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Teen Wolf - 4.12 - Smoke and Mirrors - Best Scene Poll

And so it ends. Thanks for participating in the polls, commenting on the show as a whole, and playing Bingo with me this season. You've made a less than stellar season a lot more fun. Until the supersized season 5, may your favorites not die, your fall TV viewing be exciting, and your hearts and brains recover from all Jeff Davis likes to put us through. You're going to need the rest before what I am sure will be a heady rollercoaster of a new season.

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Quote of the Week - Week of August 31

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team this past week. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off below the article.

Doctor Who -

1. Robin Hood "Splendid, enchained!" Clara "Yep!" Robin Hood "Trussed up like turkey-cocks! Thanks to your friend." The Doctor "Shut it, Hoodie! I saved your life." (Sandi)

2. Clara "Can you explain your plan without using the words 'Sonic Screwdriver'. Because you might have forgotten, the Sheriff of Nottingham has taken your screwdriver. Just saying, it's always the screwdriver" The Doctor (pauses) "Well, okay okay. Let, let's, let's hear Robin's plan first." Clara "Oh for god's sake!" (Sandi)

3. Robin Hood "Clara told me your stories." The Doctor "Well, she shouldn't have told you any of that." Robin Hood "Once the stories began, I could hardly stop her. You are her hero, I think." The Doctor "I'm not a hero." Robin Hood "Well, neither am I. But if we keep pretending to be, perhaps others will be heroes in our name. Perhaps we will both be stories. May those stories never end." (Sandi)

4. The Doctor: "This is not a trick, this is a TARDIS." Robin Hood: "Whatever it is you bony rascal, I’m afraid I must relieve you of it." (Nirat Anop)

5. The Doctor: "I have no sword. I don’t need a sword. Because I am the Doctor. And this is my spoon!" (Nirat Anop)

Falling Skies -

1. Hal: "Because it's so easy to trust you these days." Hal, when ex-girlfriend Maggie and his betraying bro Ben urge him to have faith in their rescue attempt. (Sharon Seymour)

Legends -

1. Martin: "The canisters Martin procured during the sting contained a mixture of dimethyl ether and polyvinyl acetate." Maggie: "Hairspray!" Maggie, identifying the fake bio-weapon passed off to Martin. (Sharon Seymour)

Mistresses -

1. Joss: "By 'laid back,' I think he meant lay back and let the servitude wash over you." Joss , responding to sister Savi's observation that her engagement party proved considerably more swank than advertised. (Sharon Seymour)

Outlander -

1. Claire: "Absence, hear thou my protestation, Against thy strength, Distance and length, Do what thou canst for alteration, For hearts of truest mettle, Absence doth join and Time doth settle." (Nirat Anop)

2. Jamie: "You're not to judge things you don't understand, stay out of it Claire." (Nirat Anop)

3. Claire: "Well you can't sleep out here. At least come into the room, it's warmer." Jamie: "Sleep in your room? With you? No, I couldn't do that. Your reputation would be ruined." Claire: "My reputation? You've slept under the stars with me before. You and ten other men." Jamie: "That isn't the same thing at all." Claire: "Well, at least let me give you the blanket off my bed, or is that too scandalous?" Jamie: "I'll be right here." (Nirat Anop)

4. Rupert: "It was your honor we were defending, the louth called you a whore. You're a guest of the Mackenzie, we can insult you but God help any other man that does." (Nirat Anop)

5. Claire: "I believe your left hand gets jealous of your right, that's about all I believe." Jamie: "Eh, you're a witty one." Rupert: "I've never heard a woman make a joke." Claire: "There's a first time for everything." (Nirat Anop)

Teen Wolf -

1. Mama McCall: "Oh Scott, you can save people's lives but you cannot save them from life. Life is full of struggles." (Dahne) Mama McCall is the biggest source of wisdom in Teen Wolf. This is my second favorite speech of hers after the "be your own anchor" speech in the season 3B premiere.

2. Sheriff: "Malia, what's your favorite food?" Malia: "Deer." Stiles: "Pizza. She likes pizza." (Dahne) Malia makes me laugh and I sorely needed that in this episode. I love everything about this scene.

3. Stiles: "I have never been so happy to have been almost murdered." (Dahne) From the same scene as above, this is a classic Stiles-ism. Plus it helps that it looks like the money woe storyline is about to be resolved and that cannot happen soon enough.

4. Lydia: "You're not taking him anywhere." Doctor: "Well unless you're family, I don't think you can make that decision." Lydia: "We're close enough." (Dahne) While I don't always think fo Deaton as part of the family, I love how this pack takes care of its own. They have created a family that keeps getting stronger the more they go through.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder", Sleepy Hollow "Headless," and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Teen Wolf - A Promise to the Dead - Recap and Episode Awards

Previously…the Fratellis wanted Kate but we got stuck with her instead, a Mexican church housed more bones than Beacon Hills, the dead pool list was anticlimactically just over and the fandom went "Huh," and Peter wanted to kill Scott and the fandom went "what's new." Such goes this season.

In the PENULTIMATE episode (yes I feel the need to capitalize a lot this recap), a new psycho supernatural holds a random non-blonde in a body bag in a meat locker. I have zero idea why they introduce a new bad this late in the game but at least it's not another teen blonde. He pets her hair, while explaining that food tastes better when frightened. Oh joy. Most likely he's another wendigo but at this point who knows? He yells at her to open her eyes. I yell at Jeff Davis for this mess of a season. Yet in the distance, both Random Brunette and I find hope. It's….Deaton? And he's kicking butt? Well woo hoo!!! Cannibal attacks via meat hook, which promptly gets caught in a side of beef. Ha! No brain trust, this one. Deaton knocks him to his knees with a swift baton, so Cannibal begs for his life. "No wait, stop. The dead pool's over. You're not going to get paid. It's over." Thanks for pointing out that waste of time, buddy. Deaton: "I'm not here to kill you, Patrick. I'm taking you back to Eichen House, where they know all about your culinary practices." Wow, they weren't kidding about the violent offender wing, but that means Eichen House staff know about the supernatural. No wonder Morrell is chief counselor and also, they're screwed. They're one asylum breakout from a season 5 plot twist. At Eichen House, PsychDoc thanks Deaton as they walk through a hall of supernatural creatures. So far this walk is more interesting than 70% of season 4. Deaton demands to see one Dr. Valack, but given PsychDoc's reluctance I say err on the side of caution. PsychDoc: "The last person who went to see Valack left the room, but not the building." Well that's ominous. Deaton insists.

