Friday, July 18, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 1F

Congratulations to Vincent Keller, Sheldon Cooper, Inchabod Crane, and Olivia Dunham for moving on to round 2. It was a pretty easy day for the winners with the closest contest winning with 55% of the vote. Today's votes should be very interesting, since two of them are a tossup for me as far as predicitons go. How are your predictions faring? Have there been any big surprises for you? Thanks for keeping the conversation going. If you are suddenly having trouble posting, try verifying your Disqus account. Until tomorrow, happy voting!

Contest Results so far

Polls close - Saturday around 4:30 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Yesterday saw a lot of 100% predictions and I'm happy to finally be included on that list. Congratulations to Sharon Seymour, Rob F., It Depends on What Fails, Janna, and Famous 4 It for also predicting correctly. Janna continues to be in the lead with 1 missed prediction. Nice job!

TV Talk Topic - Today is all about family relationships on TV, both blood and created. Who are your favorite TV familes of past and present? What trends do you see in TV families these days? Who has the best father-son, father-daughter, mother-son, mother-daughter, brother-brother, brother-sister, and sister-sister relationships? Are there any kind of family relationships you particularly like? Are there any that drive you nuts?

Side note - I have TV Talk topics up through the first half of round 3. Is there anything in particular you'd like to talk about? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, tweet me @dahne1, or e-mail me at

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