Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teen Wolf - 4.10 - Monstrous - Best Scene Poll and Bingo Card

I wasn't able to finish my Perishable recap before Monstrous aired on Sunday, so it was too late to post on SpoilerTV. If you'd like to read it, find the recap here. Also you can find the official Bingo card for 1.11, links to 7 others, and directions for how to make your own Teen Wolf Bingo cards here. Enjoy! Let me know if you get a Bingo next week.

Teen Wolf Bingo - 4.11
Someone mentions GreenbergA new bad guy is revealedDoucheDad flashes his badgeSomeone kissesKira brings out a sword
Someone bleeds on hospital floorDeaton is no help at allSomeone liesSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)Liam gets wet
Talk about money woesSomeone's eyes glowKira acts awkward or stuttersRecurring character bleedsThe vehicle Stiles drives breaks down or crashes
Someone plays lacrosseSomeone dies in school, woods, or hospitalAwkward talk in locker roomA scene so dark you can barely seeLydia finds something horrible
Big plot twistScott is thrown against a wallMalia looks confused and badassScott/Derek gives a stirring speechA formerly "dead" person appears

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  1. I have zero idea what the heck happened in this episode. I think logic left for London with Jackson, Isaac, and perhaps Danny. Still if we are going to go compeltely bat guano crazy with no hope of ever making sense, I choose Peter. Why not have the rantings of a crazy person make another crazy person hire assassins? That makes sense, right?