Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teen Wolf - 4.07 - Weaponized - Best Scene Poll

The number of people playing Teen Wolf Bingo with us is growing. Below is the official Bingo card for next week's episode, plus a link to 8 different cards. As always if there is something you think should be added, let me know. You can also let me know how you are doing via Twitter. Merry Merino and I got Bingo this week.

Bingo Card Links

Teen Wolf Bingo - 4.08
Coach terrorizes a studentScott is thrown against a wallKira acts awkward or stuttersSomeone plays lacrosseBig plot twist
The vehicle Stiles drives breaks down or crashesScott gives a stirring teamwork speechPeter or Stiles snarksEither Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okayA scene is so dark you can barely see
Derek gets beat up or torturedDeaton is no help at allA party breaks outDerek frownsLydia finds something horrible
Stiles says "What??"Someone's eyes glowSomeone's shirtless (Bonus if NOT Derek)Someone growlsSomeone in high school when shouldn't be
Music played way too loudMalia looks confused and badassAwkward talk in locker roomSomeone mentions GreenbergWerewolf powers go wonky

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