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Supernatural - 6.21 - Let It Bleed - Recap

Previously - Lisa and Dean broke up, Ben was totally correct, Dr. Visyak was awesome, Raphael was psychotic, Cas allied with Crowley and started civil war, Balthazar was helpful..sometimes, Cas and Crowley wanted Purgatory, Dean felt betrayed, Cas threatened Crowley and visited Bobby's not-quite angel-proof abode, Dean called Cas brother and used an emotional anti-Purgatory argument since logic didn't work, Cas still wanted souls, Dean said he'd stop Cas.

It's March 15, 1937. H. P. Lovecraft busily types during a storm in Providence, RI. He looks nervous and consumes copious amounts of hunter's helper. His door opens but no one is there. I don't think the gun will help you Lovecraft. He obviously expects evil and no doubt did something stupid to bring whatever it is down on himself. More alcohol later and a window busts. The briefest fuzziest glimpse of a shadow appears and Lovecraft begs. "We didn't know. I'm sorry." Yep, brought it on himself. The creature doesn't care because blood splatters all over the title page of his brand new "Haunter of the Dark" manuscript. The scandal should make for an instant bestseller. Glass breaks. For those wondering, Lovecraft did indeed die on this day but from intestinal cancer.

Research abounds but Dean can't concentrate because his conversation with Cas didn't help anything. Neither does Jedidah Campbell's diary. Good thing they have Bobby. "Well, actually it's not about the journals we have. It's about the one we don't have." Huh? The Winchesters exchange quizzical looks as Bobby tells the real reason Cas stopped by. He stole Moisha (Ha!) Campbell's journal. Always keep those plans front and center, Cas. Sam insists they get it back but Bobby is, well Bobby. He made a copy. "Hi! Glad to meet you. Bobby Singer, paranoid ba**" Make that Commander of the Awesome! Apparently this journal's very important since the brothers down coffee not alcohol. Their livers thank them; their kidneys not so much. Bobby finds that Moisha visited Howard Phillips Lovecraft to talk about his party on March 10, 1937. Sam immediately recognizes Lovecraft's name but Dean is puzzled. Bobby tells Dean and us he wrote horror stories about people opening doors to other worlds and letting monsters out, including his Cthulhu mythos and At the Mountains of Madness. Dean: "No, I was too busy having sex with women." BWAH! I bet you were. Bobby rolls his eyes; Sam extrapolates that Lovecraft may have opened Purgatory.

Back at the Braedens, Ben coincidentally reads the manga version of Cthulhu Tales. Lisa and Dr. Matt are watching the ball game when demons break in. They grab Lisa and snap the good doctor's neck. Minorities aren't long for the Supernatural world either. RIP Gordon and Rufus. Ben heads to the steps but when Lisa looks at him, he rushes back to his room, putting a chair under the door. He immediately calls Dean, who actually ANSWERS this time. Ben recaps but can't give Dean details about what broke in. Dean asks if Ben can get the shotgun he left in Lisa's closet, but no dice with demons at the door. Jensen Ackles makes that awesome Dean face that says I don't want to say this but…. He tells Ben to jump out the window. "Any bones you break won't compare to what they're going to do to you. Ben, you've got to jump." Bobby and Sam look concerned as Ben opens the window. I love how he trusts Dean implicitly. Dean declares, "I'm coming right now. I'm coming to get you and your mom. I promise." Unfortunately Ben doesn't hear between dropping the phone to open the window (smart) and the door being kicked in. Only silence answers as Dean repeats Ben's name.

Darth Vader-ish music plays and Crowley picks up the phone. "Hello Dean. Fancy a chat?" I love this snarky, cold, magnificent King of Hell. While I want Bobby, Ben, and Lisa to survive season 6 the most, I will be absolutely stoked if Crowley's in season 7. Dean, not as happy. Crowley chats about his "demise," but Dean cuts him short. "Crowley, let 'em go. Now. Or I swear…" Crowley: "Right, right. Or you'll rip me a cornucopia of orifices. Let's get to the bit where I tell you how this goes. Your chocolate's been in my peanut butter for far too long." BWAH! He needs to stay. Dean emphatically states he'll kill Crowley and while I understand why Crowley thinks this is a brilliant strategy, it's never good to tick off Dean Winchester. Crowley has Dean's "ex-lady friend and not-kid". "And I'm keeping them until I'm satisfied that you've backed the hell off." Dean warns him one last time. Crowley: "You're adorable when you get all threatening." Oh Crowley, you're adorable when you think you'll win this battle. Never going to happen. He states, "Don't worry. I won't hurt them. Provided you and Jolly Green stand down…. Kisses." I liked Moose better. Dean is devastated and his worldly guilt shoulder hunch is back. Oy.

