Sunday, October 28, 2012

Supernatural - 8.04 - Bitten - Podcast

It's the newest edition of the Team Winchester podcast and this time Lilith and I completely agree....this episode sucked out loud. I gave it an F but Lilith thought it was partly saved by the brother moment in the restaurant. We know many people enjoyed it so we encourage you to share your opinions in the comments section.

Also we are looking for audio submissions of 3 minutes or less telling us why you love Bobby, Crowley, and/or Cas. These will be used in our character-centric podcasts over the winter hellatus. We'd love to hear your favorite lines/scenes/episodes for these characters too. If you are a Cas fan, we still need a couple people to guest on episodes that feature him. You can send any audio files and comments to Thanks for listening!

Disclaimer - As always the opinions on this podcast are merely Lilith and/or Dahne's opinions. They do not reflect the fandom as a whole or SpoilerTV.

Podcast Break-Down (All times are estimated):

Intro & Small Talk
News (Ratings, Fan Reaction, Critic Reaction) - 12:15
First Impressions - 25:25
Discussion Points - 38:50
Nitpicks - 41:50
WTH - 47:15
Favorite Things - 53:30
Least Favorite - 57:25
Music - 59:00
Trivia - 61:25
Grade and Review - 68:15
Listener Feedback, Around the Fandom, Contact Info - 74:00
Spoilers, Misc. Points, and Wrap-Up - 79:15

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