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Supernatural - 8.20 - Pac Man Fever - Podcast

Hey there all you wayward sons and daughters! The Team Winchester Podcast is back with food
for thought on a brand spanking new episode of Supernatural. Up for discussion this week? Episode 8.20: Pac Man Fever. As promised, this episode is super duper and complete because Lilith managed to wrangle Dahne back into the fold (you don't even want to know the copious amounts of bribes it took).The gals are happy, perky and upbeat and gave the episode high marks all around but of course it is served up in typical fashion which is a blend of appreciative fan and honest critic. Enjoy and don't forget to let us know what you think, we have one more Listener Feedback episode coming up, so speak up and be heard.


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Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
Contact Info - 3:55
Basics and Discussion Points - 5:25
Nitpicks - 9:15
WTH - 15:10
Favorite Things - 22:10
Least Favorite - 39:25
Music / Trivia - 54:25
Grade and Review - 60:30
Wrap Up - 61:30

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Supernatural - 8.20 - Pac Man Fever - Quotes

Supernatural is back from hiatus so that means we are back to highlighting the best quotes. This episode had a lot of quotables and to my surprise, many of my favorite lines came from the more emotional side. Generally I am all about the snarky lines and there were plenty of those too. I ended up liking this episode more than almost every episode so far this season because it had heart, laughs, and most importantly the Winchesters finally got a win. Woo hoo! Don't forget to hit the comments to share your favorites. We also have the next nomination forms up for season 5. We will finish season 5 next week and all nominations for season 5 will close in 2 weeks. Below is an overall nomination form for all of season 5 if you missed an episode. The contest will start as soon as we have nominations in for all episodes and I can organize the thousands of nominations we have received. Between the hiatus and when the contest starts, we will be doing writer polls and probably some character quote articles. Also don't forget to do your Supernatural rankings as we should start those articles sometime after the quotes contest ends.

Season 5 nominations

Words to Live By:

Charlie: "If it's any consolation, having read your history, there is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can't
do if they work together."

-If only the writers and Jeremy Carver took their own advice. How awesome would these trials be if both brothers were able to participate in them? How much grief could have been spared if they had just said Sam looked for Dean but was stymied at every turn? How much more fun would the season be if the Winchesters got to be the heroes of their own story instead of being pretty wallpaper while the 3rd extra from the left got the win? Oh what season 8 could have been. What a letdown it has been!

Funny/Snarky quotes:

 12. Charlie: "I'm a wee bit obsessive…if a wee bit means completely."
11. Charlie: "I will pick us up some grub and unlike you Sam, I will not forget the pie."
10. Charlie: "So about that childhood trauma you experienced earlier…"
9. Charlie: "I hate that thing but I want one."
8. Dean: "You want to tell me what happened back their Boo Radley?" Charlie: "I'm sorry. I froze. I couldn't Control-Alt-Delete my way out. Real life role playing is hard."
7. Charlie: "Is he leaving? He's leaving." Sam: "That's alright. I stole your car. I think I know where he's going. Come on." Charlie: "Cool. Wait….you stole my car?"
6. Dean: "Come on man. Don't quote me to me."
5. Dean: "Okay, alright I'm going to need to go to sleep fast so uh, punch me. Look man I know you don't want to okay…" (Sam punches Dean but not out.) Sam: "Ohw, ow." Dean: "Well you're a little off your game there cause that was…that was pretty…" (Sam punches Dean again, this time out.)
4. Charlie: "That's my boys. I love you." Dean: "I know."
3. Charlie: "So the boys say they saw something on his arm before it covered them in years of future therapy. Said it looked like a blue handprint."
2. Dean: "That's why we don't have nice things Sam."
1. Dean: "Man I'm telling you, give me 5 minutes with some clippers and…" Sam: "Ah shut up."

