Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 4A - Polls

Our vote to see when the contest ends once I added my vote, albeit late, tied between ending it the quickest and the latest. So as a compromise, we are going to do the first 4 polls today and the second four polls tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has participated thus far. Our last polls of round 3 resulted with In My Time of Dying demolishing Hello, Cruel World and Point of No Return easily beating Born Under a Bad Sign. Should be quite the round tomorrow. Today will see some big hitters going down also. It's bound to happen when there are mostly big hitters left. I anticipate some groaning over these polls, including me. With the exception of two episodes, all of these are in my best of Supernatural list. Quote nominations for Sympathy for the Devil begin today too. Happy voting!

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