Monday, August 18, 2014

Teen Wolf Bingo Cards

Here are the Bingo card choices for episode 4.12. If you would like to generate your own, go to Bingo Baker.  Click on Clone and Edit.  Scroll down and delete where it says Scott thrown against wall in the last square.  If you don't you might get it on your card twice.  Click on Generate.  Click on Play Online.  Viola - your own personal Teen Wolf Bingo card.

8 Different Bingo cards here - ready to print in pdf

Teen Wolf Bingo - 4.12 Official Card
Someone in school when shouldn't beDeaton is no help at allRecurring character bleedsLydia stares blankly into spaceDoucheDad flashes his badge
Peter appears extra crispyA party breaks outBig plot twistMalia looks confused and badassSomeone lies
Kira brings out a swordSomeone kissesDerek frownsScott/Stiles asks if someone's okayKira acts awkward or stutters
Derek gets beat up or torturedSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)Coach terrorizes studentsAwkward talk in locker roomA parent is helpful
Someone bleeds on hospital floorSomeone growlsLiam gets wetScott is thrown against a wallSomeone dies in school, woods, or hospital

If you have anything to add for our Bingo cards, please comment below. Current Bingo Squares include: Scott/Stiles asks if someone's okay, Deaton is no help at all, Malia makes inappropriate comment, Kira acts awkward or stutters, Werewolf powers go wonky, Big plot twist, A parent is helpful, Someone dies in school, woods, or hospital, Peter or Stiles snarks, Lydia finds something horrible, Scott/Derek gives a stirring speech, Someone lies, Lydia stares blankly into space, Stiles says "What??", Derek frowns, Malia looks confused and badass, Derek gets beat up or tortured, Someone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek), A teen skips school, A scene so dark you can barely see, Kira brings out a sword, Someone's eyes glow, Someone in school when shouldn't be, Liam gets wet, Scott is thrown against a wall, Scott is thrown against a wall, The vehicle Stiles drives breaks down or crashes, Someone growls, Stiles makes a funny face, Someone kisses, Someone mentions Greenberg, Recurring character bleeds, A party breaks out, Talk about money woes, Someone plays lacrosse, Awkward talk in locker room, Coach terrorizes students, Music played way too loud, DoucheDad flashes his badge, Someone bleeds on hospital floor, A formerly "dead" person appears, A new bad guy is revealed, Bromance moment, Peter appears extra crispy

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