Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 2K - Polls

Yesterday Lucifer Rising made short work of Crossroad Blues but not by as much as some other episodes this round. Should be interesting to see if it can go the distance to the Elite 8. My guess is no but stranger things have happened. Weekend at Bobby's edged out 2 Minutes to Midnight but not by much. This one may have a tough time getting to round 4.

Today we have 4 episodes I really like including a major power hitter. In fact, with the exception of Lucifer Rising, there isn't an episode I dislike left in this bracket. It's all win in this section for me, except for maybe having to vote against episodes I love. In other news, we're collecting favorite quotes from I Know What You Did Last Summer today. For me, this episode was the beginning of the end of season 4's enjoyment. Good thing it has some great quotes. Happy voting!

Screencap by  Supernatural Fans Online

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