Friday, May 27, 2011

Supernatural - Favorite Premiere - Poll

It's here - that dreaded time known as the Supernatural Summer Hellatus. It's a time that challenges the fandom's creativity, spawns a billion theories, and has everyone running for DVD's, fan videos, and pictures to make it through. Some make it through with mini marathons; others by combing through each episode for the smallest detail they missed the first 20 times they watched. For me, the best way to endure hellatus is to participate in great discussions with other superfans. What better way to do that than a poll?

So let's kick it off on Supernatural Friday. The plan is to vote for your favorite episodes. The twist is that we will compare them not by season but by when they appeared in their season. For instance, all 6 season premieres will go up against each other tonight. Next will be all the second episodes. My plan is to run the contest until SpoilerTV starts the Best Show competition, take a hiatus during that and return after the contest is over.

To give people a heads up, the first poll will be up longer, until Sunday at midnight Midwest USA time. Then we will have a new poll every other day. However, the only way this will help the hiatus blues is if people leave comments and we start a great conversation. Please tell us what you voted and why. Or rank all of them. You can find this poll on this blog, at SPN Asylum, or SpoilerTV.

Here are tonight's choices. If I have recapped them, they will include a link to the recap.

In My Time of Dying
The Magnificent Seven
Lazarus Rising
Sympathy for the Devil
Exile on Main St.

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