Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 3H - Polls

Today marks the last polls of round 3. Forgive the numbers nerd in me but our last polls netted almost identical results. The French Mistake beat All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 with 136 to 102 votes. Meet the New Boss beat It's a Terrible Life 135 to 102. Can't wait to see how they do against each other. Of course that also made it hard to determine which losing episode would be spotlighted today. In the end I went with It's a Terrible Life because it had a slightly bigger percentage of votes.

Today's polls marks the third time in this short round where I would rather see both episodes in one poll advance than any in the other poll. It's going to be a tough ender for round 3. Speaking of round 4, I've added a general poll to the end. Originally I was going to do each poll separately from round 4 on so there would only be one poll per day instead of 2. Lately however I've been thinking about combining round 4 like we have been (2 polls per day) and starting single polls in round 5. I wanted to get your feedback. If we do single polls from here on out, the contest will last 15 more days and end on October 3. If we double up this round, the contest will last 11 days and end on September 29. We could also speed round it with all polls for a round being on the same day. This way the contest will last 4 more days and end on Saturday. Voice your choice and don't forget to nominate Lucifer Rising quotes. Happy voting!

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