Monday, June 18, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1P - Polls

Important Announcement - Please Read:
The Best Show Competition  starts tomorrow on SpoilerTV so we will be taking a hiatus from this contest until it concludes. Once the Best Show is crowned, we will start round two in our search for the Ultimate SPN Episode. I greatly encourage you to participate in the Best Show contest and to get out the word to as many sites as possible. The show that wins will be the show that has the most websites encouraging their fans to vote. Supernatural has won 2 years in a row and that means we have a huge target on our back. Whether we win or lose doesn't matter as much as getting the positive buzz out about Supernatural to people who have never watched it. So use the comments to talk up the show and always play nice. In the past, we have gotten many people to try our little show that could.

Today we end round 1 so perfect timing for our little break. Round 1 has seen some tight races, celebrations when favorites have moved on to round 2, and unfortunately disappointment when episodes were voted off too soon. Mostly though it's been fun sharing opinions and remembering favorite scenes. I can't wait to continue the conversation in round 2. Episodes heading to round 2 include In My Time of Dying by the biggest margin yet (almost 94%), When the Levee Breaks, Heaven and Hell, and Hello, Cruel World. Leaving the contest are Family Remains, Bloodlust (awww), Everybody Loves a Clown (41% of the votes), and Sam, Interrupted. Quote nominations today come from the incomparable Mystery Spot and Jus in Bello - two of the finest episodes around. A nomination form for season 3 has been added below in case you missed any episodes. Also always comments are a big slice of pie and happy voting!

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Season 1 Quote Nominations Form
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