Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Character Cup - 3A

Hi guys! I'm posting this one a little early while I can. I have a toddler napping right now, so yesterday's polls haven't officially ended. I apologize if I got the winners wrong here. They are technically who was winning at the time I posted.

Welcome to round 3, where 64 have become 16. We have 4 more days of polls before we crown the Character Cup winner for 2014. Congratulations to Kate Beckett, Barney Stinson, Chandler Bing, and Regina Mills for making it to round 3. Today you can vote on the picture you want to represent all the characters in tomorrow's round, including these guys. As always, thanks for participating and being such delightful commentators. It has made this contest a joy already. Until tomorrow, happy voting!

Previous contest results - To see final rankings for all characters out in the second round, scroll to the bottom.

Polls end - Saturday around 5:00 pm CST

Prediction contest results - Yesterday's polls broke everyone's brackets. Yikes! I will post who is winning the contest overall tonight.

TV Talk Topic - Today the topic is kids/teens in TV. How do you feel about kids/teens being on typically adult shows? How do you feel about teen shows in general? Would you avoid a show where a kid/teen was a main character? Who are the best kids/teens on TV, now or in the past? Who are the worst? What do you think makes a great kid/teen character? What are some typical stereotypes you like to stop seeing kids/teens on TV perpetuate?

Picture Polls - Choose 1 picture you would liek to represent the character in round 3.

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