He updates Sam and Bobby, and Sam asks the million dollar question. "You think Cas knows about this?" Dean: "We gotta assume he does." I'm sure people balked at this but Cas lied all year to them. He also pointblank told Dean he would find Purgatory and Dean couldn't stop him. Add the ruthless things he's done all year under the guise of good intentions and I agree with Dean. Sam asks what he wants to do. "I'll tell you what we're not going to do. Sit here. I'm going after them." Sam plans to go too but Dean protests. They need to learn what Lovecraft knew since Cas is ahead of the game. Sam: "You've got to be nuts if you think I'm going to let you do this alone. Bobby can take care of the case." Bobby rises in protest too but Dean reminds them, "Guys, Bobby, this is a big ball okay. We can't drop it now." Bobby will work the case but wonders how the Winchesters will find Lisa and Ben.

The brothers light up the angel Batcall. Na na na na na na na….Balthy! He's decidedly less happy about the summons than Batman is. "I'm sorry boys, but do I look like a manservant to you? No, no. Then quit ringing for me, please." Ha! If I can't have Gabe, I'll definitely take Balthy. He was sipping champagne out of women's navels. Sam drops the bomb that Crowley's alive, but Cas already told him. Dean adds the Cas-Crowley deal which clearly Balthy did not know about although he pretends he did. It's the first time I've seen Balthy look stunned and concerned. Apparently he knows what power Purgatory souls hold too. Dean mentions Lisa and Ben "two people who are very important to me" and hopes that "there is a shred of decency beneath this snarky" stuff. Balthy sips his champagne while Dean tries again. "They're innocent people and I'm asking for your help." That must be hard to admit to the angel he once wanted fried. Balthy answers, "Fair enough" and vanishes, causing Dean to yell out SOB. On to plan B. Sam suggests calling Cas since they're not sure he was involved in the kidnapping. Dean absolutely refuses. I understand why he's leery of Cas misleading them until he gets Purgatory opened. I don't get why he needs to torture demons for info. What happened to that pendulum thing Bobby used to find Lilith in No Rest for the Wicked? Substitute Crowley's name for Lilith's in the spell and viola, you have the street address. Somewhere the Continuity Fairy sobs, "Why won't they use me?" Occasionally, the PTB should rewatch the series so they remember what they made canon.

Meanwhile, Bobby interviews Lovecraft's biggest basement dwelling, online girlfriend fan. Props for passion though. He thinks Lovecraft "should be taught in schools. He's up there with Dickens and Dean R. Koontz." Ha! Love Bobby's reaction. He also owns the world's largest collection of Lovecraft's private letters. Considering he was known for his letters that's impressive. Bobby: "You must be catnip to the ladies." He asks about March 10, and surprise, another visitor asked CatNip that also. "Trench coat. Looks like Colombo, talks like Rain Man." Bobby says they're from rival magazines so CatNip gives him the scoop too. On March 10, Lovecraft held a dinner for his 6 closest "co-worshippers in a black magic cult" to open an interdimensional door. Glad I missed that party. Bobby speaks for all. "Why would they do that?" CatNip: "To see what's out there. Maybe it's friendly." He must be Braindead's brother. Bobby: "It's never friendly." So true! CatNip says it didn't work and has some letters to show Bobby. Only they're missing. "Well, it's not like an invisible guy could just pop in and steal them right?" I feel bad for CatNip. He looks crushed.

Bobby phones the recap to Sam and calls Lovecraft an "idgit." Bwah! All 6 guests died or disappeared within 1 year but the maid's kid has been in a mental hospital since 1937. Bobby asks about them and Sam downplays the torture sounds in the background. How did they round up so many demons and get them to Bobby's? Lately, Cas rescues them whenever demons are around. Guess they're competent hunters after all. Thanks for remembering, writers. Dean takes out one demon while Sam and Bobby chat about his mental state. Dean moves to the next demon, who claims not to know anything while Dean downs more hunter's helper. Great! When he finally does get info he won't be sober enough to drive. Good plan. Sam wants to take over. "Look man, you're running on whiskey and coffee and whatever else you're taking." Great! Now they're throwing bones to Dean is a Drug Addict fans. Stop listening to fan fic writers please! His big plan is to kill demons until someone talks. Of course, by that time Purgatory will be wide open. He's at rock bottom here. He growls, "Sam, back off. Lisa and Ben, wherever they are is 100% on me and if they are hurt…I'll yell if I need you." Sadly, Dean knows exactly what could happen so he's reacting instead of playing it smart.