Valack resides in a plastic cage like any good ubervillain, where his only entertainment is trashy romance novels. Don't blame him for going a little insane but self-trepanation is a bit much. Perhaps he couldn't get any brain bleach. Deaton introduces himself but Valack already knows about Kate and La Loba, the bone woman. Intriguing, as is Deaton's reason for coming. Apparently he promised the woman he loved to look after Derek. It's not that I care about a Talia dalliance but Deaton's track record of helping Derek, especially as an alpha, is downright abysmal. Way to not be an emissary to Derek at all, to not even try post-Hale fire. You've sucked as a resource to Derek Hale, sir. Sucked out loud. Valack snarks about romance novels and he's instantly more entertaining than all the dead pool story put together. Please say you're part of season 5. Unwrapping his bloody head bandage, he insists Deaton come closer to "see" what he knows. Deaton scoffs at his psychic powers. Um dude, it's Beacon Hills. That's the least unbelievable thing yet. Over my protests, Deaton creeps closer until we're both staring into Valack's cranial cavity. Thanks Deaton. As he inches forward, an eye opens INSIDE Valack's head. Ulgh! Thanks Triclops. I'll have nightmares about you all week. Maybe I should try Liam's technique. No, not bore me into an unwitting coma. Liam chooses to play hours of video games with Mason until he insists on going home to study. Mason again is sympathetic. Liam again shuts him out. 92nd verse same as the first. As Liam goes to bed, he's nervous about turning off the lights, mostly because he sees a berserker constantly. He yells out that it isn't real and one light turned on later, he sees he's right. Derek isn't sleeping either, although Braeden does just fine until the alarm goes off. It's eye candy all around as the half-naked duo get out the guns. Surprise! It's Lydia with a banshee wake up call. Never a good sign.

Back at the McCall House of Money Woes, Scott has issues himself. Mama McCall finds the Blood Money Gym Bag under Scott's bed. Because it was so well hidden. Oh Scott, you've got some 'splainin' to do. He apologizes for being late, citing extra shifts at the vet job I thought he abandoned months ago. Frankly, I thought Deaton was pity paying him gas money. Scott: "Got more hours to earn a little extra…money." Mama McCall looks at the duffle's thousands. "How much more did you need?" Busted! Scott recaps its origins. Mama: "This belongs to Derek. So you're just, uh, keeping it safe for him in a gym bag underneath your bed." Oh Mama McCall, you're the best. Scott admits he kept it too long as the episode's best scene hits full gear. Mama asks why he waited and he admits he's worried about their money situation. Mama: "Oh Scott, you can save people's lives but you cannot save them from life. Life is full of struggles." Best Yoda ever! Scott: "Do you know what just one of these can do? Uh, this gets us a new roof, and…and this pays for Stiles' MRI. This pays for Eichen House and this one means you don't have to work the double shift at the hospital and come home totally exhausted." Mama hands him a stack of money literally covered in blood. "What about this one?" Ouch! It hits Scott hard. He looks at her and nods. Awww, I love these two. Scott dutifully returns the cash, but Derek is unruffled. Scott wonders why he isn’t mad but Derek understands minimum wage blues. "Everyone can be tempted Scott. Even a true alpha." Blech. It also helps that none of the money is his. It's Peter's. Scott asks where his money is, making me laugh when he confuses Derek's answer for another underground vault. Don't blame you, Scott. I figured he kept it under the floorboards. Apparently Derek should teach econ at Beacon Hills High because he actually uses banks and real estate investments instead of vaults and duffle bags for his cash flow. Good on you, sir.

Before leaving, Scott mentions Lydia's visit and I'm irked we never saw Derek's reaction. Scott says Deaton is searching for answers to save his life but Scott has more faith in him than I do, especially when he wakes in a wacky bone crypt complete with berserker spear. Fun times. Zooming out, PsychDoc stares over an unconscious Deaton. Uh oh. When the doc said avoid Triclops, he meant it. Deaton may not leave Eichen House anytime soon. Unlike Malia and Stiles who still have sleepovers. I can't believe Sheriff's cool with Malia staying over every night. I don't care about her background or that it's Beacon Hills. He's the sheriff. This is not Dawson's Creek and it sure isn't Twilight. Can it! Malia's less concerned about Child Protective Services and more upset about missing extra math study time. Stiles won't wake up for lacrosse practice or tutoring. Malia: "If I'm going to watch an entire lacrosse game, you better not suck." Ha! I feel the same way, Malia. Sadly I think a sucky game of lacrosse is in both our futures. She pleads that if she doesn't pass math, she won't be a senior with them next year. Huh? I call shenanicanon. How is she that old? After digging in Teen Wolf Wikia, it appears Malia is 13 and 15 and 16 and 17 and 18 per Teen Wolf lore. Good to know, show. Nothing like making your own canon clear as mud. I swear this show takes place in 2016. But Teen Wolf can't be bogged down by mundane timeline issues when there are make out sessions to begin. Malia, getting nowhere traditionally, kisses Stiles awake. He protests since he hasn't brushed his teeth, but Malia doesn't care. I'm far more interested in the PlexiWall of Death, which shows Malia told Stiles about the Desert Wolf. Maybe they are beyond the secrets now. One can only hope.

