Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 3A - Polls

Welcome to round three as we get closer to naming one Supernatural episode the best of them all. Of the 149 episodes that have aired so far, 128 made it into the contest through a nominating and wildcard poll process. Of those 128, only 32 remain including Born Under a Bad Sign and Point of No Return which beat Hell House and Tall Tales.. Hopefully many of your favorites made it to round 3. In eight days, we'll know which 16 will be in round 4. Voting is likely to be harder from here on out as the best of the best remain. Today is no exception. Thanks to all who have participated and to everyone who has commented. The goal was to pass the hellatus together talking about Supernatural and boy have we had some great discussions. Hellatus ends 3 weeks from tomorrow - yippee! - and by then we will have crowned our winner. Happy voting and don't forget to nominate your favorite quotes from Death Takes a Holiday.

PS - The results page is now updated with where episodes ranked after round 2.

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