Saturday, August 20, 2011

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode (Round 5) - Poll

We are down to our Final Four and I will be happy no matter who wins at this point. All 4 are fine examples of Supernatural at its best. No matter how this tournament turns out, I hope you got to revisit some past favorites and learned how others viewed ones you might not have liked as much. It's been eye opening for me and lots of fun. Now on to the show. In round 5 we have: The End, In My Time of Dying, What Is and What Should Never Be, and All Hell Breaks Loose - part 2.

Happy voting everyone and don't forget to cast your predictions for the Character Cup. It will be starting a week later which gives us plenty of time to hash out who we think will win. It's harder than the Best Show contest - at least for me. Good luck to everyone participating.

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Episodes Going to Round 5:

The End
In My Time of Dying
What is and What Should Never Be
All Hell Breaks Loose - part 2

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