Sam heads outside and starts praying. "Castiel, it's Sam. So look, I don't know if you're in on this whole Ben-Lisa thing, but if you have any heart whatsoever, bring 'em back to us man. C'mon. Please. I am begging you." It's their first non-snarky prayer and it's effective. To me. Sam walks off disappointed while Cas stands under his invisibility cloak next to Sam's shoulder. He zaps to Crowley's monster lair. "Sweetie, you look tense." Cas obviously didn't know about Lisa and Ben and I'm relieved because frankly, I wouldn't put it past him these days. Crowley lives by the letter of the law not the spirit. "I'm merely exploiting the obvious loophole." As long as they look for Lisa and Ben, they won't hunt Cas and Crowley. Good plan, except they need him to find Lisa and Ben. Tiny flaw. Cas considers this but is petulant Crowley didn't run it by him first. Cas says okay to kidnapping but demands they be unharmed. Crowley: "You know what? You're maxed out on putting humans out-of-bounds. I'll do with them as I please. You want to stop me? Go find frigging Purgatory." Awesome! Unfortunately, Cas' angel phone rings and he has to go. Cas leaves with a stern, "I'll be back," which mercifully was free of an Austrian accent.

In an idyllic forest scene waits Balthazar. The Winchesters freaked him out more than showed. Cas is peeved at the summons and looks a bit nervous too. It's either the place or he's got paranoid dictator syndrome. Balthy: "Are you in flagrante with the King of Hades?" Cas lies but Balthy knows better and wants to know why. Cas: "It's a means to an end. Balthazar, you understand that." He agrees but insists on knowing the end game since he's smarter than people think. Cas spouts the war but he interrupts, "And I can only assume that you'd be the vessel, correct? Suck up all those souls into yourself. All that power." I silently add, "Are you nuts?" Cas says it's the only way but I don't buy it. Balthy: "Or too much juice for you in which case you explode taking a substantial chunk of the planet along with you." Hey wait a minute! This is my planet. Who needs the Apocalypse if Cas takes us out himself? He insists it won't happen but doesn't explain how he knows that. In fact, he looks unsure. Balthy backs away from him like he's already nuclear. "Just tell me that it's entirely risk-free." Cas skates the question by demanding Balthy's loyalty. He laughs, "You know you may be certifiable but fine. In for a penny, in for a pound." Cas asks how he knew. "Oh your hollow monkeys of course. See they're just a touch worked up about that kidnapping business." Cas looks sideways.

We break from the insanity to join Bobby and Maid's Kid at a mental hospital. Cas got there first too. Maid's Now Old Kid (MNOK) calls Cas a liar and Bobby assures him that he doesn't play for the same team as Cas. He asks about the party and MNOK asks if Bobby believes in monsters. Bobby says yes and encourages, "Whatever you saw, tell me and I'll buy it straight." MNOK said they opened the door and something invisible came through. No one else knew, but it possessed his mom. "She even smelled different." His mom disappeared after that and the rest died. Bobby: "I'm sorry about your mom." MNOK: "You're the first person's ever said that. Hey, you want to see a picture?" Bobby looks and freaks. I guess he recognizes Eleanor of 1935 because he's completely shocked. And then they cut to Dean's Torture garage. What! No fair! I want to know too.

But it's not a season 6 episode without torture porn, so Dean's mixing a blood cocktail syringe. I'm confused because that's definitely a demon not a vampire? What blood hurts demons again? He must be tired or drunk because he walks right on the devil's trap he so neatly avoided before. Part of it comes up leaving a gap. 6 bodies tortured and they couldn't draw it in paint. It's a junkyard. I'm sure they have some. Makes no sense! Dean threatens to flay the demon but we all know Dean's getting beat down instead. The demon goes black eyed and Dean goes flying. He's being strangled but Cas saves the day. Again. In 2 seconds. Sam is…who knows where? Dean is petulant. "I didn't ask for your help." Cas is frustrated. "Well regardless, you're welcome." I'm annoyed. Why couldn't Sam play hero? And yes Cas betrayed Dean but a thank you is in order. Then you can re-argue the last episode. Cas tries to convince Dean he didn't know about Lisa and Ben. Dean doesn't believe him. Before people rant, remember Dean didn't see Cas and Crowley's interaction and Cas DOES know now and supports it. We role reversal 6.20 as Cas agrees they are FAMILY. "Shouldn't trust run both ways?" I'm sorry but not this time. Cas clearly has tunnel-vision. He hasn't looked for other options or given Bobby and the brothers time to find one. If your brother was high on drugs, you wouldn't trust him to make valid decisions. The same thing applies here. In fact, it's another RoboSam situation.

