Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Supernatural - Why I Am Excited for Season 8

Season 8 will begin in a little over 30 minutes. As always this is a time of nervous anticipation and wild excitement for me. It's also when time slows to an absolute crawl until I feel like physics itself is Kripke-ing me. So to pass the time, here's what I am most looking forward to this season. Yes, millions have done this before me and probably had the same reasons but hey, there's still 39 minutes to kill.

6. New characters - Let's face it. There's not too many recurring characters left on Supernatural. It's time to build up the stable again.  The introduction of Benny, Amelia, Mrs. Tran, Naomi and others will give the brothers new people to play off.  By season's end I may curse some of these new characters' very existence but I know they are going to enrich the story.  Plus SPN has done a great job of creating memorable characters so far.

5.  Crowley - I know it's wrong but I can't help loving every time that snarky, manipulative demon comes on screen.  Part of it is my ever-growing crush on Mark Sheppard.  Part of it is the knowledge that whenever Crowley goes the one-line snark follows.  The idea that Crowley may be the Big Bad for up to 3 years has me in a flurry of excitement.  I can't think of any other character (minus the Winchester brothers of course) that I would rather have on my screen for a long, long time.

4. Purgatory - I love Lazarus Rising. It's in my top 5 episodes, but I felt a little jipped that we never got to see hell. Enter massive Purgatory flash backs and we get the best of both worlds. We get to know about Purgatory and Dean's experience there but we don't have the first half of the season bogged down. Brilliant move Jeremy!  If Purgatory is as brutal as they claim, my action-oriented heart is going to be in overdrive.

3. Baby's back - I cannot overstate how important this is to me. I missed Metallicar more than any other character. She is a vital part of my viewing pleasure and to have her tarped again broke my heart. After all, I worried more about her than any of the other Winchesters in that first horrid hellatus before season 2 brought us the Dean fixing her scene. (Love that scene!) If Baby goes under wraps again, I'm storming the writers' room until I get her back.

2. Smart, competent brothers - One of the more recent spoilers told us that Sam was back as the resident Gekk Boy, using his smarts to solve problems and find solutions again. I missed that Geek Boy when the Winchesters always seemed to depend on others to get the job done. Add to that a more season one-like Dean, a focused, kick butt, hunter and you've got the brothers I fell in love with and the show I adore. Don't get me wrong - I loved seasons 6 and 7. Still less emo and more action is a winning plan always in my book.

1. Brothers on the offensive - If there is one thing I've missed it's the brothers taking charge of their own lives. Since season 4 they have been playing defense - always the victims of higher beings' capriciousness. Time to show the monster/demon/angel world exactly what they are dealing with when Winchesters are on the hunt.  I firmly believe Supernatural needs to cut back on the epic scope.  We have a real chance to do that this year.

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  1. I am incredibly happy with the new season of Supernatural! I know it’s just one episode, but it’s better than we’ve had in years! I just got my coworkers at DISH to start watching the show, but they still need to finish the first seven seasons before they can watch the new one. That’s why I’m recording every episode with my Hopper, so that they can watch them after they are done, and I’ll still have room for the rest of my shows to record, although none of them are as important as Supernatural. I can’t wait for next week’s episode, especially to get to see a little Cas in it. I am really hoping this entire relationship between Benny and Dean doesn’t replace was Dean and Cas have.