Presumably Stiles did get up as Malia's all smiles after earning a C- on her test, guaranteeing that she'll be a senior too. She thanks Lydia. "Your notes are great when they're not written in code." Ha! Lydia's less impressed, as is Coach since Malia got an F on the econ test. Lydia promises to send notes for it too. Kira notices Lydia's distracted by notes on Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Ford's net worth when they died. I'd be too since it's hundreds of billions. Yikes! Kira: "It's over. Computers are off. No more assassins, no more murders, no one's dying." Oh, Kira the Naïve. Lydia: "Not yet." Yep, that's more like Beacon Hills. Sadly girl time ends so Liam can be a complete douche to Mason, round 32. Liam puts 300 lbs of weight on the bar (he's apparently not trying to hide his super strength) and then mouths off to Mason, who is just trying to help. At this point, Mason should find other friends. Even the teen assassins treated him better. Again Liam's rattled by berserker recapitations and panics, pinned down by the weight. Scott to the rescue, so we can't be rid of him even after he's a douche to Mason yet again. Scott: "If you don't want to be with us that's okay, but don't push your friends away too." Better yet, move. Mercifully, the scene changes to Argent stalking Kate's sewer. I swear they need apartments down there. It's getting crowded. Peter shows up too and they trade Kate-tracking tips. Argent went with science; Peter went with collusion. Oh Peter, don't give away your complicity yet. You need to be the final season super villain. A berserker joins the party and the fun begins. Well not for Argent. Peter: "Unfortunately while I promised Kate that I wouldn't kill you, I also can't let you leave." He plunges rebar into Argent's abdomen and bends it to pin him to the wall. Peter: "Now you rest here awhile. You've had a hard time for a very long time." Awww, poor Argent.

Only slightly less painful is Scott McCall planning a first date. He takes Kira to…Derek's underfurnished loft? Um, who thought this was a good idea? Scott, consult your mama or Lydia before making future plans. At least he remembers Kira's a kitsune, so he has her turn on the lights. Awww, he decorated with hanging light bulbs, so there's that. Stiles is no better at dating since he loaned Kira Star Wars for their first date movie. I love Star Wars but not as a date movie, especially since it's Stiles and Scott's inside joke. Nothing like thinking about your buddy on a first date. Besides, Derek has no TV. Great planning all around. They find a laptop but Scott's confused about the numbering since the first movie is labeled #4. He's got a valid point. Alas instead of running Star Wars commentary, Scott and Kira round the bases until Kate and her berserkers interrupt. Nice timing. Over in the land of normal, Sheriff interrupts Stiles and Malia studying - yes, actually studying. He's come to take them to dinner, but Stiles brings up more money woes. "Dad, I don't think a man in your debt should be treating anyone to anything." Surprise! The Eichen House debt is gone as quickly as it began. They canceled all money owed as an apology for Stiles and Lydia almost getting killed by CrazyPants DoucheOrderly. Stiles: "I have never been so happy to have almost been murdered." Ha! If every place in Beacon Hills canceled debt for near murder, there'd be zero money issues. Sheriff: "At least for the moment, I can afford to take my son and his girlfriend out to dinner. Malia, what's your favorite food?" Malia: "Deer." Stiles: "Pizza. She likes pizza." BWAAAHHH!!! Funniest moment of the night! I adore these guys together. My feelings take a sharp turn at YET ANOTHER Liam and Mason playing videos scene. Mason: "I know you don't want to talk about it, but you're still my best friend. And um, considering the fact that the last good friend I made turned out to be a professional killer, I'm thinking that I don't have too many options for new ones. So when you're ready to talk, talk." Oh Mason, the assassins treated you better. Run while you can.

Unfortunately that's not an option for Scott and Kira. Scott gets thrown in a game of berserker catch while Kate kicks Kira to the wall, as action comes back to Teen Wolf. Kate and Scott go one-on-one, complete with werewolf gymnastics. Kira instead grabs a chain and tries to defeat a berserker with it. It doesn't go well. I know she didn't bring her sword, but why does everyone forget that she can electrocute this freak? What's the point of being a kitsune if you don't use it to your advantage? Besides Kira's one of the few that has an actual mentor to train her. Do you even talk with your mom, Kira? With Kira down it all depends on Scott, who being a true alpha must of course be taken down by a mere werejag. Sigh. Better to be human than an alpha on this show. Scott asks what Kate wants, which is answers. "The Argent family has been around for over 400 years. A powerful, wealthy aristocratic family of werewolf hunters, but yet somehow, in less than a year, this great family is decimated by a teenage boy. So my question is simple. What in the hell is so special about Scott McCall?" Not much at this point, sadly. I'd blame the crazy running through your genes though, Kate. Scott says to leave the others alone, but no dice. Kate channels her inner Peter: "Oh no, we're all going. We're all going to church." Oh joy. Um, scratch that. I'd happily go with Kate if only to avoid YET ANOTHER reassuring Liam scenes. This time it's Stiles. Liam flips over Scott being late to the lacrosse game. I side eye the idea of more lacrosse. Nothing good's come from it this season. Happily Coach breaks into the conversation as Stiles explains that both Scott and Kira will be late for the game. Hey, wait a minute. Scott planned his date for BEFORE the game? Face palm. Yep, definitely need a dating coach. His real coach is not happy either and demands to know what they're doing. Stiles hems and haws about them having sex. Coach: "What could Scott and Kira be doing right now that's more important than playing in the first game?" Stiles: "Oh Coach." Ha!

Since this season is all about Liam, he has his own lacrosse groupie. Someone must love emoangsting. He continues kvetching about Scott being gone until Stiles finally asks if it's the full moon, which conveniently is tomorrow, that's bothering him. (Hello season finale plot twist.) Nope, more berserker hallucinations. Suddenly Triclops trepanation sounds enjoyable. Stiles reassures Liam again, but he's also worried about Scott given his frantic text messaging. As nothing of importance can happen in this PENULTIMATE episode, Liam talks lacrosse and Stiles says he's been practicing. Cue Stiles being a complete failure on the field. I'm sure this should be funny, but again complete failure. Stiles gets sacked and decides to call Scott again. Anything to get away from lacrosse. Stiles ditches the game with his dad to go find an unanswering Scott and Kira. Can I go with? No such luck. He leaves after reassuring Liam AGAIN, but Liam sees berserkers on the field. Oh and Tall Prep Blond is there. Never thought I'd be excited to see him, but he plows Liam down and tells him to get his head out of his butt. Thanks, Tall Prep Blond. PTSD is a serious issue, but for the love of entertainment, it is already old. I'd rather wake in Mexico on a bed of corpses like Kira than watch more lacrosse, especially given how shortchanged Lydia is onight. She shows up at Eichen House, which is now easy to both get in and out of I guess. PsychDoc wants to transfer Deaton to a more permanent room, but Lydia protests. "You're not taking him anywhere." Doctor: "Well unless you're family, I don't think you can make that decision." Lydia: "We're close enough." Aww, love how this pack is indeed a family. PsychDoc warns that Deaton may not be able to hear her. Lydia: "Trust me on this. He'll hear me." And then…nothing. Are you kidding me? We go through umpteen versions of Liam's issues and don't even get to see Lydia communicate with Deaton. Foul! Foul on that play!

