Monday, October 8, 2012

Supernatural - 8.01 - We Need to Talk about Kevin - Podcast

Hi and welcome to the first season 8 episode of the Team Winchester Podcast.  This is Lilith Hellfire's baby and she's letting me in on the ride.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.  Every week we will be discussing the new episode and we'll try to have it posted by Sunday night, technology willing.  Each podcast will include spoilers but they are at the very end and there is a clear warning that goes off before we start it, so no one should be unduly spoiled if they don't want to be.  Since Lilith and I come at Supernatural at a slightly different angle, we hope there is something everyone can agree with.  Special thanks also to the lovely Airbat McFly for allowing us to use her fantastic poster.  Love it!

As always, the comments are open for all things you disagree with or have a different interpretation on.  Lilith and I both have strong opinions and we know not everyone will agree.  Also, we welcome suggestions so feel free to add those in the comments too or contact us at any of the links at the end of the post.  Thanks for listening and welcome to Supernatural season 8!

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 3:25
First Impressions - 12:00
Discussion Points - 29:50
Nitpicks - 36:10
WTH - 44:00
Favorite Things - 58:40
Guest Stars - 60:00
Music - 65:40
Trivia - 67:40
Grade and Review - 75:45
Listener Feedback, Around the Fandom, Contact Info - 81:00
Spoilers, Misc. Points, and Wrap-Up - 94:30

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