah right. Seriously. Dudes time traveling through motel room closets. That's what we've come to."
7. Larry: "Abaddon was a hired gun. She killed us all in one night."
6. Sam: "Okay but if you guys were such a big deal, then why haven't we or anyone we know ever heard of you?" Henry: "Abaddon."
5. Dean: "And how come she didn't die when I stabbed her?" Henry: "Because demons can't be killed by run of the mill cutlery. At the very least you'd need an ancient demon killing knife of the Kurds." Dean: "That's what this is."
4. Sam: "So how do we stop her? How do we stop Abaddon?" Larry: "You don't. If you know where the key is, then take it to these coordinates. Throw it in. Shut the door forever and walk away." Sam: "Wait. Why would I do that?" Larry: "Because it is the safest place on earth. Warded against any evil ever created. It is impervious to any entry except the key." Sam: "Right but then all that knowledge would be…would be lost and gone forever." Larry: "And that is the price we have to pay for keeping it away from Abaddon."
3. Sam: "Okay what's that?" Henry: "I wish I knew. Abaddon attacked us the night of my initiation. All secrets were to be revealed then." Dean: "Let me get this straight. You traveled through time to protect something that does…you don't know what….from a demon that you know nothing about?...Good."
2. Dean: "A devil's trap carved into the bullet. You're going to have to get close and close means it could get ugly." Henry: "I know. We do that for blood."
1. Larry: "In the box is the key to every object, scroll, spell ever collected in a thousand years under one roof. It is the supernatural mother load."

Emotional quotes:

8. Henry: "I can't abandon my son Dean. Not again. I need to do this. I'm sorry." (Henry starts chanting.) Dean: "Then I'm sorry too."
7. Dean: "I'm just saying before we break out the warm and toasties, let's not forget that uh H. G. Wells over there left dad high and dry when he was a kid." Sam: "But maybe he didn't run out on dad. I mean not on purpose. Maybe he time traveled and…I don't know, got stuck."
6. Henry: "What did he think happened to me?" Dean: "He thought you ran out on him." Henry: "John was a legacy. I was supposed to teach him the ways of the letters." Dean: "Well he learned things a little differently." Henry: "How?" Dean: "The hard way. Surviving a lonely childhood, a stinking war, only to get married and to have his wife taken by a demon and later killed by one himself. That man got a bum rap around every turn but you know what? He kept going and in the end he did a hell of a lot more good than he did bad."
5. Sam: "You think it would have made a difference?" Dean: "What?" Sam: "Dad. If he'd had his own father around." Dean: "What? In how he raised us. Sammy he did the best he could." Sam: "I know that. I do. They all did."
4. Dean: "Listen I understand that this is not your idea of a happy ending okay, and….that…that you're disappointed that me and Sam are mouth breathing hunters, but you know what? We stopped the Apocalypse." Henry: "If this works the way I plan, there will never be an Apocalypse to stop."
3. Henry: "If I could just go back. Stop this all from happening." Dean: "And what if you can't? I can't take that risk. Not with Sammy on the hook now."
2. Henry: "It's the price we pay for upholding great responsibility. We know that." Dean: "Your responsibility was to your family, not some glorified book club." Henry: "I was a legacy. I had no choice." Dean: "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that."
1. Dean: "Henry you need to understand something. When my dad died, I couldn't save him no matter how bad I wanted to. I never want that to happen to Sam. Ever. If there's a chance that I can save him, I'm gonna do it. He's my brother; he's the only family I've got."

