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Supernatural - 8.13 - Everybody Hates Hitler - Quotes

Sorry guys, not as many quotes today as normal. There didn't seem to be as many to chose from to me but of course please add your favorites, especially any I missed that you love, to the comments below. Also added is the quotes nomination form so don't forget to nominate your 2 favorite quotes from this episode for our big quotes contest this summer.

Words to Live By:

Dean: "It's okay. We are the good guys."     

Yes, they are. They are also the heroes of this story. It would be lovely if the writers would remember that and stop with the whiny brother rifts and secondary characters saving the day. Let's get back to the brothers being the main characters. Let's let the Winchesters get the win, and not just occasionally. Let's move onto the mytharc and re-establish the heart of the story, brothers saving people and hunting things.  They are the good guys.  Let's show it.

Commandant: "Knowledge is power, isn't it."

I have a feeling this is the theme from here on out. With the new Factory of Answers and Kevin actually being able to translate the tablets, it is all going to come down to who knows what and how they use that knowledge. So far this season's quest has come down to a race for information more than anything action-based.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

12. Dean: "Oh my spleen."
11. Aaron: "Hey, hey. We're renting here. Renting."
10. Commander: "Fools! You can kill me but you will never kill all the Thule." (Brothers tandem head shot.) Dean: "That's a start."
9. Aaron: "Everybody loves bacon."
8. Aaron: "Yeah that's right. Keep walking you Chia pet."
7. Sam: "Wow, how about just the stuff he was looking at you know the day he uh…caught fire." Librarian: "Does shorten the list a bit."
6. Nazi: "Long live the Thule." (Golem snaps his neck.) Dean: "Or not."
5. Sam: "Are you going to take off the dead guy robe?"
4. Aaron: "Oh my God. These guys are psychopaths."
3. Sam: "We do know that he took on an entire camp full of heavily armed German soldiers and Thule necromancers and won." Dean: "One bada** Humboldt figurine." Sam: "That we have no idea how to put back in the box."
2. Dean: "Well now we know. Paper beats golem, fire beats undead Nazi zombie freaks."
1. Aaron: "What, do you two just break in wherever you go?" Dean: "Yeah well our dad wanted us to have a solid career to fall back on just in case this hunter thing didn't pan out."

Mytharc/Story-moving quotes:

10. Dean: "Listen little brother, let's not go all geek on this stuff okay?" Sam: "Geek?"
9. Sam: "So that's a golem." Aaron: "Yes. Shaped from clay and brought to life by rabbis to protect the Jewish people in times of….I don't know, general cr**."
8. Dean: "Hey big guy, they're both going to die unless we get whoever cast the spell."
7. Aaron: "He always said I'd know what to do, which is cr** because when I opened the box, this big, naked, potato faced lunatic wakes up and goes crazy." Golem: "I didn't go crazy." Aaron: "You trashed my entertainment center, my water bed."
6. Aaron: "Look I grew up in Short Hills. I cheated my way through Hebrew school. I never really listened to my grandfather, what he was saying." Dean: "So what? He just sends you this…this golem and expects you to work it out?"
5. Girl1: "He was obsessed with Nazis." Girl2: "But he said they were special Nazis. You know, necromancers." Dean: "Necromancers." Girl2: "Yeah like from that World of Whatever Craft that my little brother's always playing." Dean: "Nazi necromancers."
4. Aaron: "When I was bar mitzvahed, my…my grandfather gave me this little old book. It was in Hebrew. It was like an owner's manual for a golem." Dean: "Okay great. Get that then." Aaron: "I…I can't exactly. When I went to high school I sort of drifted, started getting off the academic track and uh, kind of….I kind of smoked it." Golem: "The boy smoked the pages." Aaron: "They were these thin vellumy pages that…I mean it was perfect for rolling."
3. Dean: "Sammy, I think we found a Bat Cave."
2. Sam: "What the hell is that?" Aaron Bass: "He's a golem. Well he's my golem."
1. Sam: "Dean look, I think we might have something here. Something that could help us help humanity. Henry certainly thought so. I mean you know damn well we could use a break. What if we finally got one?"

Emotional quotes:

3. Aaron: "Looks like I'm the Judah Initiative now."
2. Aaron: "What makes you think you have any right to make that decision." Dean: "Believe me. If we need the right we will take it." Aaron: "Look he may be a pain in the a**, but he's my responsibility." Sam; "Look the golem was built to go to war. You're not trained for that. How are you going to take that on?" Aaron: "I don't know."
1. Dean: "So uh what? Aaron's a JI and you're a Man of Letters now, is that it?" Dean pours them both a drink. Dean: "Good."

Quote Awards:

Best Non-Answer Award: Dean: "The uh water pressure in the Letters' shower room is marvelous." Sam: "Yeah I still can't figure out how we even have water or electricity." Dean: "Yeah well, I am putting that under the ain't broke column."

Stuck in the Past Award: Sam: "I'm making a uh, card entry for our uh copy from the Thule's red ledger for our collection."


This episode was completely meh for me, basically forgettable. There wasn't a whole lot that made me really excited, except the new home base, and there wasn't much that made my roll my eyes so hard it gave me a headache, except for the gay moment scene. I really loved that the brothers acted like a team and I don't take that for granted since season 8, but comparing this episode to all other SPN episodes, it falls in the middle. That being said for season 8, it is one of the better ones. I enjoyed Aaron and I hope he comes back again, with or without the golem. Grade = C

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