Friday, October 26, 2012

Supernatural - 8.04 - Bitten - Quotes

I hate this episode. For me it is currently ranking as worse than Bugs, The Man Who Would be King, Route 666, Family Remains, Swap Meat, Ghostfacers, etc. In other words, dead last. Still I did my fandomly duty and watched it a second, watched most of it a second time. I reserved the right to hit the fast forward button whenever the love triangle got too obnoxious, there were white gangsta wannabes on the screen, or they were recapping something that happened in the very same episode - argh! Man does that annoy me, especially when I didn't care about three random, self-absorbed, emo-angsting teens' dreams of the future the first time around. Let's just say the recap of this one is going to be very short.

But back to the point, I have compiled a list of the only quotes I found passable in the episode. Since there aren't many I haven't divided them out. Please add your favorites in the comments and don't forget to nominate the 2 best (or in my case 1) for the favorite quotes contest.

Best line of the night:

Dean: "Clear eyes, clogged arteries, can't lose."

No question for me since it was the only line I remembered after the episode ended. Love it referencing Friday Night Lights with a unique Dean spin. All other lines fall way, way lower on my list.

Other lines:

10. Sam: "What did I miss? Anything?" Dean: "Not unless you want to put an APB out on Rocky the Raccoon."
9. Kate: "Shut up. Everybody shut up. First things first, those guys aren't FBI. Alright I'm pretty sure that FBI agents don't say awesome that much."
8. Professor: "You never lose the taste if you are stupid enough to have one. Once you have a human heart it's almost impossible to control the monster inside but I did until last week when I uh fell off the wagon as they say."
7. Sam: "Uh no idea on this one and no clue who is painted on the walls."
6. Sam: "Alright so what? She's got about a half day jump on us." Dean: "Mmm hmm." Sam: "You alright." Dean: "Mmm hmm." Sam: Look Kate's right. She hasn't hurt anybody. Well anybody human at least." Dean: "Yeah she didn't…she didn't choose this. Let's give her a shot." Sam: "Seriously." Dean: "Yeah, yeah." Sam: "And look if…if Kate pops back up, I mean if she strays then no questions asked. I mean we do what we've got to do. We um…we take her down."
5. Sam: "So what uh Best in Show comes here 10 years ago, ganks some poor woman, and when the dust settles and everything's in the clear, he just sets up shop?" Dean: "Yeah, comes for the human hearts, stays for the co-eds."
4. Professor: "We don't get to choose what we are."
3. Sam: "So what? We're hunting a werewolf with a pedigree?" Dean: "Awesome. Let's hope he has his papers." Sam: "And that silver can kill him."
2. Kate: "Maybe he got bit by an alien. That would explain the FBI."
1. Sam: "Dude, 2 burgers?" Dean: "I didn't eat at Big P's for like a year okay. Clear eyes, clogged arteries. Can't lose."

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