Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1J - Polls

Yesterday's polls marked easy wins for A Very Supernatural Christmas, The Usual Suspects, Something Wicked, and Time After Time. They all advance to round 2. Leaving the contest are Exile on Main St., Fresh Blood, The Mentalists, and The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. The closest one was Fresh Blood with % of the vote. Today's poll has an wide variety of episodes so it should be interesting.

We're taking another small break in our quotes nominations since we have finished season 2 and I need to watch 23 episodes of Castle in 2 days. Today is all about what ideas you have for future polls. So get your great ideas ready and we'll see what we can do. I will try to post a list of contests we have already done. If you've already mentioned a poll idea, please feel free to nominate it anyway. I have written several suggestions down but this way I won't have missed something. They can be big ideas like the episode contest we are currently doing or smaller one-shot contests. Whatever you think would be fun to do here. You can nominate 1 idea or up to 10. If you have more than 10, please tell me in the comment section so I can add them. In fact, please share all of your ideas in the comments. It makes things more fun. As always, happy voting!

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