Friday, September 14, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 3D - Polls

Well looks like I was wrong again. Neither poll was close at all. Changing Channels and The Monster at the End of This Book blew away Jus in Bello and I Know What You Did Last Summer. In fact they got nearly an identical number of votes. Should make their poll against each other one to watch. Today we continue with more heavy hitters. Again the results ought to make for an interesting round 4. Don't forget to nominate quotes from TMatEotB today too. In fact, you can still nominate for any season 1-4 episode. Just click on the links below. Happy voting!

List of episodes in contest
Print your own bracket.
Contest results so far
Season 1 Quote Nominations Form
Season 2 Quote Nominations Form
Season 3 Quote Nominations Form

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