Friday, January 14, 2011

Supernatural - Weekly Poll - Favorite Object

Weekly Poll - Favorite Object

Here's the poll I never expected when starting this week's question - favorite object. Let's face it, some of these objects keep the Winchesters alive and some of them made certain deaths cooler. One is a symbol of the brother's bond while Sam's hair means something different to everyone. Regardless, all these objects have made an impact in a single episode or over the years. My only regret in this poll is that I forgot to mention the truly spectacular hotel rooms they have been in over the years. My favorite is the porn hotel room in the picture above, but the armadillo was awesome too. Alas! I forgot to nominate them.

This poll will go until noon on Sunday, Midwest USA time. Happy voting! Oh, and comments, FB likes, and tweets make Supernatural #1 on SpoilerTV. Just saying.

Screencap from Supernatural Caps. My blog at Blogger.

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