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Supernatural - 8.03 - Heartache - Quotes

Supernatural 8.03 - Heartache was certainly pun-ilicious. Lots of heart jokes, including this gem that didn't quite make the cut for me: Dean: "And he wasn't wearing a heart?" Cop: "No, heart-less." I enjoyed the quotes this week even as I tried to merrily avoid the anvil-dropping of brotherly strife. Since this was a standalone episode, I was tempted to drop the mytharc/story moving section but I decided to include quotes that tied to the case of the week in that part. I also included a new section for this episode called Words to Live By. These include either good advice for general life or something I wish the show runners and writers would remember. A great example would be from the pilot: "No chick flick moments." I so wish they had stuck to this or at least limited them. Since not every episode will have words to live by this section will only appear when the episode fits it. Final note - not all the quotes this time are ones that I liked. Instead they might be ones I felt were important even as I was cringing.

So what were your two favorite quotes? Don't forget to nominate them for our summer quotes contest. And as always, comments are joy.

Words to Live By

Not many episodes have words to live by but this one had two. Sometimes I wish the writers would take their own advice.

2. Betsy: "Brick used to say the heart was key. That was the focus of the sacrifice."

-Heart isn't just the focus of the sacrifice. It's the focus of the show. Its foundation is the relationship between the brothers and how they have sacrificed everything for each other. I'm not saying that the relationship can't grow and they can't want other things. That's natural. What I am saying is creating new and more out-of-character ways to have the brothers at odds is getting old and a detriment to the power of the show. Come on Jeremy. You yourself said that it is all about the brothers. How about giving us a united front for a change? That would really be novel and a breath of fresh air.

1. Dean: "Wow! Back in business. Got the win. Admit it. Feels good huh?"

-This is my favorite quote of the whole episode. It sums up what they got right in this episode, what they got right in almost every episode in the first three seasons of Supernatural. We got smart, competent hunters who can get the job done with limited help and no need for secondary characters to rescue them - such a nice surprise! We saw the brothers research the problem and kill the bad guys…and no one escaped to have to be dealt with later. These are the brothers of old and I have missed them. Smart Dean and Smart Sam are back. Now please let me keep them.

Funny/Snarky quotes:

8. Dean: "Ah…ah you guys are stronger than you look." Paul: "It comes with the package. Plus I work out a lot."
7. Dean: "Where the hell are we?" Sam: "Farmer's market. Organic."
6. Dean: "So no new interests - fly fishing, stamp collecting, the occult?"
5. Dean: "Wow, guy goes to Purgatory for a year all hell breaks out. Check this out. Jogger in Minneapolis gets his heart ripped out." Sam: "I'm guessing literally." Dean: "Only way that interests me."
4. Paul Hayes: "I do a lot of cardio"
3. Dean: "Really? Our king daddy monster is a stripper?"
2. Dean: "Same thing happens. Also in Minneapolis. What does that tell us?" Sam: "Stay out of Minneapolis."
1. Dean: "Two hearts ganked, same city 6 months apart. I mean that's has to be a ritual man. Or at least some kind of a heart sucking, possessed Satanic crack whore bat."

Story-moving quotes:

8. Dean: "So you getting his statement?"
7. Betsy: "You must think I'm a monster." Dean: "No. No, just that you married one."
6. Betsy: "I'm old Randa, not an idiot." Randa: "I'm just trying to protect Brick." Betsy: "And so am I."
5. Detective: "Sure he can run a little bit but Thor he ain't. You think he's going to grab Freddy Fitness here and throw him down and rip out his heart. I don't think so. Forgive me if I didn't take him out back and shoot him."
4. Sam: "Brick Holmes, a heart eater. Who knew?" Dean: "Heh, sorry buddy. The mighty they fall hard huh." Sam: "At least he wasn't sleeping with his mother." Dean: "Yeah good Sam, find the silver lining."
3. Dean: "No hex bags, nothing satanic, nothing spooky." Sam: "So didn't seem like a guy to be voted most likely to disembowel." Dean: "Oh they never do."
2. Dean; "Wait a second. I bought a translation app." Sam: "You bought an app." Dean: "Yeah."….Dean: "And babble wins, language unknown."
1. Sam: "You want to guess who else other than Arthur Swenson had a transplant in the last year?' Dean: "Paul Hayes." Sam: "I gave it away didn't I?"

Emotional quotes:

6. Sam: "Look I'm not saying I'm bailing on you. I'm just saying make room for the possibility that we want different things. I mean I want my time to count for something." Dean: "So what we do doesn't count?"
5. Sam: "Or, maybe you don't need me. I mean maybe you're at your best hacking and slicing your way through all the world's cr** alone, not having to explain yourself to anybody." Dean: "Yeah that makes sense seeing as how I have so many other brothers I can talk to about this stuff."
4. Dean: "No, uh Brick Holmes is the way into this. Eleanor Holmes was doing her damnedest not to tell us a thing. Nice job in changing the subject though."
3. Sam: "Dean listen. When this is over, when we close up shop on Kevin and the tablet, I'm done. I mean that." Dean: "No you don't." Sam: "Dean the year that I took off I had something I've never had. A normal life. I mean I got to see what that felt like. I want that. I had that."
2. Dean: "You know I was thinking about what Randa said about what it feels like to be a warrior. I get it man. I do." Sam: "I know. I know you do. I don't. Not anymore. Hell maybe I never did." Dean: "Come on Sam, don't ruin my buzz would ya?"
1. Dean: "I don't know about you but this last year has given me a new perspective." Sam: "I hear you. Believe me." Dean: "I know where I'm at my best and that is right here, driving down crazy street next to you."

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  1. I really liked this episode of Supernatural, and this could be one of the best in a while. I finally got my coworkers at DISH to start watching the show, but they need to catch up before they start this season. That’s why I’m recording every episode with my Hopper so that they can watch every episode when they finally finish season 7. This has been an incredible season so far and I absolutely love where it is going right now!