Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1K - Polls

It was another close round with 2 Minutes to Midnight and Death Takes a Holiday battling it out to the end. Winning by only 7 votes, 2 Minutes to Midnight advances to round 2 along with Lucifer Rising, Crossroad Blues, and Weekend at Bobby's. The latter all won their rounds handily. Leaving the contest is of course Death Takes a Holiday (such a shame), No Exit, The Benders, and Wendigo. Thus far I'm batting 100% on the second half of round 1 predictions and not too shabby on my picks either. I'm sure that will change. Today we have some of my favorite episodes so it will be easy for me. I hope you feel so too. We also start season 3 quotes nominations so break out your demon fighting tools and grab the flamethrower for the changelings. It's The Magnificent Seven and The Kids are Alright today.

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