Saturday, September 22, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 6 - Polls

Welcome new voters! We are glad to have you. Yesterday saw the biggest voter turnout of the tournament. 80+ more people voted than we've averaged for the rest of the polls and with those new votes came a very unpredictable turn of events. For the majority of the voting time the dramas were winning, but everything changed in the last 4 hours. We now have 3 comedies in the final four, giving comedy better odds at winning the overall prize than drama. Who knew? That means all bets are off for picking the winner.

Results were fairly close in all polls with Lazarus Rising winning by the biggest margin at 56.57%. Both Bad Day at Black Rock and The French Mistake won by a little over 51%. It's definitely at the point where every vote counts. Only two episodes can go to the finals. Will it be 2 comedies or will Lazarus Rising represent the drama side of Supernatural? The battle begins now. Happy voting!

Don't forget that we are also collecting quote nominations for The End. Having just rewatched this episode, I found it packed with great quotes. In fact, I had a hard time narrowing them down since I ended up with 2 pages. It constantly amazes me how I know that The End is in my top 5 episodes but every time I rewatch it, it still blows me away with its awesomeness. So sad it isn't in the contest today.

PS - For an episode all about the brother relationship, there are very few screencaps of both brothers together in Swan Song. I wanted to get the scene where Sammy takes over from Lucifer and reassures Dean but they are never in the same frame. Sorry folks. This is the best I could get that wasn't a flashback to a different episode.

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