Story-moving quotes:

10. Charlie: "This isn't my happy place. This is a recurring nightmare of mine."
9. Dean: "She seem a little off to you?" Sam: "Since the second she got here."
8. Charlie: "Maybe you should go first this time?" Dean: "Uh huh, back on the horse kiddo."
7. Dean: "One way to find out." Sam: "What are you doing?" Dean: "When I called you from her phone, I turned on her GPS."
6. Dean: "This poison, it's designed to put your mind into an endless cycle while your insides turn to mush okay….and its fuel is fear. Now call me crazy but I think the only way to break this cycle is to let go of the fear and stop playing the game." Charlie: "You don't know that."
5. Sam: "It's from Charlie. 'In the neighborhood. Found you guys a case.' Found us a case?" Dean: "In the neighborhood? How the hell she know where we are?"
4. Charlie: 'You know you're going to be okay right? Those books portray you as like…one tough customer. If anyone can get through the trials Sam, it's you." Sam: "Thanks. You know you really should come back and dig through our archives. You are definitely a woman of letters." Charlie: "I like the sound of that."
3. Dean: "Djinn usually send you to your uh….your happy place. Now no judgment but you've got a really strange sense of happy kiddo."
2. Sam: "Huh this place must be in some kind of like Bermuda Triangle." Dean: "Wait. Are you saying we can make and receive phone calls from here and nobody can track us? Man I love this place."
1. Sam: "Okay look you were right. I…I should have laid low. I…I know I should have hung back. I'm glad I was able…." (Dean hugs Sam.) Dean: "What do you say we find our prophet?"

Emotional quotes:

6. Dean: "Sam?" Charlie: "Is this my nightmare or yours?"
5. Charlie: "Must be nice having a brother, having someone to always watch your back."
4. Dean: "You've got one hell of a daughter Mrs. Middleton. I promise you I will find her."
3. Charlie: "Going to go back to the hospital. Gotta let go right. What about you? You going to let it go?" Dean: "Never." Charlie: "That's my boys."
2. Dean: "I know that your fear is creating all of this but you're not afraid of those super solider vamps out there. You're not afraid of this game and you're not afraid of what it did to you. Hey, look at me. You're afraid of losing her. Charlie she's already gone."
1. Charlie: "I just want to tell her that I'm sorry and I love her and just have her hear it again. I just need her to hear that one more time but she can't. She…she can't." Dean: "I know. Believe me I know but you've got to let it go. Game over kiddo."

Quote Awards:

The "Words That Should be Banned from Winchester Lexicon" Award - "I'm fine."

Dean: "You okay?" Sam: "Yeah, yeah I'm fine."
Sam: "I'm fine. Dean I can still go out there. I can still hunt." Dean and me: "Really?"

-Anytime the Winchesters say they are fine, you know something bad is happening. It's their favorite lie - dad and sons. Unfortunately it's been their go-to lie since season 1. Time to retire it. If they really wanted to make the Winchesters mature, they would never utter this phrase again.

The "No Kidding Sister" Award -

Charlie: "That never happened in the books."

-You tell them Charlie. For the majority of 6 years the Winchesters have been both smart and capable. Now they can't do anything right. Secondary characters have to save the day. They need to be spoon-fed answers. Perhaps because they forgot the canon that presumably is in those dreaded books.

The "Are You Kidding? Sam would Never Say That" Award -

Sam: "Anyway that's our skinny."

-I did a second take when I heard this the first time. While this may or may not have been okay dialogue in Bitten, there is no way Sam would ever say this. I think someone's teenage years are showing and they are not Sam's .

The "Signature Line that Just Needs to Go Away" Award -

Charlie: "What's up b**?"

-Most recurring characters on Supernatural have a catch phrase. Charlie needs to change hers.

The "Worst Filler of All Fillers Summed Up in One Word" Award -

Charlie: "Montage."

-Dean watches some lady clothes shop. Really? Really? And this makes it to scene? Who the heck is editing these episodes? Talk about the biggest filler of all filler. Did Robbie Thompson not have enough material to make a 42 minute episode? Pointless, stupid, and a waste of my time. For the first time in my entire life, I turned off a Supernatural episode. I rewatched Arrow instead. Apparently the Winchesters are no longer interesting enough to watch for 42 minutes. We have to have a Charlie montage complete with her theme song instead. Bah!

The "Nooooo! We Promised to Never Mention that Travesty Again" Award -

Charlie: "I also found these series of books by Carver Edlund. Did those books really happen? Wow! That is some meta madness."

