Thursday, August 7, 2014

Buffy Roundtable Podcast Outline

Hi! Thank you for participating in the Buffy Roundtable. I am very excited to take this to a podcast form this season. Below you will find the outline for each podcast, but we oft times go astray and the best thing is to let the conversation flow off to whatever areas the panelists want to explore. It's more fun that way. Here are some helpful tips that will change as the podcast grows -

1. We will be using Skype for our podcasts. Please try to connect 5 minutes before the roundtable starts so I can check the sound levels and everyone can get to know each other. I am at

2. We hope to eventually have at least 5-6 people per roundtable. That can get confusing so try not to talk over someone else.

3. Have fun. Most of all we want you to come back and keep sharing your Buffy love. We will try to do one podcast per week. Feel free to join in all or pop in when you can.


Buffy Roundtable - Podcast Outline

1. Welcome and Introductions - Dahne and panelists (~5 minutes)

Dahne will introduce the podcast and panelist names.
Panelists give short introduction of themselves and either how they came to Buffy, favorite season, etc.

2. Episode discussion

Discussion is relatively loose for this roundtable. Below will be conversation starters, but we encourage people to go off on tangents and follow in other directions wherever the chat leads. If we don't get to everything, that is normal. Roundtable ends exactly 1 hour after it begins. People can continue conversation after that, but it won't be part of the podcast. I strongly urge panelists to add to the comment section after the podcast is posted if you'd like to keep the conversation going even longer.

Conversation starters -

Favorites / what went well
Favorite quotes
Least favorites / what didn't work well
Impact on Buffyverse
Impact on society (social issues and theme)
Things that paid off
First impressions compared to reaction now
High school motif
Monster of the week

3. Wrap-Up - Dahne will thank the panelists and give the basics of where the podcast can be found. Feel free to add your shameless plugs and promotions at this time.

Again, thanks for joining us.


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