Cas: "I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call and I am your friend. Still, despite your lack of faith in me and now your threats, I just saved you yet again. Has anyone but your closest kin ever done more for you? All I ask is this one thing." Dean: "Trust your plan to pop Purgatory?" Cas: "I've earned that, Dean. I came to tell you that I will find Lisa and Ben and I will bring them back. Stand behind me the one time I ask." Dean: "You asking me to stand down? That's the same damn ransom note that Crowley handed me. You know that right. Well, no thanks. I'll find them myself. In fact, why don't you go back to Crowley and tell him that I said you can both kiss my a**." Dean turns around and Cas whisks away. So there you have it folks. This scene plus episode 6.20 and we have a cantankerous fandom.

But let's dissect because Dean owes Cas big time but things are not nearly as simplistic as Cas makes it. Cas saying he does everything Dean asks is a big shiny lie because he's still searching for Purgatory. However, it is absolutely fair to say Cas risked more than anyone outside the Winchester clan. He made a huge leap of faith to help them despite thousands of years of obedience. He was rewarded with pain, disillusionment, and leadership in a civil war. Let's just say he has the Winchester luck. Cas also does not ALWAYS come when Dean calls as seen last episode. He's not big on answering Sam either but since he used RoboSam as a pawn in his game, we'll chalk that up to guilt. Still, he came when his own people disagreed. He came when he had bigger things to worry about and often with a complete lack of gratitude of the Winchesters' part, especially Dean. They owe him a lot and it's past time they showed it. Dean's bratty attitude toward Cas in certain episodes led to a rightful scolding by Rachel. I wish Cas delivered it though. That's exactly what Bobby did when they were taking advantage of him too. Sometimes they need a wake-up call. The simple fact is no one has done as much for the Winchester clan as Cas. A point Dean himself made last episode. In fact in season 4, many times Cas was there for Dean when Sam was not. No one can discount how much Cas has done for the Winchesters and it goes far beyond saving their lives (which is tiresome this season) and healing their injuries. Without Cas, they would be dead or worse.

However, almost all of it was 2 years ago (including Dean's year with the Braedens). And while time doesn't erase what Cas did for them, in that missing year Cas changed more than anyone but Sam who wasn't really Sam. He did bring Sam back from hell and despite the massive continuity problems with this (unless it's easier to break someone out of the cage than where Dean was), I believe he did it for the right reasons. But Cas knew Sam was soulless for a long time and he used Sam's situation to help him find Purgatory. He knew what RoboSam was doing and without a doubt he knew how Real Sam would feel about it. It's like a man raping a roofied woman. Cas didn't supply the roofies but he sure took advantage of it. If anyone has the right to hate Cas, it is Sam. This also means Cas slid down that slippery slope a lot faster than people think. He has absolutely no excuse here. Compared to this small things like torturing a kid seem like no big deal, except to highlight how much Cas changed. It also makes each decision he's made suspect. Cas fought hard to keep Dean from putting Sam's soul back. Yes, maybe he believed it would kill Sam, but he also had to consider how helpful RoboSam was to his cause. How much of Cas' vehement speech was for Sam and how much suited his own purpose? We'll never know but you can bet Dean played that scene repeatedly in his head and didn't like his conclusion. Top it all off with the fact that Cas used the Winchesters as bait without telling them and recently stole a journal under the guise of chatting. No wonder Dean suspects his motives. Cas is not some helpless puppet under Crowley's spell. He made these choices himself and blaming the Winchesters for his decisions makes no sense.