Eye-Rollingly Bad Dialogue / Lines Better Left Out:

7. Sam: "Our father taught us how to be hunters." Henry: "You're not are you? Hunters? Well hunters are….hunters are apes. You're supposed to…you're legacies."
6. Lady: "How rude. You haven't finished your tea Sam."
5. Dean: "Kind of makes you wish he knew the truth huh? I mean all those years thinking his old man ditched him, when the poor SOB really came here and saved our bacon. Freaking time travel man."
-Not sure how Henry being the person who let Abaddon into the present day world equals him coming to the future to save their bacon. "Their bacon" wouldn't have needed saving if Henry hadn't brought the problem there in the first place.
4. Henry: "You're also Winchesters. As long as we're alive, there's always hope. I didn't know my son as a man, but having met you too, I know I would have been proud of him."
-Yeah, yeah I know I'm the only person in the fandom that thought this quote was not only downright cheesy but also vainglorious. Saying your family is the world's only hope is about as cocky and self-absorbed as you can get. Grandpa Douchey to the very end.
3. Sam: "That's a chance we've got to take I guess. I mean we are legacies right."
-Urgh! Legacies? Men of Letters? It's like the vocabulary was ripped off a bad comic book world. Why not just give Dean and Sam spandex and affix the handy symbol to their chests. Glass, your comic book leanings are showing here.
2. Henry: "I'm quite certain this is all beyond your understanding, my alpha male monkey friend, and violence will not help you comprehend this any easier."
1. Henry: "I'm aware that time is a delicate mistress, but I'm willing to bet on this being for the best."

2. Dean: "He broke into the trunk. Stole an angel feather. I'm guessing he's going to whip up another one of those blood spells and Marty McFly himself back to the 1950's."
1. Dean: "I'll call Garth."

Say What? Canon-Breaking Dialogue:

6. Dean: "If you do that, then you change the past. Me and Sam might cease to exist."
-And Dean has an issue with this why? In The Song Remains the Same he practically begs Mary to stay away from John and not have Sam or him. The brothers gave their "never being born is not the same as dying" speech.
5. Sam: "I get it now. What Cupid said about heaven busting a** to get mom and dad together. The Winchesters and the Campbells, the brains and the brawn."
-Say what you will about Grandpa Creepy and the Campbell Soup Kids, but they were not stupid. Grandpa Creepy's library of knowledge was better than Bobby's. He knew how to gather an army and lead them successfully. The Campbells were a wealth of information so to insinuate that they were only brawn makes no sense. Likewise, Sam knows what an awesome hunter his dad was and he's admired his hunting skills before. John was as much about the brawn as the brains and many times he was more about the brawn. This brawn vs. brains theme was overplayed here a whole lot. More likely the angels were uniting two families with a strong background in the supernatural more than anything.
4. Henry: "I'm beginning to gather I don't make it back from this time do I?" Sam: "We don't know for sure. All we do know is that dad never saw you again." Henry: "What did he think happened to me?" Dean: "He thought you ran out on him."
-Yep, I'm bringing it up. This John didn't know his dad. During In the Beginning John did. Now maybe it was his stepdad they were talking about but I'm still calling retcon. Besides John was 7 when his dad disappeared. That's certainly old enough to know he wasn't a mechanic from a long line of mechanics.
3. . Henry: "Knights of hell are handpicked by Lucifer himself. They were of the first fallen, first born demons." Sam: "So very pure, very strong." Henry: "Legend has it that archangels had killed all of them, which as we have witnessed is not the case."
-So now we have super demons. Why didn't Lucifer reach out to Abaddon and any other archdemons that got away during the Apocalypse? Surely they would have been useful when fighting against archangels. Also if these super demons are first born of Satan that would make Lilith one too. She sure didn't have these nifty powers.
2. Dean: "Look dad had his issues but he was always there for us. I freaking hate time travel man."
-Always is a big stretch there Dean. He was always there for you in Home. What about Faith? The man didn't call when his son was dying. He doesn't get points here. Not to mention, Dean seems to like time travel. He certainly didn't quibble when he got to go back to the west or the 1940's. I'm the one with issues about time travel.
1. Sam: "You tapped the power of your soul to get here. I thought only angels could do that."
-Souls have always been a conflicting business on Supernatural. Now humans can soul power? Who needs angels then? We can all time travel back and fix things anytime we want. Plus apparently humans time travel so much easier than angels do. Henry had a nose bleed. Cas was completely drained.

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