Meanwhile in Kate's Cramped Sewer, Parrish joins the fun. He followed Peter and discovers Argent, who tells him to warn Scott. Alas, the new "it" spot has no cell service and Parrish won't leave Argent. Aww, you're a complete idiot, Parrish. Go up, call 911, call Scott, and then go back down. It's not like Argent will be better off if you get him unpinned with no ambulance there to help. In fact, basic emergency training says unpinning him will make him bleed out faster. Again, Beacon Hills emergency training for all. Sigh. Common Sense wails with neglect this season. Argent wails in pain as Parrish tries to unbend the rebar. Parrish: "I need you to help me. I know you're hurt and you're tired, but I need you to gather everything you've got and help me." Argent: "I've got nothing left. Please. Just go. We're running out of time." Parrish counters that Argent needs adrenaline and since he's not going to get it with fear, he needs to get angry. Argent: "I'm too tired to be angry." Parrish: "Okay, I don't know much about you or what you've been through, but Lydia told me some of it and I know about Allison. I know how she felt about Scott and I think if she knew what was happening to him, she'd be pretty angry. At least angry enough to try one more time to get the hell out of here. So whatever trigger you need - if it's Allison or your sister or Peter - use it. Use it right now!" Way to pep talk your way into Argent bleeding out, sir. All snarking aside, I'm back on the Parrish bandwagon. Kudos to both Ryan Kelly and JR Bourne for great acting! While I do think Parrish is overlauded in the Teen Wolf fandom, this scene was fantastic. Add in his eyes glowing orange when freeing Argent from the wall, and he's easily the most intriguing regular character of the night.

Peter is fun too. He joins the lacrosse audience to Malia's chagrin. "I told you not to come here." Peter: "If you want to have a clandestine meeting, you need to choose a clandestine location." Huh? Malia doesn't need any more daddy-daughter time, but Peter comes with news about her mom. Alas he's only willing to share if Malia kills Kate for him. Malia: "Do you always have to get something in return?" Peter: "When it's something I can't do on my own, yes." At least he's honest and far more fun than Liam. As if Jeff Davis is purposely trying my patience, Whiny Liam is back, this time with a pep talk from Tall Prep Blond. If you're counting, that means Liam's been reassured by Mason (several times), Scott, Stiles, and TPB in one episode. ARGH%@#%^&#$! TPB sings the virtues of True Alpha Scott McCall, making me want to vomit a bit, and tells Liam to count his blessings. TPB: "You're not strong because you can lift a lot of weight now. You’re strong because you endure." Um, say what? I wouldn't call it enduring as much as making everyone else's life miserable with his self-pity. Including mine. TPB tells Liam he's lucky to have Scott, but Liam kvetches about Scott not being by his side. Die. Just die already. Back at the Abandoned Loft of WereJag Shenanigans, Stiles and Sheriff join Braeden and Derek. They're stumped at what happened but Lydia along with an awake Deaton (again, we didn't get to see that scene - oh hell no) fill in the pieces. Kate took Scott and Kira to Mexico. Road trip to the home of the Fratelli's again. After all, Teen Wolf must get its money's worth from that set. Scott awakes tied to a bone altar with a simple belt. Not sure why he can't loosen his arms at least. Then he could stop Kate from babbling about Artemis and Actaeon in Greek mythology. Blah, blah, blah, Actaeon is turned into a deer. She lifts up a berserker skull. Scott: "What are you doing?' Kate: "Oh I'm not going to turn you into a deer, but you are about to become something unrecognizable to your friends. They won't know what they're fighting or killing." Scott protests as she places the skull on his face. Uh oh!

If I only had one word to describe this episode, it would be boring. As in yawn inducing, mind numbing, may be the worst episode of all, "how the heck is this the penultimate episode?" boredom. This episode suffers greatly from "Too Much, Not Enough" syndrome. 1. Way, way, way too much of Liam and not enough of Lydia or Derek or Malia or Stiles or Team Parent or everyone else on this show. Unless Liam goes to Mexico and attacks Scott the berserker this plot has zero importance and even if he does, we got it the first 3 times. No need to continue. 2. Too much romance, not enough action. This is the penultimate episode for goodness sakes. Did we really need to watch Scot and Kira's hapless first date? Did we need to watch Malia kiss Stiles awake? I realize you killed the 10 episode story arc and still have 2 episodes left, but for the love of my sanity, act like this is the penultimate episode and not the epilogue. 3. In fact too much human woes, not enough mytharc scenes. Cutting out Lydia actually getting her banshee skills to work was a h-u-g-e mistake. Instead we get finance issues in at least 3 scenes, more berserker hallucinations than anyone should have to sit through, a completely pointless school scene, and yes, more lacrosse. Argh! I didn't think anything could top the utter mundanity of episode 3 but this is worse by the sheer factor of its episode placement. Even the best scenes were largely filler in an episode made almost exclusively from packing peanuts. Jeff Davis, please stop. Just stop. Let's pretend season 4 is a bad nematon-induced nightmare. Please.

Grade - D-

Only Important Scenes - Kate tries to make Scott a berserker / possibly Triclops if he continues in season 5

Best Scene - Mama McCall confronts Scott about the money

Best Quote - Mama McCall: "Oh Scott, you can save people's lives but you cannot save them from life. Life is full of struggles."

MVP - Parrish / Malia

Best Reason to Watch - none, just watch the previouslies next episode to get caught up

Most Overdone - Jeff, I promise you shoving Liam down my throat like this is NOT helping. I didn't think I could care less about the kid until this episode. You keep pushing new lows. A full quarter of an episode devoted to Sappy Blond is about a quarter too much.