Still, regardless of Cas' recent actions and even if he was the purest angel in heaven, it doesn't alter the situation. He could die a thousand times for them, be at their constant beck and call, and never damage Dean's trust. It still does not follow that Dean would help him open the door to Purgatory. They may have chatted more honestly, but nothing changes the fact that there's no way the Winchesters voluntarily let monsters roam the earth. God himself could tell them they had to and they still would balk at it. It's not in their nature. That's not about trust; it's about common sense. They were there when the devil's gate opened. They saw what Eve could do. Even in their most reckless schemes, they are willing to sacrifice themselves but not others. It's far too risky, especially since NO OTHER option was tried. You don't say yes to a friend no matter how much you trust them if you know their plan is evil.

Back to the plot. Bobby heads to the woods with his own fabulous vintage muscle car. Hunters have great taste. He stops at a cabin painted with more weird symbols. It's 2012's d├ęcor of choice. Of course if you just open the door, why bother. Ellie, aka Dr. Visyak, looks nervous but asks Bobby to come in. Their relationship was brief but intense enough that Bobby tracked her down. "I know your safe houses and let me tell you, this one ain't all that safe." She palms his knee suggestively, but Bobby downs the alcohol and says, "I know what you are Ellie." Hello Purgatory monster that possessed MNOK's mom. BEST TWIST OF THE WHOLE NIGHT! Does this mean she also killed Lovecraft and the others or did something else get out too? He shows her the picture we didn't see earlier and they chat (she's 900 years older than she said). Bobby asks what monster game she's running, but in all fairness if she were evil, she'd do something in the 77 years she's already been here. "You know, we're not all alike." Bobby calls her a monster and she gets huffy but she's still awesome. Bobby: "You're from freaking Purgatory. You never thought to mention that the whole time you slept with me." Ha! Dr. V: "I am what I am Bobby and I happen to be a friend." So what exactly are you? No dice. "I didn't ask those idiots to crack the door. I just happened to be the thing that fell through, and let me tell you something, you are lucky it was me." Bobby asks what side she's on, but she's cites Crowley/Balthy. "I'm on my side. I happen to like it here. I don't want to see this place turned into some bloody wasteland." I don't understand what she implies about Lovecraft next but moving on. She's tried to keep Purgatory closed and thus she gave Dean the sword. Unfortunately that plan failed. Bobby bottom lines it. "Look this all comes down to one angel. He wants Purgatory and he's looking for you." Bobby asks how to open Purgatory but she's a secret keeper and it's very dangerous. Bobby warns that Cas will come soon but she belittles humans and their ability to protect powerful creatures like her. In other words, she's dead.

As is Sam's liver with yet another shot of hunter's helper. Is liquor being product placed and that's why it's been one slow slide to AA these last couple of years? Balthy questions it too. "Drinking your feelings, Sam? I thought that was your brother's bag." Sam cites "stressful times." I cite 12 steps. Balthy: "I know I'm going to live to regret this but I'm officially on your team." That's awfully optimistic for Supernatural. Dean asks the million dollar question this round. "And we should believe you, why?" I'd say it's because then he wants to take over Purgatory himself and become the most powerful angel on earth and heaven. I'd love Balthy as a bad guy. He brings the fun and insanity. But poor Celine Dion. Balthy: "It's survival. You see I asked Cas some questions and I disliked his answers. He seems awfully sure of himself for a man who wants to swallow a million nuclear reactors. I mean, these things can get a bit Chernobyl you know. So viola. Consider me you're double agent." I'd consider you a quadruple agent. I'm keeping my eyes on you. He also comes with an address for Lisa and Ben. That's handy. Of course it's angel proof so he can't just zap them out. Crowley doesn't trust Cas. Balthy: "Seems that marriage is going swimmingly." HA! He zaps the brothers to the Warehouse of Urban Decay instead.

Coincidentally, a demon steps out right as they get there. One demon smote with Ruby's knife. They walk inside and immediately split up because it worked so well before. Dean walks down stairs; Sam gets knocked out and caged. Yep, that worked well. Lisa and Ben are tied up surrounded by 3 demons. Sounds of fighting occur outside the door. Smart Demon heads up the stairs and more punching is heard. Intelligent and Brilliant go up next. Seconds later one flies through the door while Dean sends another back to hell. He dispatched the demons in seconds. While these are obviously not Crowley's brightest, it makes me wonder why they can't handle themselves in other episodes. Please return Continuity Fairy. We need you. Are they competent hunters or not? Dean doesn't care because he sees the Braedens and all is celebratory…if you didn't see the promos. Ben looks at Dean with hero worship. Lisa is stunned. Dean cuts them free and is escorting them out when DemonLisa grabs the knife and Ben. Didn't see…well, yeah I did. I should never look at promos. Dean however is shocked.

