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Burn Notice - 6.01 - Scorched Earth - Preview

Burn Notice season 6 premieres on 
Thursday, June 14 on the USA Network at 9/8C.

From explosions to intense character drama, one thing is sure - the season 6 premiere of Burn Notice does not disappoint. Picking up where season 5 ended, Fiona is taken into custody and processed. She is facing possible prosecution for 3 counts of capital murder, but Michael is the one falling apart. In one of the most intense emotional scenes of the series, Michael reads the letter Fiona wrote him. Sam finds him in the Charger on the side of the road and Michael accuses Sam of letting Fiona go. Things are tense with the best friends as Sam later admits that he and Fiona staged her "escape" and that tension lasts throughout much of the episode. As Sam tries to convince Michael that Fiona did the right thing by turning herself in before Michael lost sight of who he was, Michael yells, "I was fighting for her." Brokenly he asks, " What do I do now Sam? What do I do?" Sam tells him to fight harder and that's exactly what Michael does. It's not a secret that I thought season 5 was subpar. However the premiere of season 6 has exactly what season 5 lacked - a Michael on a mission hellbent to restore order to his life. Not even in season 1 when he was trying to find out who burned him has Michael been so determined. He will get Fi out of prison or die trying. In other words, Michael Westen is back folks and heaven help the person who stands in his way this time.

Anson Fullerton is target #1, and Jesse has a lead on him. As Sam explains that Anson is heading for the boat docks presumably to flee, Michael slams on the brakes of the Charger and nearly concusses Sam. A Michael this focused worries Sam and he asks what the plan is. Michael: ""He's the reason why I lost Fi. What do you think the plan is?" Usually methodical and logical, this Michael has been pushed too far. He has no patience with bureaucracy, doesn't want to talk things through and even shoots at a civilian to make his point. It's a fascinating look at the character and bodes well for an intense season 6. In other good news, Fiona has her share of drama too, Maddie rocks even when in danger, and one of my favorite Burn Notice characters comes back. It completely shocked me and I hope it is a season long arc. This episode has something for every Burn Notice fan and is an impressive way to kick off a promising season 6.

Favorite lines (in no particular order):

"We both know that you didn't kill Larry Sizemore because you were suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to provide free security for the British Consulate."
Michael: "You'll never convince me that Fiona giving herself up was the right thing to do. Never." Sam: "Well that's why we didn't ask you."
"Believe it or not. We're the good guys."
"I hope that this business relationship that you have with Michael is worth it because from the way it looks, you're going to die for him."
"I'm going to hunt you down and I'm going to kill you."
"I'd hate for you to lose Fiona and your mommy on the same day."
"I know explosions, I know Michael, and I know that we're done here."
"There's the good guy patch."
"What about Fiona. Is it as bad as the news is saying?" "It's worse."
"Your statement is interesting Ms. Glenanne. Some of it even fits with what we know. Here's the problem. Your story is missing a main character."

What I Learned:

Old trucks are easier to steal than new ones
Speed and sharp turns cause accidents
Manhunts are all about the number of people available
The CIA has some nifty gadgets
Never, ever take something Michael loves away from him

Don't forget to watch Burn Notice on Thursday, June 14 on the USA Network at 9/8C. It's going to be quite the ride!

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