Friday, June 8, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1F - Polls

In Round 1E, it was a very good day for solid mytharc episodes. Heading to round 2 will be Changing Channels, Simon Said, Croatoan, and Jus in Bello. We say goodbye to Sex and Violence, Live Free or Twihard (44% of the vote), Dead Man's Blood, and Nightmare. Today should prove a bit harder for most. After a slip up in the last round, my predictions were back to 100% but depending on who shows up to vote, I could be facing my biggest prediction flub today. This one's packed with divisive episodes.

Quotes nominations start again. Today we have Tall Tales and Roadkill. Tall Tales is particularly filled with quotables. Should be interesting to see which ones are the favorites. I'm also starting a new list of future poll suggestions since the one from midseason has relocated to places unknown. If you have ideas, please include them in the comments. This time I'm computerizing the list so I can't lose it. :-) As always, spreading the word and commenting are the salt and holy water of the internet. Happy voting!

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