Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 2B

Congratulations to Patrick Jane, Buffy Summers, Archangel Michael, and Temperance Brennan for advancing to the third round. Yesterday saw the biggest round of voting yet with all 4 polls over a thousand votes. Thanks so much for participating. Today we have two heavy hitters in the round, including the character that got the most votes in round 1. Should be some interesting matchups. Remember to keep those pictures coming for characters going into round 3 and thanks so much to everyone who has already sent pictures. You can get them to me by either posting them in the comments, e-mailing them to me at, or tweeting them to @dahne1. I appreciate any help you can give. Until tomorrow, keep commenting and happy voting!

Previous contest results - To see final rankings for all characters out in the first round, scroll to the bottom.

Polls end - Wednesday around 5 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Today broke everyone's brackets. For the first time in the contest, we don't have anyone with 100% correct. Tough set of polls. However with 4 total misses, Janna pulls into the lead once again. Here's hoping that everyone does better today.

TV Job - Yep, I am putting you to work. I've selected pictures for this round but chances are you have better ones. Therefore, it's your job to find a picture of anyone moving into round 3 or be stuck with the first thing I found on Google Image. You can pop a picture into the comments below, e-mail me at, or tweet me @dahne1.  Guidelines:

1. Must be fully clothed and PG please!
2. Clearly shows the character's face
3. Is just the character and not a group thing
4. No gifs - jpeg or png only please

TV Talk Topic - Today it's all about TV pet peeves. What irks you about TV these days? Is there a TV trope you hate? Are there things ceertain genres do that drive you up a wall? Is there anything that has become so cliched that you groan even thinking about it? Is there a character that just drives you batty? Feel free to vent away. Hopefully we'll all feel better afterwards.

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