Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode (Round 1-1) - Poll

We have about 2 weeks before the Character Cup begins if the time table between nominations and the start of voting stays the same. So what's a Supernatural fan to do? My theory is why let a dead horse go to waste when you can continue to get something out of it. Therefore, I propose that we take the results of the Favorite Episodes Contest to determine the ultimate episode. I ranked episodes based on what percentage of votes it received. I felt this was more fair because it didn't matter how many people voted overall in a round. Then I used the format for the NCAA basketball championships (and the Best Show contest here) to determine which episodes go against each other. Basically, the NCAA has it where the highest ranked team goes against the lowest ranked team in the first round and then things get more interesting. I've added the ranking below. Unfortunately, I could not get a handy bracket like the ones Andy uses for the Best Show competition to work on my computer so everything will appear random for the first round. Trust me. It has a mathematical placement.

Before we begin this part of the contest, let's wrap up the final two Favorite Episode polls. For the penultimate episode, All Hell Breaks Loose, part 1 took first with 168 votes. That was 44% of the vote. Two Minutes to Midnight had 83 votes with 22% of the vote. For the finales we had great voter turnout with almost 600 votes. The winner was Swan Song with 216 votes, or 37%. All Hell Breaks Loose, part 2 came in second with 133 votes, which was 23%. Thanks to everyone who participated in that part of the contest. I hope people have fun with this new one. Oh, and because dead horse starts to smell bad quickly, we will be expediting this part. We will crown the winner in 11 days. Call it the speed round. Don't forget to pass the word and as always, comments are technology that never glitches or slows down. Happy voting!

Screencaps by Supernatural Caps and Supernatural Fans Online

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Top 64 Ranking from Favorite Episode Contest:

1. The End
2. The French Mistake
3. Mystery Spot
4. Changing Channels
5. Lazarus Rising
6. What is and What Should Never Be
7. Born Under a Bad Sign
8. The Song Remains the Same
9. Skin
10. All Hell Breaks Loose, part 1
11. Abandon All Hope
12. Jus in Bello
13. Croatoan
14. Bad Day at Black Rock
15. On the Head of a Pin
16. Yellow Fever
17. Swan Song
18. Point of No Return
19. A Very Supernatural Christmas
20. My Bloody Valentine
21. My Heart Will Go On
22. Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
23. The Man Who Would be King
24. In the Beginning
25. Simon Said
26. Mommy Dearest
27. Appointment in Samarra
28. The Usual Suspects
29. Tall Tales
30. Dark Side of the Moon
31. Hammer of the Gods
32. Frontierland
33. Folsom Prison Blues
34. All Hell Breaks Loose, part 2
35. Heart
36. Faith
37. In My Time of Dying
38. 2 Minutes to Midnight
39. Monster Movie
40. The Monster at the End of This Book
41. Bloody Mary
42. It's a Terrible Life
43. Weekend at Bobby's
44. Fresh Blood
45. And Then There Were None
46. It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
47. Good God Y'All
48. Provenance
49. Clap Your Hands if You Believe
50. Ghostfacers
51. Everybody Loves a Clown
52. Like a Virgin
53. Live Free or Twihard
54. The Curious Case of Dean Winchester
55. After School Special
56. No Rest for the Wicked
57. Family Matters
58. Home
59. Caged Heat
60. Let It Bleed
61. When the Levee Breaks
62. Hell House
63. Free to be You and Me
64. The Pilot

Just missed the cut:

65. Nightshifter
66. Asylum
67. Real Ghostbusters
68. Sex and Violence
69. Wendigo
70. The Kids are Alright

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