Funniest Scene - Sheriff invites Stiles and Malia to dinner

Most Interesting - Triclops, who may end up the best villain of the whole season

Best Sign - looks like money woes will end as quickly as they came. Good riddance.

Most Gratuitous Eye Candy - Braeden in her underwear with a gun

Screencaps by TV Fanatic, Pinterest, Show Spoilers, and Teen Wolf Wikia.

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder", Sleepy Hollow "Headless," and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Teen Wolf - 4.11 - A Promise to the Dead - Best Scene Poll and Bingo Card

You can find the official Bingo card for 1.12, links to 7 others, and directions for how to make your own Teen Wolf Bingo cards here. Enjoy! Let me know if you get a Bingo next week.

Teen Wolf Bingo - 4.12
Someone in school when shouldn't beDeaton is no help at allRecurring character bleedsLydia stares blankly into spaceDoucheDad flashes his badge
Peter appears extra crispyA party breaks outBig plot twistMalia looks confused and badassSomeone lies
Kira brings out a swordSomeone kissesDerek frownsScott/Stiles asks if someone's okayKira acts awkward or stutters
Derek gets beat up or torturedSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)Coach terrorizes studentsAwkward talk in locker roomA parent is helpful
Someone bleeds on hospital floorSomeone growlsLiam gets wetScott is thrown against a wallSomeone dies in school, woods, or hospital

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and creates polls for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, White Collar, Grimm, Teen Wolf, and others. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts the Warehouse 13 "Endless Wonder", Sleepy Hollow "Headless," and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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Teen Wolf - 4.10 - Monstrous - Recap and Episode Awards

NOTE:  If you've come looking for answers, I am fresh out.  Baffled is an understatement.  This week's season's Teen Wolf plot has me like:

Previously - Peter was a crazy vengeful loon, Kate burnt down the Hale House, Peter was in a coma, Stiles was a liar, Malia walked out, Granny Banshee drove Meredith insane, CrazyPants Douche Orderly died naming Meredith as Benefactor, and Meredith did NOT die.

Sometime in monsoon season, yet another new young blond runs from assassins at Beacon Hills High at night. She may be smarter than IED's Blonde Idiot, but is that really saying much? In true horror fashion, she trips and falls. Good thing Tall Prep Blond is there to help her. Yeah, him again. He gets winged by an arrow for his trouble while New Dumb Blonde runs for the lacrosse field, where all bad guys have a key to the stadium lights. At least 6 assassins train laser sights on them so TPB tells her to close her eyes. With the cold opens this year I expect their demise, but nope. Kick Butt Kira to the rescue - she slices arrows while the two blonds run. It is refreshing to see Kira so competent. May it continue the next 2 episodes. She evidently calls Scott as he rounds up Liam for the assist. One small hitch: Liam is in no way putting his life on the line again. Liam: "More assassins?" Right there with you, buddy. They've come out of the woodwork these days. Scott realizes his kid beta is fittingly scared and takes time from people saving to reassure him. Liam: "I mean how are you all still alive?" No one knows. Scott: "Not all of us are." Ouch! That hurts but I love how they aren't glossing over significant deaths this season. Scott stops to take Liam home causing most fans to aww but for me it slows the story. Mama McCall, however, tries to slow Stiles, whom I guess was concussed last episode although there's no physical sign of trauma. Not eve a bruise. Mama: "The doctor said you're not leaving without a CT scan." Stiles: "We still haven't paid for the last one." Sigh. She tries reason next. Meredith isn't talking yet so it's a standoff. Mama: "Even if I let you go, what would you do?" Stiles subsides but not before sending her on a scavenger hunt for a cassette player after they debate the difference between tapes and cassettes. For the record, tapes in Mama McCall and my generation usually means VCR tapes, thus the clarification. Stiles pulls out CrazyPants DoucheOrderly's cassette of Granny Banshee and methinks there's more to this whole thing. Or it's more filler. Take your pick.

At the police station, they also make zero progress so Kira, 2. Everyone else, 0. Lydia: "What did she say?" Sheriff: "Hard to tell. There were words. I'm not sure there were actual sentences." That's never a good sign. Sheriff: "I think we need a psychologist…or a medium." Lydia questions if Meredith is competent to answer. I question if Lydia has a concussion too. I agree with Sheriff. "This girl's practically a criminal mastermind." Oh I hope it's true Sheriff, since Meredith's the most intriguing character this season. She got Kate to open the vault, allied with CrazyPants, made a hit list, and arranged wire transfers. All from Eichen House. There has to be more than 2 players here. Lydia looks for motive, but Sheriff's more interested in stopping the money flow so no one else dies. As long as they continue teaming up Lydia and Sheriff, I'm good. Over at Deaton's, Scott and Kira share "missed you" kisses. MamaFox is better, so Kira's back to save the day. She brought the remains of Satomi's pack, who created a small army judging by the numbers. So where were they when Deucalion arrived? Together they'd have defeated him in no time and spared us Demon Wolf monologues and Derek torture. Alas this many people also means a high risk of discovery so time to move. Lydia's too busy sleeping at the precinct the morning Sheriff should have bullet removal surgery. Thought I forgot, didn't you Jeff? Sheriff isn't happy, but she won't budge without answers. Lydia: "Did they get anything out of her?" Sheriff: "Should have gone with the medium." Ha! CrazyPants' office is a bust too. Lydia wants to talk to Meredith but for once Sheriff says no, since she's a civilian and Meredith may be a criminal mastermind. Sadly he gives in and I wonder exactly how long it takes morphine to wear off. Is he still high? Lydia blames it all on CrazyPants while I scream at her not to trust Meredith, who's more fun evil. Meredith wants to help but will only talk to one person…Peter Hale. Suddenly my theory about Peter and an evil cabal rise from the cold, dead ashes of last week's arson for hire plot. If Peter's your go-to guy, you have to be evil.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Mama McCall pauses the scavenger hunt to bring Stiles….Malia. Good to see you before half the episode is over this time. They awkwardly recap last night's Benefactor horror stories before uncomfortable silence sets in. Malia is all matter of fact before heading out. Right until she finds the door locked. Hmmm. Is Mama McCall playing matchmaker all of a sudden? That's out of character. Malia: "I could break it." Stiles: "How about you not? Already owe this hospital enough money." Ha and oh how sad! Just when I thought things couldn't get more agonizing, Stiles takes a page from Allison's book and talks about Mama McCall but really means himself. Yes, it is as excruciating as it sounds. Suffice to say Stiles apologizes in such a roundabout manner a race track might be forming in that hospital room. Malia: "I don't have much practice in things like forgiveness. Some things I'm picking up fast, but other things are like…" Stiles: "Like math?" Malia: "I hate math." Stiles: "Do you hate me?" Malia: "I like you, Stiles. I like you a lot." Stiles: "Yeah, I can work with that." They mack too so we should get back to the story in 3, 2…what the heck? The hospital door opens by itself. Does season 5 revolve around the Ghost Shipper of Beacon Hills Memorial? I'm nixing that right now! Pour salt and burn the whole place to ash. Stiles leaves the hospital to track down the elusive cassette player in its natural habitat, his room. I give up on Beacon Hills teens. Malia and he listen to Granny confront CrazyPants about taping her and refusing to return to Eichen House since she knows he'll kill her. Malia and Stiles ponder where the tape takes place, but it's pretty obvious it’s the lake house if only to get their money's worth from that set. Finally Malia recognizes the record playing in the background. I guess that time with Lydia was fruitful. Granny was there when she predicted the dead pool list so maybe something there can stop it. Off to the lake house, they go.

