Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1C - Polls

4 more episodes have made it to round 2, all easily. The closest vote was Scarecrow vs There Will Be Blood, the latter having less than 39% of the vote. So No Rest for the Wicked, Scarecrow, Bad Day at Black Rock (which got a whopping 89% of the vote), and Yellow Fever move on. We say goodbye to Time is On My Side, There Will Be Blood, Out with the Old (or the new in this case), and The Devil You Know. Prediction wise, I'm still at 100% and I don't think the next round will change that.

Today we have 2 of my favorite episodes and 2 of my all-time worse. I predict 3 of them will move on to the next round. Ghostfacers will say goodbye. So what is your choice? Happy voting!

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