Friday, September 21, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 5 - Polls

There are only 8 episodes left and while I don't agree that all of them are the ultimate of Supernatural, I do agree they are pretty spectacular for the most part. Only 2 episodes don't make my top 25 list. As we enter round 5, I think this one will determine who wins the overall tournament but round 4 knocked 2 major contenders out for me so who knows. Speaking of round 5, A Very Supernatural Christmas, Lazarus Rising, The French Mistake, and In My Time of Dying join Bad Day at Black Rock, Swan Song, Changing Channels, and All Hell Breaks Loose 2. Saying goodbye are Lucifer Rising, What is and What Should Never Be, Meet the New Boss, and Point of No Return. Coincidentally today is the last hard choice for me too. No matter what wins or loses, I know which side of the bracket I am voting either way. Funny how some sections of the bracket were so much stronger than others.

Also up today are quotes for Free to be You and Me, the only episode where the brothers are separated for the entire episode and one of only two episodes where the brothers do not speak a single line of dialogue with each other. I will be getting a season 4 quotes form up soon. As for the rest of the quotes, we will continue nominations over winter hellatus and do the huge quotes contest next summer. So far we have thousands of entries so weeding things down is my big winter project. It's been fun seeing what people nominate and remembering the scenes the quotes come from. There has been some awesome snark in the last 7 years! If you would like to nominate anything from the first 4 seasons,click the links below to add your favorites. And as always,happy voting!

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