Sunday, June 10, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1H - Polls

Round 1G included the closest poll of the contest so far. Flip flopping numerous times for the lead, in the end Monster Movie defeated Caged Heat by only 3 votes. It was also the first major upset of the tournament since Caged Heat came into the contest at #37 while Monster Movie came in at #92. Today may also see an upset vote as 4 episodes no one's really talking about are competing against each other. I of course am rooting for the underdogs. Proceeding to round 2 are All Hell Breaks Loose 2 (with a whopping 92% of the vote - largest so far), Sympathy for the Devil, Dark Side of the Moon, and Monster Movie. Leaving the competition are Jump the Shark, Party On Garth, Phantom Traveler, and Caged Heat.

After rallying after a miss with My Heart Will Go On, Monster Movie is the second episode I called wrong in my predictions so far. (Not that I mind in this case.) That puts me at 26 out of 28 right in predictions. Of course only 15 of the episodes I've voted for have won, so not near as good of a record there. In today's quote nominations we have Folsom Prison Blues, which coincidentally is also in today's poll, and What is and What Should Never Be, my favorite episode. WiaWSNB is also one of the few that I have completely transcribed every word so I'm good on quotes today. Happy voting and nominating! And don't forget, comments are like a last minute win over evil. They get everyone stoked and cheering.

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