Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teen Wolf - 4.03 - Muted - Best Scene Poll

Don't forget to play our Teen Wolf Bingo game next week. Two people called Bingo this time. How'd you do? If you want to add any other Bingo spots, please let me know and I'll add them to the list. This week I added Stiles makes a funny face, someone mentions Greenberg, someone kisses, and a recurring character bleeds. There's always room for more. Here's the official Bingo card for next week, but you can choose your own from a set of 5 here.

Teen Wolf Bingo
Someone mentions GreenbergDerek gets beat up or torturedA lesson is explainedSomeone's eyes glowPeter snarks
Malia looks confused and badassSomeone growlsEither Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okayFandom confused in last 3 minutesDeaton is no help at all
Lydia finds something horribleScott is thrown against a wallSomeone dies in school, woods, or hospitalLydia stares blankly into spaceKira brings out a sword
Big plot twistScott is thrown against a wallStiles makes a funny faceSomeone liesDerek frowns
Werewolf powers go wonkyA scene is so dark you can barely seeKira acts awkward or stuttersMalia makes inappropriate commentSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)

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