Thursday, June 14, 2012

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode Round 1L - Polls

Round 1K was very easy for most people and the results bore that out. Lazarus Rising has now received the biggest percent of the votes this contest with 92.74%. It surpassed All Hell Breaks Loose 2 which received 92% of its vote. Winning by a landslide were Lazarus Rising, In the Beginning, and Appointment in Samarra. Skin also joins round 2 beating out Good God Y'All which had 41% of the votes. Other episodes leaving the contest include Of Grave Importance, Free to be You and Me, and 99 Problems.

Today's vote includes 5 of my all time favorite episodes. Unfortunately 4 of them are going against each other. Suffice to say, whatever happens I will be feeling the loss tomorrow - cursed ranking system. I hope it will be easier for you. I refuse to vote in these 2 polls. On a happier note, our quotes nominations are up to Bad Day at Black Rock, one of the funniest SPN episodes, and Sin City, one of the most underrated ones. If you missed out nominating any episode from seasons 1 and 2, please click on the links below for the nomination forms for the whole season. As always comments are love and happy voting!

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