Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teen Wolf - 4.08 - Time of Death - Best Scene

Teen Wolf Bingo card for 4.09.  You can find 8 cards here.

Teen Wolf Bingo - 4.09
Someone kissesMusic played way too loudSomeone in high school when shouldn't beEither Scott or Stiles ask if someone's okaySomeone's eyes glow
Stiles makes a funny faceLiam gets wetSomeone growlsDerek gets beat up or torturedAwkward talk in locker room
Lydia finds something horribleScott gives a stirring speechStiles says "What??"Scott is thrown against a wallWerewolf powers go wonky
Kira brings out a swordDerek frownsSomeone liesDoucheDad flashes his badgePeter or Stiles snarks
A scene so dark you can barely seeThe vehicle Stiles drives breaks down or crashesDeaton is no help at allBig plot twistA party breaks out

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