DemonLisa has a naughty tongue. He's a middle schooler. But since she's holding a knife to him, it's not important. Dean steps closer but DL warns, "Nah. Another step, free appendectomy." All Crowley's demons are idiots, as the knife is at Ben's throat not his appendix. Still Dean backs off. DL tells Ben that Lisa is awake in her. Dean tells him to ignore it but DL says Dean is his real daddy. Choruses of "I knew it" fill the air only to have her take it back 3 seconds later. Instead she says Lisa doesn't know who his dad is since she slept around a lot. Not what a teen wants to hear about his mom. Dean tells her to shut up. "You're her white knight now? She wishes she never met you. You're the worst mistake she ever made. Second worst after keeping you." Yikes, Ben'll need years of therapy. Dean reminds him it's not Lisa and she proves it by insulting Dean's prowess, which in The Kids are Alright is not what she told her friends. He does have "10 miles of daddy issues" though. Thanks John. She whispers to Ben, "She's begging me to kill you. She says you hold her back. Never had a lick of fun since you were born." Yikes, DL is brutal. Dean tells a horrified Ben to look at him. "You're going to be just fine." Define fine. He throws holy water on DL and pulls Ben away. DL attacks Dean and he shoves the knife from her hand, telling Ben to get it. At this point, I yelled, "No, Ben cannot stab his mom. Just no!" DL taunts him about not hitting her meat suit and Dean starts the exorcism ritual. Yes, he finally memorized it. Glad he learned from the Casey experience. She punches Dean but he keeps going as Ben slowly raises the knife. NO! She grabs Dean's throat and warns him to stop. "You can go to hell, you black-eyed b**" She picks up a chisel and stabs herself as Ben screams, "Mom." I yell, "NO!" again but this time in hope that Lisa won't die. Dean flinches; he knows the demon keeps Lisa alive. Exorcising it might kill her. She taunts Dean but after a slow glance at Ben and a hopeless look down, he finishes the ritual. Black smoke erupts and Lisa collapses.

They race to her and Dean puts cloth on her wound. "Here, put pressure on that, okay. I know, honey. I know." Aw. If I cried, I'd bawl. He grabs his phone and dials…Sam? What? Try 911. I'm too riled up to remember more demons are out there so Sam is by far the better call. Alas, Sam's still down for the count. Dean tries to get Ben to help but he's in shock, staring at his mom in horror. Dean smacks him and I jump, but in all honesty it's necessary. Time's of the essence here. "Listen to me man, I need you to pull it together. You've got to be strong. Your mom needs you right now." Dean tells him to get the salt gun from his duffel. Dean has to carry Lisa so Ben has to shoot the demons. Remember, when Ben wanted to hunt and Dean said absolutely not. I bet Ben wishes he didn't have to now. I know Dean wishes it. Ben picks up the knife and they move with Dean giving him a quick lesson in guns. How many rounds does the shotgun hold? Ben shoots one and freaks out, CUZ HE JUST KILLED SOMEONE. Regrettably there's no time for comfort. Dean: "C'mon pull it together. Do you want your mom to die? Let's go!" It's brutal but effective. I hate every second of it. I work with kids Ben's age and this more than sucks out loud. Ben shoots 2 more times before he hears Sam knocking. Dean lays Lisa down and uses his pistol to break the lock. He orders Ben to give Sam the gun thankfully, and orders Sam to get a ride. I totally forgot Balthy zapped them there. One SUV later, they head to the hospital with Dean holding Lisa in the backseat and possibly praying (not to Castiel). I know it's bad by Dean's face but he reassures Ben that Lisa will be fine and that they are almost there. He negates his words though by saying, "Sam, you got to go faster man." Ben is devastated, Dean can't stop saying, "She's fine" and "please," Sam's driving for all he's worth, and I'm biting my lip. This is so not the time for a commercial!

