Thursday, July 17, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 1E

Congratulations to Hannibal Lecter, Melinda May, Daryl Dixon, and Dean Winchester for making it into round 2. Yesterday's poll were interesting because they contained the closest battle yet (Sarah Manning vs. Melinda May, with only a 13 vote difference) and the biggest blowout (Dean vs. Mary, Queen of Scots, with 999 more votes). Thanks as always for playing nice and for all the great discussion. You guys are making this contest a lot of fun. Today we start on the right hand side of the bracket and it should be another set of big blowouts with the exception of the second poll, which could be quite close. If you would like a handy list of how each character on the left hand side of the bracket did, I have modified the rankings post to include how many votes each character got and if they were defeated in the first round. You can see that here. Until next time, play nice, keep commenting, and happy voting!

Polls close - Friday around 4 pm CST

Prediction contest result - Rob F, Toni, Emma, and Famous 4 It all got 100% correct in today's polls. Janna is still in the lead with only 1 missed prediction. Way to go everyone!

TV Talk Topic - While going through the comments over the last couple of days, I've seen a lot about how people used to watch a show. What makes you drop a show? Do you make a conscious decision to drop shows or do you simply get behind and not catch up? Do you stick around with past favorites long after the characters or the plot have ceased to appeal to you? If you have been with a show for awhile do you stick it out until the end even once you've soured on it? What's the longest you've stayed with a show that you eventually dropped (not because it ended)? Does nostalgia ever draw you back to a show you have dropped? Are there any shows you've dropped that you're considering picking up again? Do you ever hate watch?

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