-Okay Jeremy, if you are going to completely screw over canon then it ought to work both ways. You are banned from bringing up the drek if you murder the good stuff.

Screencaps by Home of the Nutty - Woo hoo, they are back in business! I missed them!

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Poll: Favorite Scene from Grimm - 2.18 - Volcanalis

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Supernatural - Late Night Rant - Drinking Your Way Through the Last 3 Episodes (or How to Awaken in a Hospital Room 3 Days Later with Liver Failure)

The sneak peak thread on SpoilerTV turned into one hot mess this week, to quote Lilith, but I saw it mostly as a release for frustrated Supernatural fans. Let's just agree that this season of SPN has been divisive at a minimum. For me, shocking waste of time is more accurate. Out of the thread came the idea of drinking our misery away with a drinking game. Now usually Lilith is the drinking gamer of the partnership since I haven't had alcohol in over a decade. This time I needed to jump in because my frustration is at an all-time high so if you can't change anything, you might as well get blotto and forget it ever occurred. Well not really but you know my sentiment. Below is my all-out, written in the wee hours of the morning when I should have been asleep, rant. It sums up my ire. It is majorly complaint-filled. It's probably not an interesting read but it flowed so quickly out of my bile that I needed to post it to purge it. Feel free to ignore, especially if you are happy with season 8. And if you are, then I am jealous and I hope Supernatural lives on for several more seasons so you can continue to enjoy it.

Speaking of ire, Google has decided to forget its secret plans to rule the world and officially announce their dictatorship so I can no longer get Disqus comment boxes on my posts. This will assuredly inspire another middle of the night rant but I am too tired to do it now. Plus I have to babysit in 4 hours. Therefore if you would like to vent your own frustrations or create your own rant against my negativity I can be reached on Twitter @dahne1 or by e-mail at If there is a lot of response I will probably compile the feedback and write a follow-up article. Until then, may you approach the final 3 episodes of season 8 in whichever manner gets you through.


I am taking this entire thread as a fun, snarky salute to frustrated Supernatural fans. Therefore I do NOT drink to brother wars but I most definitely drink to the utter suckage that Jeremy Carver has made out of this season. I drink to the wildly out of character Sam who didn't look for Dean because Jeremy said so. In my head canon, Sam has turned into a Naomi controlled robot and spouts utter nonsense that inside he is raging am I. I also drink to Sam becoming Sam again because this Sam is not as much fun as RoboSam was and I miss RealSammy from earlier seasons. I need Real Sam back. Now!

I drink to the wrecking ball that decimated canon so much that I no longer recognize the show. What exactly is this story about these days? Who are the heroes? Only copious amounts of alcohol can make this mess coherent. Flo the continuity fairy has now relocated to Argentina and is looking for an angel to memory wipe her former association with SPN. I am assured that before undergoing the process, she will let me know where I can get the procedure done too. I also drink to making up canon on the spot and then declaring it was there all the time. Bonus points for having every character who has ever been in the show remind us ad naseum that this is indeed canon as if saying it over and over again will somehow make it true and make us forget 7 years of Supernatural that came before this fiasco.

I drink to the ever increasing boredom I get from watching these standalone episodes. I used to look forward to them because some of my favorite episodes were standalones. Now I barely remember them 2 days after watching and considering I have to rewatch them to do the podcast, etc. that is sad. Of course some like Portia the dog lady do stick out but only because the world's supply of brain bleach has dwindled to where I can no longer afford to down it.

I drink to the pacing issues which have seen this season even worse than previous ones. Let's face it. Supernatural was never good at pacing out mytharc even in the Kripke years. Still for ALL the flack Sera got, Jeremy Carver is no better. In fact, for me he's worse but that may just be because Sera's standalones were a whole lot better.

I drink to Jeremy Carver and the writers purposely antagonizing the fandom. No, it isn't an accident anymore. I drink to him purposely baiting fans. I drink to him saying that he doesn't care what we think. I drink to him not being able to admit he made a mistake and then fixing it. I drink to his self-created dictionary that changed the word "mature" into something unrecognizable in the English language. Mostly though, I drink to him going back to his Becoming Human job or getting another one.

