Friday, August 12, 2011

Supernatural - Ultimate Episode (Round 1-4) - Poll

Our second group of winners advancing to round 2 include Changing Channels, Frontierland, My Bloody Valentine, Yellow Fever, In the Beginning, Jus in Bello, In My Time of Dying, The Song Remains the Same. That makes me 8 out 16 in the votes. Today we have the last set of round 1. Enjoy it because starting tomorrow it gets harder. Although there is a match today that might stump people too. Enjoy! Remember that sometime Saturday the nomination stage closes for the Character Cup. This is your last chance to get your nominations in.

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Episodes Going to Round 2 (so far):

The End
Tall Tales
Swan Song
My Heart Will Go On (to round 2 - Sorry. Couldn't help it.)
No Rest for the Wicked
The Monster at the End of this Book
Lazarus Rising
Changing Channels
My Bloody Valentine
Yellow Fever
In the Beginning
Jus in Bello
In My Time of Dying
The Song Remains the Same

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