Enter Argent kicking assassin butt. He finds a stash of weed…er, yellow wolfsbane(?), and glares at it before heading to the family factory where he stores the fancy flower in his safe. Yeah, that can't be good. Please don't be shady, Argent. I like you. He's startled midway by footprints in the dust and almost shoots Scott when a stray arrow comes his way. Maybe it's Allison's ghost because there's no explanation as to where it came from, just Scott playing interference with an irate Tall Prep Blond. Argent: "Scott if you're bringing guests, you could have called." Rude much, Scott. Satomi has past issues with Argent so it gets awkward once again. Scott intervenes but it's natural to be skittish when hunters are on your butt. Argent says they aren't hunters now that they are getting paid, but they probably are lying in wait to attack. So more good news then. Kira: "So we're not safe here." Satomi: "We're not safe anywhere." In Beacon Hills? Imagine that. Argent reminds Scott that he's the biggest dead pool target, but Scott has faith it will work out based on all those other plans that worked so well I'm sure. The pack prepares for a battle while Satomi's group trepidates. How did they survive without fighting skills of their own? Derek: "They've got claws and fangs but they're not fighters." Scott: "That's why I called you." Derek reminds Scott that he's pretty much human now, so Braden steps up as extra muscle. Kira: "Am I the only one still hoping this is all just a false alarm?" Oh Kira, stop talking and just yield a sword. It's better for everyone. Tall Prep Blond interrupts to be the voice of doom and gloom. You can die anytime now, sir. No new blonds. To counter the spirit of despair, Derek channels his inner Independence Day rallying cry. "Then let's send a message. Let's make tonight perfectly clear to anyone with a copy of that list. It doesn't matter if they're professional assassins, hunters, or an amateur who just picked up a gun. Anyone who thinks they can hunt and kill us for money is going to be put on another list, our list. They get to be a name on our dead pool." Derek, you are so much more awesome now that you're human. Can we keep you this way?

Back at the precinct, Peter is unimpressed by Meredith. Lydia reminds him that Meredith is a banshee, whatever that means, and I still hope she's a crazy smart villain. Peter not so much. "Oh I think that girl's pilot light went out a long time ago. Sheriff, not to question the unquestionably sterling reputation of your department, but are you absolutely sure you got the one?" Ha! I wouldn't take a Beacon Hills cop's word as gospel myself these days. Sheriff finds it less funny, so Peter starts the interrogation asking about his money. Peter, always with the priorities. Meredith just stares while dramatic music wails. She touches his face and I'm surprised Parrish/Peter doesn't stop her, but when Peter grabs Meredith's arm, Parrish jumps right in. Double standard much. As far as you know, Meredith is the Benefactor and far more dangerous than she appears. Still Peter isn't completely innocent because Meredith remarks on his burns being gone as an on-looking Lydia gasps. Peter goes on the offensive, calling Meredith out for putting his daughter and nephew on the list. It's very creepy to hear Peter call Malia his daughter. Let's not ever again. Meredith: "You said it had to be kept secret." Either Peter has been taking acting lessons from Mama McCall or he's genuinely confused. "Meredith, allow me to remind you yet again, we have never met. Ever." Meredith: "You don't remember?" Peter: "No, but maybe you do." He claws Meredith at the base of the neck and enters her memories. For some reason, I thought that only worked on werewolves but I guess not. They should have done that with some of the other supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills. Lydia races in and tells Sheriff and Parrish not to separate them or it could kill them both. Instead she leans in and interprets Meredith's rambling.

It all starts with Meredith's ears bleeding in the White Room, reminiscent to when she made Lydia's ears bleed at Eichen House. She's rushed to Beacon Hills Memorial, the oldest looking 11/14/16 year old ever. (The paperwork says she was born in 1998 but entered the hospital on 12/10/09. Even if the year is written first she'd be 14, when it clearly says she's 16. Makes no sense. She's also diagnosed with acute insomnia. I'd have gone with stroke.) Because even then the hospital couldn't afford private rooms, Meredith lies beside Peter, who is 38. (Again say what? In Visionary he's no more than a few years older than Derek, making Derek a very well-preserved 35 year old. At least the doctor confirms Peter'd be dead if not a werewolf.) Then Lydia says they were in the hospital together right after the fire, confirming Teen Wolf currently takes place in 2016 since the fire was 7 years ago. Oh forget it. Absolutely nothing makes sense in this episode, especially the timeline. Lydia: "Meredith could hear him." Sheriff: "Hear what?" Lydia: "Everything." Poor girl. Trapped in Peter's mind? No wonder she went insane. Meredith listened to Peter's unconscious rantings for weeks, as his stream of consciousness raving went straight into her brain and let's just say Peter was not in a good place. He blamed Talia for the fire because he felt she made them weak. "And what happens to the weakest in the herd? They get picked off by predators. We used to be the apex predators until Talia turned us into sheep." He wanted revenge and unconsciously created the dead pool plan, complete with hiring assassins with his bearer bonds. "I will obliterate the weak and remake the supernatural of Beacon Hills in my image." It's terrifying. He even goes so far as to suggest assassins, like Malia's mom, and then branching out to amateurs. "When it comes down to it, everyone can be corrupted by money." Just spit balling here but I bet Malia's mom is coming back since they keep mentioning her and Stiles is definitely taking Blond Assassin's blood money to pay bills.