I drink to the writers who apparently have not seen any episode they didn't write...if they even saw those. I drink to the rollercoaster of inconsistency in the characters. I drink to the never ending brother rift that was ABSOLUTELY pointless. I drink to the transparent plots in most episodes. I drink to utter filler material in others. I know, I will drink to the tune of Walking on Sunshine to get in the mood. Perhaps I'll even recap what I was drinking 3 seconds after drinking it. That will be fun. More importantly, I drink to their wallets because surely they got paid extra for bringing back their pet characters or at least mentioning them EVERY SINGLE time they got paid to write an episode.

I drink to the secondary characters. After all, they are the only people to have interesting story lines this year. Let's drink to 3 college/high school kids and the great siesta Jensen and Jared got. They needed their rest anyway. I drink to high schoolers who are better at hunting than Dean and Sam and can hit high pitched squeals of indignation to boot. Talent like that shouldn't be wasted. Let's drink to the Bobby replacement who only got more annoying as each episode continued and then was mentioned in almost every episode after hiatus. Let's drink to all the secondary characters who saved the day. I think the brothers got the unqualified win maybe 3-5 times this entire season so they had to do a lot of heavy lifting. Why pretend the show is about two hero brothers fighting the good fight when we can make some random character we will hopefully never see again do the job? And hey, since the idea is to be comatose before the episode ends, I drink to the dog lady. I didn't think Lucky the dog boy could get worse. Season 8....taking things to whole new lows. At least they succeeded in something.

I drink to Taxi Driver. It is the epitome of everything that is wrong with season 8. I drink to clueless writers, bad throw in the kitchen sink pacing, unlikeable characters, and the shattering of everything that happened in the first 7 seasons of Supernatural. I know the exact moment in season 1, episode 3 that I fell in love with Supernatural, when it became my obsession. I drink to the fact that I know the exact moment when my love for Supernatural was strangled to death. Season 8, episode 19. Thanks a lot Jeremy and writers. I never thought it could happen.

And finally, I drink to me. I drink to the copious hours a week I have devoted to Supernatural. I drink to the voting, the poll making, the blogging, the recapping, the podcasting, and of course the promoting. I drink to all the money I have spent on Supernatural. All the time and energy. I drink to the utter lack of satisfaction I have gotten out of it this year and the feeling that hundreds of hours this season were wasted in the hopes that things will be better. I drink to my frustration, my grief, my disdain, and my anger at the powers that be. I drink to all the things that have been thrown at my TV screen this season. I drink to my status as a now fallen cheerleader and the memories this season has poisoned.

I drink to forget that this season ever happened. I drink to the hope that my joy and love of Supernatural can be regained through time and selective memory. I drink to a huge part of my life being salted and burned. It's an Irish wake to the once great Supernatural and my love for it. Time to party through the pain!


We now join our regularly scheduled life in progress.  Have a great day!

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Poll: Favorite Scene from Arrow - 1.20 - Home Invasion

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Season 5 Nominations for Supernatural Quotes Contest

Season 5 Nomination Forms:

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Supernatural - 5.16 - Dark Side of the Moon - Quotes

This is one of my least favorite episodes. It is far too soul-crushingly depressing and may be the only time outside of season 4 and a small part of season 8 that I didn't like Sam. It's not even his fault this time and I still feel irritated at him through most of the episode. It's the big sister in me. This is also the turning point when I hated Zachariah with a burning passion more than I hated Ruby in seasons 3 and 4. No one should get to use a dead mother against you. Now that I think about it I didn't care for Joshua either. This episode is so far down the cave of despair that everyone annoys me and everything hurts. Good thing there is some snark and a few good quotes to get me through it.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Dean: " …spending eternity trapped in your own little universe while the angels run the show. That…that's lonely. You know, that's…that's not nirvana. That's…the Matrix."
7. Dean: "Heaven? How did I get to heaven?"
6. Ash: "Uh gentlemen, I don't mean to be a downer or anything but uh…I'm sure I'll see you again soon." Dean: "Well keep a sixer on ice for us."
5. Sam: "What are you doing?" Dean: "What's it look like?" Sam: "Like you've lost your mind."
4. Dean: "I'm dead." Cas: "Condolences."
3. Zachariah: "Wow, running from angels…on foot…in heaven. With out of the box thinking like that I'm surprised you boys haven't stopped the Apocalypse already."
2. Cas: "Don't go into the light." Dean: "Okay thanks Carol Anne. What was it?"
1. Sam: "That…was the road?" Dean: "I guess. A bit trippy right?" Sam: "Yeah. More trippy - um, apparently you wuv hugs."

