Monday, September 10, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 2P - Polls

We've come to the last two polls of round 2. Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. Joining the third round will be In My Time of Dying and Hello, Cruel World which beat When the Levee Breaks (the episode I am currently watching by the way) and Heaven and Hell respectively. We've got quite the mix of episodes for round 3 and for these last 2 polls. Should be interesting to see which episodes join the 32. Happy voting and don't forget to nominate your quotes for Sex and Violence.

Episodes Going to Round 3:
Death's Door, Frontierland, No Rest for the Wicked, Bad Day at Black Rock, Mystery Spot, Devil's Trap, Swan Song, Abandon All Hope, Changing Channels, Jus in Bello, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Monster at the End of This Book, All Hell Breaks Loose 2, Dark Side of the Moon, The End, Pilot, A Very SPN Christmas, Time After Time, Lucifer Rising, Weekend at Bobby's, Lazarus Rising, Appointment in Samarra, What is and What Should Never Be, Faith, The French Mistake, All Hell Breaks Loose 1, It's a Terrible Life, Meet the New Boss, In My Time of Dying, Hello Cruel World and whichever episodes win these two polls.

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Screencap by  Home of the Nutty

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Bonus: Caption This - I saw this picture (also from Home of the Nutty) and laughed, which I sorely needed. If you didn't know what it was a picture of, there could be a lot of great possibilities. Therefore as a little fun to end round 2, caption this picture as something completely outside of this episode. Be creative but remember this is a family friendly site.

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