Peter releases Meredith, falling to the ground himself while Parrish catches Meredith. For reasons I don't get, Sheriff pulls a gun on him. Peter: "Are you kidding me?" I second that. You can blame Peter for a lot of things but this isn't one of them. If it's true, it not only sucks out loud but it's as anticlimactic as it gets. A crazy person heard another crazy person's thoughts and did crazy things. Hmm, glad no one wasted too much time thinking up this plot. No wonder logic moved to greener pastures. Lydia: "It was your idea and you don't even remember." I'd forget too, though it's the only plan on Teen Wolf that actually worked. Go figure. They continue blaming him, but Peter's the only one making sense. "How the hell was I supposed to remember any of that?" Agreed until he says, "She was listening to the ranting and raving of a lunatic…a former lunatic. I'm much healthier now." Bwah! Um Peter, you still put the cray in crazy. Don't push it. He continues to plead his case, scoffing at the idea that he'd steal his own money. Valid point, but Sheriff is obviously still hopped up on "we postponed your bullet removal surgery" meds and isn't thinking straight. It's up to Lydia to figure things out. She decides Meredith wants 3 dead pool listers in the same room with Peter so he can kill them all and fulfill his raving. Peter: "Lydia's right. We don't want to kill each other." Sheriff: "The only person I'm pointing a gun at is you." Peter: "Then you better make it a perfect shot, Sheriff, because I don't go down easy." Sheriff: "Well I'm willing to bet that a bullet between the eyes doesn't heal real fast, not even for your kind." Whatever Sheriff's on, flush it because rational thinking left awhile ago. Lydia agrees and tells him to stand down. Peter: "This department is getting more corrupt by the second. What are you going to charge me with, Sheriff?" Ha! Good point. Finally Sheriff lowers the gun after more coaxing by Lydia. Peter walks out once Sheriff finishes spewing empty threats his way. Meredith however is completely unhinged by this turn of events, screaming that it isn't finished yet.

In the White Room, Stiles is equally upset as the record player isn't enlightening to non-banshees either. "Come on. There's plenty other things we can be totally useless doing." Ha! He turns it off but Malia still hears sound. No idea why she didn't hear it when they were with Lydia, but whatever. Stiles notices a wire in the wall and yanks the cord through the dry wall. (Mission accomplished - the lake house will live to be a teen rave again as buyers flee the damage.) He and Malia remove the drywall to reveal…a 70's computer. Face palm doesn't do it justice. Guess they built them better back in then; mine become obsolete and stop running after a few years of constant use. Perhaps Science Mom must sell the place because she can't afford the constant electricity bill anymore. Malia's solution is to punch it and to be honest that usually works for her. Sadly Stiles says no because they need to shut it off to ensure the dead pool list is over. That makes zero sense. It's on a trillion pieces of printer paper. No putting that genie back in its bottle. He proposes another cipher key to shut it down, but Malia suggests a real key. Time for Lydia's help. Stiles shows her Granny's room size machines via phone but Lydia's stymied since it has no monitor. Good thing she sees the carpet. Yes, the carpet. Sigh. There's no wine stain anymore. I give Mason a mental high 5 for making good on his promise, but Lydia freaks. Stiles is baffled as well. "What does wine have to do with anything?" Lydia: "Red wine doesn't just disappear." Um, neither does any red liquid on white carpet, not without major effort. Cleaning nightmare in 2 words - Hawaiian Punch. Lydia: "The ashes weren't ashes. The study isn't a study. The record player isn't a record player. So maybe the wine wasn't wine." Say what? And shouldn't you have noticed the missing stain the last time you were there. At least we now know Lydia had the $500 she gave CrazyPants to hire cleaners. Glad she doesn't regularly carry that much cash on her. She sends Stiles on a wine scavenger hunt, which is far less fun than it sounds.

Meanwhile at Camp Argent, everything's muted with a tornado-green tinted filter. No idea why. Argent and Satomi talk away from the others and he asks about the pack motto - the sun, the moon, the truth - which Satomi says helps them stay in control. "The truth for me is that we, my kind, are violent creatures, who eventually will not be able to control our violent impulses. The mantra helps us subdue our nature." Argent: "But you're still violent creatures." Satomi: "Aren't we all?" Another reference that Scott will kill this season? No time to ponder because the assassins are here and it's time for ACTION. Yippee! I missed you, old friend. A heavily armed SWAT team enters, throwing smoke bombs and shooting assault weapons. Game on. Argent takes first line as Derek comes out shooting too. Kira goes ninja warrior on some plastic sheeting while Scott plays ring-around-the-rosie with claws. It's all a lot more kick butt than that sounds - what with the strobe lighting and gunfire and banging. Best yet are the pairings as Derek and Braeden take out bad guys back-to-back, and Satomi and Argent clear out another section together. A bullet-strewn Scott tells Tall Prep Blond to get his pack to safety and then goes back in the fray to find Kira. Since no one dies on either side, it's a standoff. Luckily Stiles wins the wine scavenger hunt and asks Malia for a "wine opener". Oh Stiles. Since Malia's the only one common sense has left, she slams the bottle down. Stiles is lucky he doesn't damage his hand and end up in the hospital again as he casually puts his entire palm in broken glass to retrieve the key hidden in it. By the way I question Blond Assassin's intelligence, since he drank a bottle of wine with something rattling in it. (FYI - At this point my eyes officially go on strike and refuse to roll anymore, protesting this episode as cruel and unusual punishment.)