Story-moving quotes:

15. Zach: "Guys, what's the problem? I just want to send you back to earth. That's all. I mean that is after I tear you a cosmos of new ones. You're on my turf now boys. And by the time I'm through with you, you're going to be begging to say yes."
14. Sam: "Okay how are we in heaven?" Dean: "All that clean living I guess." Sam: "No, no. Um, okay. You I get sure, but me? Maybe you haven't noticed but um I've done a few things." Dean: "You thought you were doing the right thing." Sam: "Well last I checked it wasn't the road to heaven that was paved with good intentions."
13. Dean: "My God the Roadhouse. It even smells the same." Ash: "Bud, blood, and beer nuts. It's the best smell in the world. How about a cold one? Up here, no hangover."
12. Pamela: "I know that Michael wants to take you out for a test drive." Dean: "Pamela…" Pamela: "Just saying, what happens if you play ball with him? Worse case?" Dean: "A lot of people die." Pamela: "And then they come here. That really so bad? Look, maybe you don't have to fight it so hard. That's all I'm trying to say."
11. Zach: "In heaven I have six wings and four faces, one of which is a lion. You see this because you're…limited."
10. Dean: "Yeah but you know this place feels real but it's Memorex. Real is down there." Pamela: "Yeah well, close enough. Look Dean I'm happy. I'm at peace."
9. Cas: "Maybe…maybe Joshua was lying." Sam: "I don't think he was Cas. I'm sorry." Cas: "You SoB. I believed in…" (Cas turns around.) Cas: "I don’t need this anymore." (He tosses the amulet to Dean.) Cas: "It's worthless."
8. Pamela: "So." (Pamela Gibbs-slaps Dean.) Pamela: "That's for getting me killed." Dean: "Yeah, well that's probably less than I deserve. If it makes you feel any better we got Ash killed too." Ash: "I'm cool with it." Dean: "He's cool with it."
7. Ash: "Mmmm hmm. Yeah see you guys - Winchesterland. Ashland. A whole mess of everybody else lands. Put them all together, heaven. Right? At the center of it all is the Magic Kingdom, the garden." Dean: "So everybody gets a little slice of paradise."
6. Cas: "Please, I just need you to follow the road." Sam: "What road?" Cas: "It's called the Axis Mundi. It’s a path that runs through heaven. Different people see it as different things. For you it's 2-lane asphalt. The road will lead you to the garden. You will find Joshua there and Joshua can take us to God. The garden. Please. Hurry."
5. Sam: "How do we know that you're telling the truth?" Joshua: "You think that I would lie?" Sam: "It's just you're not exactly the first angel we've met."
4. Sam: "You're…you think the road is in a closet?" Dean: "We're in heaven Sam. Okay our memories are coming true. Cas is on TV. Finding a road in a closet would be pretty much the most normal thing to happen to us today."
3. Ash: "This ain't the first time you've been here. I mean you boys die more than anyone I've ever met." Dean: "Really." Ash: "Uh yeah, you don't remember. God angels. Must have Windexed your brains."
2. Sam: "You know when you bite dust, they say your life flashes before your eyes." Dean: "Your point?" Sam: "This house, it's one of my memories." Dean: "When I woke up, I woke up in one of my memories. The 4th of July that we burned down that field." Sam: "Huh. Well maybe that's what heaven is, a…a place where you relive your greatest hits."
1. Cas: "You need to find an angel. His name is Joshua." Dean: "Hey man, no offense but we are kind of a** full of angels okay. You find him."

