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Supernatural - Favorite Penultimate Episode - Poll

We are almost done with part one of the episode contest. Only 2 more polls to go. Thanks to everyone who participated. Looking back at the 19th episode poll, the winner was Mommy Dearest. It received 113 votes for 28%. In second was Hammer of the Gods with 103 votes and 25%. Things look good for What is and What Should Never Be in the 20th episode poll right now too. Today we have the penultimate episodes. In all honesty, I usually don't care for the penultimates but love the finales. My ranking here is more difficult than past polls. Also remember that the last two episodes of season 3 will competing against the last two episodes of the other seasons. So instead of being the favorite 21st episode, it is technically the favorite penultimate episode.

Salvation - The best part about Salvation was the previouslies. Sad but true. Mostly because the previouslies were the first time we got the road so far to Carry On Wayward Son and that rocked. It also started a beloved tradition. This episode gave us Sam rescuing Rosie and Dean's confrontation of John, but it also gave us more of the Weepy Winchesters and of course John. The whole John story line was lame and far fetched. We really did not need to see John get captured. Just tell us he did and let us concentrate on the Winchester brothers.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 - Sam died. While it may be the last part of the episode, it is the most memorable. We did get to see Andy again, but then he died. We got to see Ava again, but she turned evil. We got to meet Jake, but he's better in Leverage anyway. The setting was awesome, so we saw it again in Frontierland. Mostly though, we finally got to see part of YED's plan at the expense of retconning Mary. This was an important episode.

Time is on My Side - Doc Benton did not interest me although he was certainly the most insane person ever on the show. The idea that Sam thought Dean would ever go for the Doc Benton Immortality Plan seemed way out of character. Best part for me was Bela. I'm not sure we needed the Bela back story but her story line needed closure and RUFUS (yeah) was introduced because of her. This is the third split episode (I'm seeing a theme here) where we really didn't need half of the story.

When the Levee Breaks - There is much to love in this episode if you love angst, but for me this episode has 3 strikes. 1. Very emoangsty. 2. Evil Mary reappears and I prefer her as a saint. 3. It's at the end of season 4 where everything escalates the brother rift. I hated this plot line most of all and everything about this episode was made to highlight it. Plus, we have suspicious Cas letting Sam out of the panic room and getting Anna angelnapped. Everything in this episode put the characters in the worst possible light and left us hopeless. Despair is not how I like feeling when an episode ends.

Two Minutes to Midnight - Again the episode is split and again I only like parts. Pestilence is the worst of the Horseman. Vile in a way that makes me want to vomit. I could have done without the beginning of the episode. I totally loved Bobby and Sam working together to take on the Croatoan zombies. I loved Crowley as always and Bobby walking after the deal was sweet. Still, hands down the best part was Death. Now when I get Chicago-style pizza, I think of Dean and him having a slice.

Let It Bleed - I like Lisa and Ben so I liked this episode more than most. I enjoyed Demon Lisa and my heart broke at the sight of Ben shooting the gun. Quite frankly, I was also excited that there was action in it after a dry spell. I didn't mind the memory wipe ending as much as most, but I do think Dean should have talked to Lisa about it. I didn't care either way about the Lovecraft part and I was done with Cas by this point. I loved that Dr. V. was from Purgatory and Balthy questioned Cas, but I am thoroughly sick of torture SPN-style, no matter who it is. (For the record, this time it is Bobby and the brothers split. I certainly hope they don't keep the 21st episode split pattern in season 7. It's a bit annoying.)

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Past Winners:

Lazarus Rising (season 4)
Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester (season 4)
Bad Day at Black Rock (season 3)
The End (season 5)
Simon Said (season 2)
Skin (season 1)
The Usual Suspects (season 2)
Changing Channels (season 5)
Croatoan (season 2)
Abandon All Hope (season 5)
Mystery Spot (season 3)
Jus in Bello (season 3)
The Song Remains the Same (season 5)
Born Under a Bad Sign (season 2)
The French Mistake (season 6)
On the Head of a Pin (season 4)
My Heart Will Go On (season 6)
Point of No Return (season 5)
Mommy Dearest (season 6)

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