As music swells, Stiles dramatically turns the key and...psych - it's back to Camp Argent. New Dumb Blonde actually proves to be less brainy than Blonde Idiot, when she calls Tall Prep Blond's name in the middle of the SWAT Assassin strike. Way to get lost from the group and then let all the bad guys know exactly where you are, honey. Face Palm becomes Head Desk over and over again. Just die already. Alas Scott is a hero and slams into SWAT Assassin, wailing on him over and over again. Yikes! Scott isn't playing. With each claw swipe his werewolf face looks more and more like Deucalion, an alpha monster of nightmare level. Just as he's about to deliver a death blow, he stops. Blood pours from the assassin's mouth as he obviously pleads for his life, but it's the sound of a text message that turns Scott back to his normal werewolf self. In the middle of all this intense action that makes me laugh. (Shakes head and in Stiles' voice says, "Kids.") The SWAT assassins stop firing and withdraw, leaving their buddy behind. Classy. Scott picks up Left Behind's phone and shows him the text. "The Benefactor: all contracts terminated." Um, huh? Back to Stiles and Malia for clarification as the 70's computer stops running. Are you telling me it is compatible with the latest smart phones? Say what? Oh, I give up. I'm calling Granny 2000 the Benefactor and leaving it at that. Malia and Stiles exchange, "What the heck?" looks while Scott gives the warehouse serious side eye. They don't get it either. Luckily Kira funnels everyone's frustration at her. "Is it over? Really over?" Oh for the love of….Kira, sword out and mouth shut is really the best look on you. Even Scott is dumbfounded that you've been in Beacon Hills for months now and you really think things are good.

I, in turn, am dumbfounded that everyone treats Meredith like a little lost puppy. She hired people to commit mass murder. What about that says time to trust her? Why do they even take her story at face value? I hope she's brilliant and screwing them all over. If they drop their guard like this, they deserve it. Lydia asks why Meredith added her own name to the dead pool and she says she heard Lydia scream for Allison when she died. (Love how they keep honoring her.) Meredith: "That's why I knew it was the right time to start over." Lydia: "But with Peter?" Good point. Meredith: "He's the alpha. He's always been the alpha. He'll make it right. It never was with us. Too many people died because of us. We're the monsters, even banshees, even me." I may hate this story twist but the acting here is topnotch. All kudos to Maya Eshet. Lydia: "I don't believe that. Not all monsters do monstrous things." Meredith isn't ready to believe until Lydia mentions Scott. That resonates because Meredith says Lydia is good too and finally breaks down over her role in MASS MURDER!!! I refuse to excuse this like every single person in this precinct. I'd rather have Peter. Just not in Kate's sewer. I get money woes, but really there are plenty of abandoned buildings in Beacon Hills. Kate calls Peter out for sulking and Peter admits he's rattled. Hmm, that is a shock. The admission, that is. Kate reminds him everything is still on schedule. "Maybe every little piece of your game didn't move just as predicted but they still moved perfectly into place." She accuses him of wanting to bail on the plan, but Peter counters: "Not when I'm this close. Not when I'm this close to killing Scott McCall." There you go, folks - the infamous Teen Wolf cliffhanger. Peter wants to kill Scott and the entire fandom goes, "Yeah, so what's new?"

Oh this episode! How do I explain this episode? The entire writing staff got high on yellow wolfsbane and viola season 4 was born? No? Then I've got nothing. As in nothing in this entire episode makes a lick of sense. Printing a list of timeline issues, logic fails, unanswered questions, common sense problems, out of character moments, and generally all out bizarre story structure would make the Benefactor look like the biggest eco-reforming psychopath on the planet. Who exactly is the Benefactor now anyway? CrazyPants, Meredith, Comatose Peter, the computer….I've lost track. Since I have genuinely no clue what happened here, I'm filling this review paragraph with my general theories and grandest wishes. The biggest wish being that our hapless hero trio (Scott, Stiles, and Allison) wake up to find this entire season was a nightmare aftereffect of the nematon. Hey, it could happen. Just saying that an entire season retcon is fine by me, and I usually hate even small ones. Anyway, here's my last two episode predictions:

1. Scott will kill someone to save someone, probably Liam.
2. Peter will be revealed to the pack as evil.
3. Someone's life will hang by the balance.
4. The Benefactor stuff isn't really over. The real cliffhanger is yet to fall.
5. We will see Malia's mom.
6. Someone on Team Parent will be awesome, probably Mama McCall. (Yeah, I know that's a given.)

My hopes are different:

1. Meredith really is evil and provides the real cliffhanger of the season.
2. Peter lives to be the Big Bad in the final season.
3. Kate and Gerard Argent die…for real…forever this time. (This is a longstanding wish list item.)
4. All new freshman and all new blondes get shipped off to Tall Prep Blond's school, even Liam. Yeah I know he got kicked out but hey, second chances.
5. Scott does not have his own DarkStiles theme. It never works when the moral center goes askew.
6. Instead of Kira's Hem Haw Disease, Malia's common sense will rub off on the writers, erhm other characters.
7. All money woes end as suddenly as they began. In fact, don't even explain how the bills got taken care of. Just make them go away.
8. The season finale feel good scene (you know they always have one) does NOT take place at a rave.
9. Someone actually admits that nothing about the Benefactor made sense and they all just shrug and look forward to next season's baddie. If you're going to screw me over like this, I want some meta to chew on.
10. NO ONE IN THE PACK DIES!!!! Unless it's Liam.

Grade: D

Best Scene - Comatose Peter rants to Loony Meredith, who puts his crazy plan into action

Best Quote - Peter: "Sheriff, not to question the unquestionably sterling reputation of your department, but are you absolutely sure you got the one?"

Best Acting - tie - Meredith / Peter

Best Reason to Watch - ACTION!!!

Most Anticlimactic - Peter wants to kill Scott...still

MVP - non-wine non-stains

Most Improved - Kira

Best Character Interaction - Argent and Satomi

Biggest Mind Screw - tossup between every single thing that happens in this episode, but especially the wacky timeline and computer issues

Biggest Saving Grace - great pairings (Sheriff/Lydia, Satomi/Argent, Mama McCall/Stiles, etc.)

Most in Need of Ending - this whole storyline and the green-tint filter

Screencaps by EW, Geekiary, Teen Wolf Wikia, SpoilerTV, Le Noir Auteur, Parole Pelate, Beacon Hills Pack, and me.

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