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Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Winner

311 days in the making, we finally crowned the Ultimate Supernatural Episode.....Lazarus Rising. An epic game changer of an episode, Lazarus Rising has a long history in these SpoilerTV polls. It decimated all other competition in our favorite premiere poll by getting 51% of the votes. Its nearest competitor, In My Time of Dying, only received 22% of the votes. In the first episode tournament we had, Lazarus Rising ranked 6th overall, beaten only by The End, What is and What Should Never Be, All Hell Breaks Loose 2, In My Time of Dying, and Changing Channels. Its obvious popularity has held up well.

In this tournament, Lazarus Rising beat out Of Grave Importance, In the Beginning, Appointment in Samarra, What is and What Should Never Be, A Very Supernatural Christmas, The French Mistake, and of course Changing Channels to be crowned the ultimate episode. More to the point, compared to most other episodes in the later stage of the contest, it was never even close to being beat. The closest it came was with A Very Supernatural Christmas where it won by 43 votes and What is and What Should Never Be where it won by 35 votes. Four times it won by over 100 votes and it won against Of Grave Importance by a whopping 271 votes. Clearly it was a front runner from the beginning. A big thanks to everyone who voted and commented for helping hellatus go by relatively quickly this time around. I very much appreciate it. We wouldn't have a contest without you.

But what about those other episodes? You know, the ones that you thought left the contest too soon. The ones that you can't believe got defeated by that other episode. Below is a complete ranking of where every Supernatural episode thus far ended up in the tournament. Remember that a lot of this ranking had to do with what the episode was up against instead of the episode's own merits. For instance, I have no doubt that Faith would have ranked much higher if it hadn't come against What is and What Should Never Be relatively quickly. It's definitely higher than 24 in my book.

So how did your favorites do? Do you more or less agree with the top 10? Is their an episode you feel got shafted? Feel free to share all your thoughts in the comments section and definitely start making your top 20 and bottom 20 lists now. That's one of many fun discussions we will have over the winter hiatus here at SpoilerTV. Until then, discuss away at this list and of course.....ONLY 4 MORE DAYS until the season 8 premiere. Woo hoo!!! Only 4 days until we have new episodes to discuss. Hope you will all join us in that!

Competition Placement:

1. Lazarus Rising
2. Changing Channels
3. Bad Day at Black Rock
4. The French Mistake
5. Swan Song
6. In My Time of Dying
7. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2
8. A Very Supernatural Christmas
9. Mystery Spot
10. Death's Door
11. What is and What Should Never Be
12. The End
13. Lucifer Rising
14. Point of No Return
15. Meet the New Boss
16. The Monster at the End of This Book
17. Weekend at Bobby's
18. No Rest for the Wicked
19. All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1
20. It's a Terrible Life
21. Born Under a Bad Sign
22. Frontierland
23. Pilot
24. Faith
25. Abandon All Hope
26. Jus in Bello
27. Appointment in Samarra
28. Dark Side of the Moon
29. Hello, Cruel World
30. I Know What You Did Last Summer
31. Devil's Trap
32. Time After Time
33. Survival of the Fittest
34. Something Wicked
35. Heaven and Hell
36. On the Head of a Pin
37. The Born-Again Identity
38. My Bloody Valentine
39. 2 Minutes to Midnight
40. Croatoan
41. Clap Your Hands if You Believe
42. Home
43. Yellow Fever
44. Skin
45. The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
46. Tall Tales
47. Crossroad Blues
48. The Song Remains the Same
49. Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie
50. Slash Fiction
51. Folsom Prison Blues
52. When the Levee Breaks
53. Heart
54. Monster Movie
55. Hell House
56. Scarecrow
57. Asylum
58. The Usual Suspects
59. The Man Who Would be King
60. The Man who Knew Too Much
61. Reading is Fundamental
62. In the Beginning
63. Sympathy for the Devil
64. Simon Said
65. Caged Heat
66. Wishful Thinking
67. Dream a Little Dream of Me
68. Death Takes a Holiday
69. Bloody Mary
70. Nightshifter
71. Live Free or Twihard
72. After School Special
73. Provenance
74. Repo Man
75. Fresh Blood
76. Good God Y'All
77. How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
78. And Then There Were None
79. Everybody Loves a Clown
80. There Will be Blood
81. House of the Holy
82. Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
83. Free to Be You and Me
84. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
85. Shadow
86. The Benders
87. The Rapture
88. Hammer of the Gods
89. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
90. You Can't Handle the Truth
91. Wendigo
92. Sam, Interrupted
93. Hunted
94. My Heart Will Go On
95. The Devil You Know
96. Party On Garth
97. 99 Problems
98. Bloodlust
99. Dead Man's Blood
100. Phantom Traveler
101. Malleus Maleficarum
102. Salvation
103. The Mentalists
104. Dead in the Water
105. Like a Virgin
106. Let it Bleed
107. Two and a Half Men
108. Mommy Dearest
109. Nightmare
110. Bedtime Stories
111. Playthings
112. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things
113. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
114. Family Matters
115. Ghostfacers
116. Sex and Violence
117. No Exit
118. The Kids are Alright
119. Time is on My Side
120. Red Sky at Morning
121. Adventures in Babysitting
122. Exile on Main St.
123. The Real Ghostbusters
124. Hollywood Babylon
125. Out with the Old
126. Jump the Shark
127. Of Grave Importance
128. Family Remains
129. The Magnificent Seven
130. Long-Distance Call
131. Hook Man
132. Metamorphosis
133. The Third Man
134. Unforgiven
135. Mannequin 3: The Reckoning
136. Slice Girls
137. Fallen Idols
138. Shut Up, Dr. Phil
139. I Believe the Children are Our Future
140. Swap Meat
141. All Dogs Go to Heaven
142. Defending Your Life
143. Criss Angel is a Douche Bag
144. Roadkill
145. Season 7, Time for a Wedding
146. The Girl Next Door
147. Route 666
148. Sin City
149. Bugs

Screencap by Home of the Nutty and I have no idea who did the 6 pictures one. If it is you, please leave a note in the comments section so I can properly credit you for doing such a fantastic job.

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