Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Anti-CW Theme Song (so far)

Salt and Burn CW by Dahne

I'm going to be Changing Channels come Friday night....
If I had the Hammer of the Gods, you'd get it alright.
Criss Angel is a Douchebag, but so are you.
Clap Your Hands if You Believe we always get screwed.
What is and What Should Never Be is the CW theme,
because now we have Sam, Interrupted by VD.
The CW should wish for only 99 Problems,
Since All Hell Breaks Loose and is headed for them.
Metamorphosis begins, Caged Heat turns uncouth,
In your feedback box, You Can't Handle the Truth.
Practically 2 Minutes to Midnight, Dawn cancels our show.
She's the Pilot of this air crash, The Devil, You Know.
There's No Rest for the Wicked, so Abandon All Hope,
Our Bloodlust is growing; No one's throwing you a rope.
So try to Jump the Shark if you dare think you can
The CW's Dead in the Water, no Asylum at hand.

***more to come later***

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