Sometime later, Lisa's in a coma hooked up to machines. Bad sign. Dean and Ben sit on opposite sides of her. Dean holds her hand and looks absolutely guilty. He swallows hard and apologizes to Ben, who stares at him for a moment and leaves the room. He calls out for Ben but Cas is there and I really wish he wasn't. My heart wants him to go after Ben but it's another Cas-Dean conversation. "What do you want?" Cas: "Dean, listen to me." Dean cuts him off and he has every right to be furious and grief stricken. "What do you want me to say? She'll be dead by midnight." Cas is sorry but Dean doesn't care. "It's too little, too late." I'm devastated but since Cas has magical healing capabilities, I want less chat, more healing. At least it's good for something today. Cas didn't come for Dean and healing ensues. 9 seconds later, Lisa's fine but sleeping. Normally it would annoy me, but it's Lisa. So Hooray! Dean's not sure how to take Cas' miracle cure. Cas apologizes and Dean finally says thank you - about time. He can say it when Cas saves someone else but not when it's him. However, he adds, "I wish this changed anything." Cas agrees and both look genuinely distraught because it is all downhill from here. It's the most sympathetic Cas has been to me this season and Misha sells it well. They know the next time they meet as adversaries. The fact that there's no yelling, just quiet resignation, makes it harder. Man this gets to me far more than I thought it would. Cas: "All else aside, I just wanted to fix what I could." He begins to walk away but Dean says, "There's one more thing you could do for me." We all know where this is going before Dean lifts pleading eyes.

Lisa wakes with Ben at her side; Dean lurks in the background. Ben says they were in a car crash and she immediately asks if he's okay. I love Momma Bear. Take that DemonLisa. She had a head injury but she'll be okay. Dean knocks and the official goodbye begins. Ben asks who he is and it's confirmation of an angel mind wipe. "I'm Dean. I'm the guy who hit you. I just uh, I lost control for a minute and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm real happy that you two are both okay. And uh, I'm just glad your life can get back to normal now." There's swallowing and heavy pauses and brave smiles. It's just so sad. (sigh) Lisa smiles at Ben. "We're okay so that's what's important, right?" Dean is devastated but says, "Yeah. Anyway, uh, I'll leave you two alone. You take care of your mom." He slowly walks away trying not to cry and this scene hits me harder now than it did the first time. Poor baby. I don't see how anyone can refute that Dean loves Lisa and Ben.

Of course, it changes nothing about using them as leverage in the future. It's not like Dean had his memory wiped. However, it does mean Lisa and Ben don't have fallout from the demon possession and that's something. Ben can rest safe in the knowledge that his mom loves him unconditionally and won't have to deal with killing 2-3 people. Lisa doesn't have mind-messing demon memories or the guilt. Of course, there's still a broken door and a dead Dr. Matt waiting for them at home so I hope Cas took care of that too. Hard to explain that one with a car crash. Plus, there has to be photos, phone numbers and other evidence of Dean's existence there. This memory wiping is nuts. Come to think of it, they could avoid the whole mess by time traveling to before they got taken. Or Cas could mind wipe the brothers and Bobby so they weren't fighting. See the problems angels create. Far too power so nothing has consequences. I'm surprised Cas didn't think of this earlier.

Anyway, the brothers start an Impala chat. How did Sam get her there so quickly? Sam vehemently opposes the mind wipe but Dean doesn't want to talk. "Dean, you know you have pulled some shady (stuff) before, but this has got to be the worst. White washing their memories? Take it from someone who knows…" Dean: "You ever mention Lisa or Ben to me again, I will break your nose." "Dean" "I'm not kidding." He faces Sam and the level of hurt on his face shuts Sam completely up. He nods and shuts the door as Dean tries not to cry. With one last look back at the hospital, they head out. Sad, sad strings play as we fade….hmm. As we pan to Dr. Visyak leaving her cabin. Cas appears in the car window reflection and he zaps her away. And we're back to destruction. No time for sentiment. We have Purgatory to open or stop, depending on which side you are on.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode despite the controversies I know it will spark. I'm a big fan of Lisa and Ben so I am really happy they didn't die. This is kind of a best of both worlds scenario because Dean can focus on the hunt but I can get my happy ending when the show ends. I am loved how Dr. V. turned out to be a Purgatory monster. That's the most shocking thing in the last two episodes for me and it really worked well here. All in all a great episode!

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  1. Wonderful review, as usual and I agree with everything you said. Though I personally never have been a great fan of Lisa&Ben, I am still glad they are alive. Most because it would have destroyed Dean and left him feeling responsible for their deaths. And I don't like seeing children getting killed (not even in spn universe).

  2. I'm so not okay with mind wipes since Journey's End, so it was painful to watch. At least they're more or less safe, and, I hope, out for good.