Emotional quotes:

12. Sam: "You alright?" Dean: "Define alright."
11. Mary: "The worst was the smell. The pain well…what can you say about your skin bubbling off? But the smell was so…you know for a second I thought I left a pot roast burning in the oven, but it was my meat. And then finally I was dead. The one silver lining is that at least I was away from you. Hhh. Everybody leaves you Dean. You noticed. Mommy, daddy, even Sam. Ever ask yourself why? Maybe it's not them. Maybe it's you."
10. Sam: "I just never realized how long you've been cleaning up dad's messes."
9. Dean: "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This. This is the night you ditched us for Stanford isn't it? This is your idea of heaven? Wow. This is like one of the worst nights of my life." Sam: "I can't control this stuff." Dean: "Seriously. I mean this is a happy memory for you?" Sam: "I don't know. I mean…I…I was on my own. I finally got away from dad." Dean: "Yeah, he wasn't the only one you got away from."
8. Roy: "Killing Sam was right but Dean?" Walt: "He made us and we just snuffed his brother you idiot. You want to spend the rest of your life knowing Dean Winchester's on your a** because I don't. Shoot him." Dean: "Go ahead Roy, do it but I'm going to warn you. When I come back, I'm going to be p**."
7. Dean: "I remember this. It was 4th of July, 1996." WeeSam: "Dad would never let us do anything like this. Thanks Dean. This is great."
6. Sam: "No I uh…uh, just surprised you do. I mean last I checked you wanted to break God's nose. Now you think he can help?" Dean: "He's the only one who can. I mean come on Sam. We are royally boned so prayer? The last hope of a desperate man."
5. Zach: "I had respect…and then they assigned me you. Now look at me. I can't close the deal on a couple of pathetic flannel-wearing maggots? Everybody's laughing at me and they're right to do it. So, say yes. Don't say yes. I'm still going to take it out of your a**. It's personal now boys and the last person in the history of creation you want as your enemy is me and I'll tell you why. Lucifer may be strong but I'm petty."
4. Dean: "This is a good memory for you?" Sam: "Yeah I mean I was on my own for 2 weeks. I lived off of Funyons and Mr. Pibb." Dean: "Wow." Sam: "What?" Dean: "Well you don't remember do you? You ran away on my watch. I looked everywhere for you. I thought you were dead and when dad came home…" Sam: "Dean look I…I'm sorry. I…I never thought about it like that."
3. Dean: "I remember this. Mom and dad were fighting and then he moved out for a couple days." Sam: "Dad always said they had the perfect marriage." Dean: "It wasn't perfect until after she died."
2. Dean: "Well forget it. Just another deadbeat dad with a bunch of excuses right. Well I'm used to that. I'll muddle through." Joshua: "Accept you don't know if you can this time. You can't kill the devil and you're losing faith in yourself, in your brother, and now this. God was your last hope."
1. Dean: "Come on. Your heaven is somebody else's Thanksgiving. Okay, it's bailing on your family. I mean what do you want me to say?" Sam: "Look man, I never got the crusts cut off my PB & J. I…I…I just don't look at family the way you do." Dean: "Yeah but I'm your family." Sam: "I know…" Dean: "I mean we're supposed to be a team. It's supposed to be you and me against the world, right?" Sam: "Dean, it is." Dean: "Is it?"

Quote Awards

"Shut Up Sam" Award - Dean: "I guess this is not your memory Sam. Sorry." Sam: "Dean uh, we should go. Keep looking for the road." Dean: "I know. Just…just give me a minute okay." Sam: "Dean…" Dean: "Sam, please one minute."

"I Think I Just Threw Up" Award - Zach: "You know I could say the same thing about you Sam but I have actually grown quite fond of your mother or at least the blessed memory of her." (Zach kisses Mary's neck. Dean grimaces.) Zach: "I think we're going to be logging a lot of quality time together. I've discovered she's quite the MILF."

"So That Explains the Pie" Award - Dean: "It's okay mom. Dad still loves you. I love you too. I'll never leave you." Mary: "You are my little angel. How about some pie, okay?"

"Yeah It's Not a Quote but It Still Ripped My Heart Out" Award - Dean lifts his bag to go out. At the door, he drops the amulet in the trash can and walks out. Sam sighs heavily.

Screencaps by Dahne

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