Sunday, January 16, 2011

Supernatural - Ultimate Death - Poll

Last Week's Winners - Favorite Character

Last week had some overwhelming favorites. Very few races were even close, even with the exclusion of Dean, Sam, Bobby, and Castiel. I guess there are some definite fan favorites in the Supernatural universe. Here are the winners from the last week:

Favorite Angel - Gabriel with 587 votes followed by Lucifer with 126.

Favorite Demon - Crowley won with 482 votes with Azazel (YED) in second with 184 votes.

Favorite Human - In our tightest race of the week, John Winchester had 162 votes and Ash had 94.

Favorite Other - In the most contentious nomination, the Chevy Impala had 268 votes while Death received 103.

Favorite Object - Originally this wasn't going to be a category, but based on the nominations it was included. The winner was Dean's amulet with 291 votes followed by the Colt with 62. The people have spoken Sera. We want the amulet back...before the end of season 6.

Supernatural Polls - Ultimate Death

The winter hiatus will soon end (yeah!!!) and we are getting lots of good spoilers to dish about, so this will be our last poll until the summer hiatus (ugh - talk about hellatus). Therefore, it's natural that we take all the previous winners and let SpoilerTV viewers choose the ultimate winner for each category. Yes, this means you will have to choose only 1 episode to vote for.  I expect this week will be very difficult for many.

To come up with the list of contenders, I automatically chose the top 2 votes in each original poll. Depending on how many original polls there were, I also added in some that were very popular even if they did not win. This way if votes were really close, we would not be disregarding a popular choice. That means that for Ultimate Death, there will be 10 choices, for Favorite Character 12, and all others 15.

Voting will last 2 days each just like before. However, it starts today. Happy voting and remember, comments are like the end of hiatus.

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